Fergie will fly to Switzerland for talk with Ronaldo

Sir Alex Ferguson have decided to do whatever he can to have Ronaldo staying with Manchester United. Therefore Fergie will fly to Geneva next week to have a face-to-face talk with Ronaldo while Portugal is preparing for the EURO 2008.

It’s clear that Ferguson is a bit worried to loose his greatest player to the Spanish giant Real Madrid. Could a raise of his salary of £120,000 a week be the recipe?

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    • Me
      28th May 2008

      I hope he will stay in United…

    • ronaldinho/ronaldo fan for life
      28th May 2008

      Please stay withe Manchester United. You are a inspiration for those in the United states who watch you all those who watch alot of soccer.

    • k
      29th May 2008

      Fuck Real Madrid…

    • goldfishAE
      5th June 2008

      xxxx Ola! I love you Cristiano!!! U r perfect!!! Stay with Man Utd xxxx

    • Chris
      7th June 2008

      I have been a fan of man utd since I will 5 years old regardless of that.. I would like to tell you one thing .That life is not based on money but based on personality, Read Madrid can offer you everything and anything jut for their ego, just one thing where were you 4years ago and which team stood there for you. Ronald respect is more power than money.

      If you ever read this please consider this for a moment

    • manju
      7th June 2008

      Hi ronaldo,
      please stay with Man United. U are what u are today because of Alex Ferguson.

    • manju
      7th June 2008

      We all who love you very much want you stay with manchester United. Dont think too much about money.

    • Emylia Bernadette Sitinjak
      15th June 2008

      Cristiano will not leave Man-U.
      If he go, it’s mean he leave his success.
      I’m very sure bout that, at least for this 2 years.
      Luv u Man U, Luv u Sir Alex, Luv u, Cristiano Ronaldo

    • maxi
      22nd June 2008

      christian ronaldo should stay in united other wise hell be ending his career in madrid

    • stephen
      9th June 2009

      ronaldo please dont go to real i no its your dream but what have real won this season just gone nothing thtas the anwers but united won 4 thing thats better than nothing would you think stay please


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