‘Everyone is looking at you’, dirty Ronaldo

Letizia Filippi

Everyone is looking at you are the five words Cristiano Ronaldo is supposed to tell Letizia Filippi to make her feel loved. Ironically, this is what the media is telling the Portuguese star.

During his summer holidays, the icon has been behaving in a way that has disgusted many football lovers and even more his ex-girlfriend Nereida Gallardo. It looks like Ronaldo has been making a collection of hot brunettes. It is believed the womanizer took at least four ladies to his hotel room in Los Angeles back in July – which came much to the fury of Gallardo.

Well, as some men will think, these girls are just party animals with whom Ronaldo did not intend to create a serious relationship.

Now the worst thing for Gallardo is that Letizia Filippi seems to have completely bewitched Ronaldo and snatched him away from the Spanish model. It is not surprising that many people think Filippi is driving the footballer ‘crazy’: The reality is that Cristiano Ronaldo has ended his seven month relationship with Nereida for a new girlfriend – Letizia – who happens to be seven years older than he is!

The suggested answer to this joke is that Ronaldo is probably seeking an extremely experienced women to date. Cristiano is only 23 years of age and he presently seems very flattered by the amazing performance he had last season as well as by all the women in his life.

Too much parties, vodka, and girls may ruin his professional career. Now that he is making the headlines almost everyday, everyone is looking at him and everyone is judging him.

Is this the true face of Ronaldo or is he staining the good image he had?

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • CR7….J
      9th August 2008

      halo peopl……….he is 23…..he wants to enjoy .i c no problem in him takin girls to his room,,,,or changin birlfrens every now n then!!!!!its just part of the whole life puzzl….his personal life cannot willnot intrude in his career if comments like urs r saved,,,,,giv im a break….

      lov ya ronnie

    • toha
      9th August 2008

      god bless u cris

    • Caren
      15th August 2008

      I wish I had that effect on him… unfortunately I’m not his type I’m 5’4″ with red hair and pale skin.

    • Kiki Karelis
      16th August 2008

      Stop hating on Cristiano because of his stardom. He is not a married man and has no children therefor i don’t think its anybody s business what he does with his private life. Last I checked he wasn’t hurting anybody. Hes one of the most talented football players in all of the world and to add to that he is by far one of the most handsome men. Many hate on sports icons because we(being an athlete myself)take good care of ourselves in order to perform at our best. This however is wrong and hypocritical.

      Cristiano its not your fault that your gifted! ;o)

      And god bless to that!

    • Kiki Karelis
      16th August 2008

      P.S: Just a little piece of advice…Stay focused…

    • tj vs
      18th August 2008

      sounds like george best haha..

    • bya
      18th August 2008

      looking my eyes,cris !! 😉

    • bya
      18th August 2008

      or you lost it :(..;)

    • mike delano
      19th November 2008

      this girl has a good point! I agree, props to
      all athletes

    • shraine
      27th December 2008

      ^well i think it’s his way of relieving the pressure and also his way of telling people that he is just like any other guy out there who just wants to have fun!!!!!
      ^and besides he deserves every bit of it so let him have it his way. He totally deserves it!!!!!!!
      ^who cares if his called a womanizer, he’s totally HHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Laura Hamwi
      28th December 2008

      FORCA RONALDO. u r the best player ever, and the most handsome person to ever hit mankind… that’s why many envy, many r jealous… just words can’t tell. you and your portuguese team make football worth watching… i used to hate football but now i adore it!!!!!!
      i pray everyday 4 u and the portuguese team, so i hope God would bless u.
      Forca Portugal, go get us the FIFA World Cup 2010. Forca Ronaldo…

    • Zareena
      26th April 2009

      Don’t hate Ronaldo for that, He is the world best player of the year.

    • Paula
      12th September 2009

      Why won’t girls chase him?! CR’s just soooo… Damm Smoking HOOOO…TTTTT!! I LOVE U CRISTIANO RONALDO.


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