Inter to hijack Ronaldo in front of Real Madrid?

According to reports in Spain, Inter have joined the race for the signature of Cristiano Ronaldo in front of Real Madrid’s eyes.

Inter should be taken as a serious candidate in this hunt, especially when Ronaldo share the same agent as Inter’s new manager Jose Mourinho.

Real are still favourites to sign Ronaldo but Mourinho is a big fan of Ronaldo so fans have to wait until the end of Euro 2008 for the final decision of Ronaldo’s future.

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    • Kens
      18th June 2008

      I am a die hard Man U fan but want him to go now, whether he wants to or not. It is about time that players like Ronaldo started to understand the sacrifices that the fans make to put these greedy people where they are. Never mind his own ego or posturing for a new deal or improved deal us fans demand more respect and commitment. If he wanted to stay he should have said so and he would then have earned my respect. Seems to have forgotten how the fans got behind him and supported him after the World Cup. A great player but bad attitude. He can and will be replaced.

    • United07
      29th June 2008

      If You’re a hot fan of MANCHESTER UNITED, you MUSTN’T call it “MAN U”
      call it anything but not “MAN U”; because this name has been made by Liverpool fans in according to MUNCHEN ACCIDENT, they want to laugh at us by naming us MAN U, instead of Man United or Man UTD.
      OK Dear Friend?


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