Emilio Butragueno: Let’s Be Careful With Cristiano Ronaldo’s Health!

Real Madrid director Emilio ButraguenoReal Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo fans have been excited by the news that Cristiano Ronaldo will return to action this week.

There is a lot of anxiety and relief in the atmosphere ahead of the Portuguese winger’s comeback but Real Madrid’s director, Emilio Butragueno, fears that the party is going on too soon.

Butragueno is happy to learn about Cristiano Ronaldo’s return but he is also expressed his scare towards a prospective
setback for the player.

He told Spanish-based media Marca:

“I feel that Cristiano [Ronaldo] wants to play now. But enthusiasm can be detrimental because a setback would be creepy.

“We must go slowly; Cristiano has spent many days without training. It is not enough that the ankle is in good condition. It must also have the necessary reinforcement to compete.”

Emilio Butragueno pursued with his explanations around his opinion:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a great professional. He is a winner, he is committed to the club, and he does all what it takes to return.

“However, when he returns, he cannot suffer from a relapse.”

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    • Derbyanabella
      19th November 2009

      He is full of energy right now…..plus, fully aware of his responsibility too defend his club from another failure, It’s his priority right now. About his condition, I think he tries to be more carefull on the next match, IF he does play…..It’s going to be tough….but he’ll get through it, I’m sure. He is THAT good.


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