Done Deal: Cristiano Ronaldo Signs Six-Year Contract at Real Madrid

Speculations regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid are now over. Yesterday night, the Madrid club’s official website confirmed that Los Blancos had made a world record breaking transfer of 80 million Euros, only to sign the Portuguese winger on a six-year deal at the Bernabeu.

The statement from the Spanish Giants read:

“Real Madrid CF and Manchester United have confirmed a definitive agreement for the transfer of the player Cristiano Ronaldo, to take place on July 1.

“The player will be tied to Real Madrid for the next six seasons and will be presented on the 6th of July at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.”

Written by Angela Asante

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Done Deal: Cristiano Ronaldo Signs Six-Year …

    • princessw
      27th June 2009

      i heard that it’s done for 5 years not six
      anyway i’ll be happy to see cristiano in a white shirt 🙂

    • RobertR
      27th June 2009

      He should have not left but hes a great player and he just wants to be like the great players that have in madrid

    • Nicole
      29th June 2009

      This is really sweet bu an awfull pitty this guy spent 5months pay to get Ronaldo tatooed to his back n a man u jersy n then like Ronaldo just leaves!??

      And like es woz modellin the new man u jersy with rooney i mean come on his left man u n e still models the new kit!

      Cristiano stop playing games with ppls heads wud ya like back tere a cule of weeks ago you my heart belongs at manchester united i love the club n fans n team like come on love is a strong word so what u just said all tha shite so u wudnt have to be listening to every 1 was it to much 4 u to handle!?and da day on the final u even sad u were stayin!?


    • Bilal Shafiuq
      2nd July 2009

      hhhhmm.that is good for real madrid.but manchister united looses the worldz best player.all the cups are yourz REAL MADRID now.

    • joe
      2nd July 2009

      so now cristiano ronaldo’s number 9 ?? i thought he would’ve got 17

    • Lisa
      4th July 2009

      Well. Ronaldo won’t be happy at real madrid guys. sooner or later he will say i have made a mistake by going to real.


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