Fergie and Torres: Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid? Don’t even think of it!

Real Madrid’s expected new president Florentino Perez seems ready to turn things around for Los Blancos. Cristiano Ronaldo’s name is included in Madrid’s transfer list and reports suggest that everything looks set for the World Player of the Year to create a big surprise and quit Old Trafford for the Bernabeu.

It is said that Cristiano Ronaldo has not only signed a pre-contract with Real Madrid, but that he is also following intensive Spanish lessons.

However, Manchester United’s old Scottish boss Sir Alex Ferguson has put all these rumours behind by praising his talismanic number 7 player. Speaking in an interview with CNN, Fergie said:

“I think that he’s had temptations and I think there have been periods when you’ve seen the effect of it [on the pitch],”

“He’s lucky in the sense that people here can tell him the truth and be straight with him and he appreciates that, and he has responded to that.

“If it stays with him and changes him as a person then you have a problem.”

“Fortunately Ronaldo has good human qualities. He’s a good guy.

“He knows when he’s gone too far and he draws back in after that.”

Liverpool’s Fernando Torres also spoke about this “Ronaldo affair”. After ruling himself out from a possible switch to Real Madrid, the striker also tipped Ronaldo to remain at Manchester United at least for the near future.

“Personally, I do not see him playing outside of the Premier League anytime soon, especially since Manchester United are doing so phenomenally well,” Torres revealed talking about Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Besides, nowadays, any player would fit in better at Barcelona because of their style of football. But as we all know, this changes from one season to another.”

Indeed, things changes from one season to another… can this even mean that Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence in the United squad will only be a thing of the past come next year?

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Diana
      10th April 2009

      I honestly believe Cristiano will stay at Manchester United. That’s my prediction for next year. Watch he’ll still be here. =D

    • Fashion-Mama
      11th April 2009

      Ronaldo will stay in Man utd an thats it…..

    • Adrian
      12th April 2009

      Cristiano Ronaldo isn`t going anyware!If he goes to Real he will lose himself,Besides he isn`t in his best form.He has to stay at Man U,work hard,work better and retain his World PLayer of the Year.

    • Nicole
      16th April 2009

      He is stayin at Manchester United it was said ion press confrence too his not leaving Man u

    • Irene
      16th April 2009

      He’ll stay at Manchester because he’s happy there 🙂 And btw… He’s from Portugal. I don’t think he really needs a lot of Spanish lessons :p The two languages aren’t that different

    • arcal
      16th April 2009

      i think rony will move to real madrid,in the season 2010-11

    • Zareena
      26th April 2009


      Cristiano Ronaldo must stay at Manchester United if he goes then Manchester United will suffer and i cannot see my team suffer without Ronaldo. Ronaldo please stay at Manchester United. you are the best player of the year,

    • nicole rodgers
      14th May 2009

      If ronaldo goes to real he will end up like all the other former man utd players who left to join madrid. can i say MLS!

    • Jasmine Tbakhi
      22nd May 2009

      No way Cristiano Ronaldo will go to real madrid, he will lose his life! Anyways what does Cristiano ronaldo want from real madrid, they cant play, they want him just for real madrid to win all the time, but without cristiano ronaldo in real madrid they lose all the time, and Manchester United is the best, stick with that!!


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