Cristiano Sends Sadness Message To Madeira With Goal vs Villarreal

[/caption]During Real Madrid’s La Liga match at home to Villarreal, Cristiano Ronaldo was captured by the media sending a clear message to his native country Madeira.

After scoring Real Madrid’s first goal, CR9 showed his underwear in celebration where he had written “MADEIRA” with his own hand writing.

It was his way of sending a message of sadness to the island of Madeira following the big floods that hit the island on Saturday. More than 40 lives are currently feared dead in Cristiano Ronaldo’s native country and he was quick to react towards this issue, expressing his emotions:

“It is a huge catastrophe and a tragedy without precedent,” he said in a message posted on the official Real Madrid website this Sunday.

Picture of Cristiano Ronaldo's native island, Madeira, flooded.

From Google Images

“Nobody can be indifferent when there is a tragedy of this magnitude and even more so in my case. I was born and grew up on that island, that gave me so much,” said Ronaldo, who added he was willing to help in any way he could.

“I want to say that I am available for that in any way that is possible, I can help the organizations and official bodies to try and minimize the suffering and help people get over the affects of this tragedy as soon as possible,” he added.

His message at the Bernabeu came on an emotional evening that also saw legendary forward Luis Molowny remembered with a minute’s silence.


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    • sinnineli
      22nd February 2010

      I’m so proud of Cristiano,that I can’t even tell how.He did such a beautiful thing,when he dedicated his goal to Madeira.When I saw what he did I almost cried,he showed his incredible kind heart,and that he cares about others,he really showed to all how good person he is.I really thought that Cristiano (because of this tragedy) might be very lost in his game and what he’s doing(it’s obvious,who wouldn’t when such a thing happens),but I was wrong he was very concentrated and very confident in him self and team,he was A MAN OF THE MATCH.Because of that I’m really very happy and proud of my men ;D.I don’t know how about you guys,but I don’t care about goals that have been made(well maybe I care about Cristianos’ goal :D),I don’t care that result was 6 : 2, I don’t care that now Barcelona should be hidding their heads in a sand like ostriches lol (well maybe I do 😀 let’s think….ummm…. yeah no doubt :D)THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING OF THE EVENING WAS CRISTIANOS’ ACT <3 It's still on my mind and when I remember it I just want to cry ,because it was so beautiful (OBSERVATION: I'm not EMO or smth. lol)
      P.S. I really hope that now Barcelona is in deep depression (evil laugh ;D)
      HALA CR9! <3

    • Ari
      22nd February 2010

      I still can’t believe,that he done this. He is suuuuuch a good person. I just can’t believe. He was incredible. And he is. Omg,I just don’t know what to say. He really suprised me. I always believed that he is such a good person,and now,one more time he proved me that i’m not wrong. And i TOTALLY agree with sinnineli,the most beautiful thing of that evening was his act. I love hiiiiiiiiim,his such incredible.
      P.S. papapapaaaaa, Barca esta en depresioooooon papapapaaaaaaa(it’s mine and my friends song in

    • Angela Asante
      23rd February 2010

      @Ari: Nice song: papapapaaaaa, Barca esta en depresioooooon papapapaaaaaaa(it’s mine and my friends song in 🙂 😛


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