Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup Play-offs Wish Sparks Real Madrid v Portugal War

Ron on the groundHe is the captain, he is an essential element in the squad, he feels “no pain”, but scans made by Real Madrid’s doctors explain that he is seriously injured – although not to the point of undergoing surgery.

Well, in spite of all that, it has been reported that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play for his country Portugal in the two-legged World Cup play-off tie against Bosnia Herzegovina in some days to come.

The dates for these crucial games are on November 14th and November 18th and Portugal’s boss Carlos Queiros is expected to reveal his national team squad this coming Sunday.

The former Manchester United assistant manager is ready to include the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo who is believed to have an ankle injury.

However, Portugal’s Football Federation President Gilberto Madail defended Queiros’ decision to have Ronaldo in the roaster by explaining this:

“Cristiano wants to come. He will come over to the squad and he will be reviewed by the medical team.”

Portugal are not convinced that Cristiano Ronaldo is still unfit but Real Madrid’s general director insists that the Spanish giant’s assessment to leave the player on the sidelines is purely because he is injured.

The general director of Real Madrid stated:

“If we had not used him in these last few matches, it was for a reason. It is because of doctors and through common sense that he is kept from playing with Portugal.

“We hope to have no problem as the medical explanation is clear.”

But are Real Madrid really revealing the whole truth? Are they not trying to prevent Cristiano Ronaldo from any damage and therefore, lying to the media that the € 94 million signing is not fit to play just because they don’t want him to risk his health for Portugal against Bosnia?

On the contrary, if Cristiano Ronaldo is really still injured, are Portugal being too selfish and afraid at the same time to miss Ronaldo’s services and miss the World Cup in South Africa as well?

All these questions will certainly resound in the minds of all the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo around the world. The reality here remains that Ronaldo might only return to the field of play in 2-4 weeks’ time.

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    • Derbyanabella
      7th November 2009

      I never thought that Real Madrid would do things like that, lied to public, but then again….they spend too much money on Ronnie just to see him risking his condition for other team. Of course it’s normal, but what does Ronnie wants?? That’s the most important thing. If his passion is to be w/ his Portugal team, then just let him.
      But, if Real Madrid was actually lied to public, then I’m happy too. It means that his injured ankle was okay..

    • miho
      7th November 2009

      Hello, I’m a Japanese and I like Cristiano very much

      I heard that Cristiano would be started playing from Nov. 8th (Derby) but due to the doctor
      stopped his playing. ( Pellegrini wanted to use him…)
      And I also red that he said he can play few days ago…

      I’m not sure if Real Madrid lied to public or not, but I think I can understand.
      But if he can play as if he said recently and he is eager for playing, I hope let him do since
      I really miss his play.

    • Orhan
      7th November 2009

      I miss Cristiano Ronaldo he plays so wunderful.!!!!!
      Ich hoffe seine verletzung heilt schnell und er wird wieder fit… xD


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