Fifa President Sepp Blatter: Ronaldo’s big-money move is great!

Several clubs and football personalities, such as Barcelona’s president Juan Laporta and UEFA’s Michel Platini, have firmly criticized Real Madrid’s 94 million euro transfer fee for Cristiano Ronaldo.

After enduring a cup-less season, Los Blancos are rebuilding their fortress. According to Florentino Perez and his board advisor Zinedine Zidane, bringing world class players is the key for success.

The price tags on superstars like Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo are obviously enormous, so Florentino Perez had to win loan deals with several partners to go ahead.

But despite the financial crisis that the world is currently facing, Fifa Presiden Sepp Blatter has clearly backed Florentino Perez’s action.

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing is good for football. It shows the market of the sport is healthy despite the world financial crisis,

“This means our product is still good. This is the people’s sport and they need stars. The transfer will cost a lot of money, but it shows that there is still demand for a football star,” Blatter was quoted as saying in Real Madrid’s official website.

“We should be allowed to be generous about this. This market is very sensitive because there is a financial crisis, but the football market is still a good one.”

The Fifa President then explained:

“Fifty million dollars were paid for the Brazilian Ronaldo ten years ago, and I ask myself, ‘What are 80 million pounds nowadays?’ This means there is still a demand for stars and that there is no crisis in football.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Cristiano Ronaldo
      17th June 2009

      It´s so much money… But i think that Cristiano will be better football player in Real Madrid…

    • tony
      6th July 2009

      Sepp Blatter is biased. not so long ago he was critisising the amount of money spent by english clubs saying it was unfair. But now he is saying that spending 80 million is good because it is his beloved real madrid that is spending it. he is a terrible president and i cannot wait until he is replaced. football has no place for unfair biased leaders!


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