Have Manchester United lost the war?

So Ronaldo really wants to leave Manchester for Madrid? Then it is up to him to do the best he can to see his dream change into reality. He stated after Portugal’s loss to Germany that though he wanted to be in Real Madrid, the possibility of his transfer was in the hands of Manchester United.

The EPL Champions reported the Spanish club to Fifa but it appears like they have lost their appeal. Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has dismissed claims that his club were willing to sign Ronaldo for 100 million euros. Besides, Calderon told the media that the Ronaldo transfer saga wasn’t a war between two clubs in any way.

The Spanish Giants declared they will love to complete the signing of the Portuguese star on July 7th and this could only happen if United finally give up resisting them. Has United already lost Ronaldo even if he stays at the club?

Maybe Cristiano will change his mind and vow to commit himself to Manchester United until the end of his contract in 2012.

But this is only a “perhaps” so hard to be true.

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Ronnie
      28th June 2008

      I do not think that United has lost the war. It’s exactly the opposite.Real is going to lose it. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave his current club but what about United? Will they sell him to the “queen”? They do not want to lose such a big player because in my opinion without him Manchester is over. They will lose the next’s season championship and the Chaqmpions league,too. Where is Madrid’s brain? Do they think that United would be so stupid to do that? Her “Best” player? Perhaps Real believes that they will sign him as they did exactly the same with Van Nistelrooy and Beckham. And what was the advantage of their contract? Beckham left them for Los Angeles Galaxy and Nistelrooy is not doing anything as he did when he was at United. I cannot understand why Ronaldo wants with any opportunity to join them. What will he win from this contract? Nothing, only money. I do not think that he will be sold this season. He has may years left to join Real.

    • fahran
      5th June 2009

      we would not let cristiona leave manchester if he goes the whole of manchester united is ganna go down


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