Happy Birthday Dia Aguilar!!!

Tomorrow is Dia Aguilar’s birthday and she will be turning 19!

The American teenage sensation is now part of my world of Power-fan writers. Dia – who finished second behind Adrian in CRF’s Best Fan of the Year Contest – writes on Fernando-Torres.net, our FT website.

Send her your best wishes! Let her know that CRF has some good members! It’s Dia’s birthday, let’s make it a special day!!!

(If you want us to celebrate your birthday on the site, just email me at angela@cristianoronaldofan.net and send your request. I’ll be glad to receive it!!!)

In the meantime, happy birthday Dia. Enjoy!

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Diana
      22nd April 2009

      Ohhhh wow, haha I wasn’t expecting this. Thank you very much Angela! I’ll remember you on my birthday! xD


      Much love,

      Diana =D

    • Sylvester
      22nd April 2009

      HaPpY HApPy hApPy…HAPPy BIrthDay Aguilar!!!
      WiLL yoU haVe A FoOtbaLL bAnqueT wIth Ronaldo? He’s Torres’ sENioR BrOthEr.
      YOu MusT, beCausE thAt’s My BirThDay PArcel!!!

      BEEEEE JoYfuL!

    • Diana
      22nd April 2009

      LOL okay, thank you so much!

      Sure why not, lets have a banquet with Torres and Ronaldo! You can come with Sylvester, we can share them! xD

      A big party with Torres, Cris, and just cuz–Likas Podalski! xD hahaha…..see you there!


    • Zareena
      26th April 2009


      Cristiano Ronaldo have to stay, if he goes to spain man untied will suffer without him, and i cannot see my team suffer. please stay ronaldo we need u, you r the best footballer of the year,

      Anyway Happy birthday Dia! i wish all the best,


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