Real Madrid 3-1 Sporting Gijon: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Inclusion

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to  score for Real Madrid on Saturday against Sporting Gijon in La Liga. However, Los Blancos won the match and this moved them three points ahead of Barcelona on top of La Liga table.

But Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t show his best quality.

Still, he was involved in two of Real Madrid’s three goals. Firstly, it was his free-kick which led to Van der Vaart’s controversial equalizer. Then Xabi Alonso also profited from the Portuguese’s good play for another goal.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo himself, he kept tripping a few times on his feet, and missed many chances to score a goal. It seemed that he pushed himself too much in trying to score.

The whole team was a bit tense in the first half. They did not work, react, and think well during the first period; perhaps, this also affected Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance.

It felt like he was more effective playing as a midfielder than as a striker against Sporting Gijon.

Real Madrid should not expect him to score in every match, but rather see where he fits best on the field at the moment. cristianoronaldo-vs-sportinggijon-4

Being only three points ahead of Barcelona, Real Madrid’s position could be in danger as the Catalans will be playing minnows Real Zaragoza later on.

Will they keep the top spot in La Liga table after Barcelona match tonight?

Well, hopefully they will.


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    • sinnineli
      20th March 2010

      Not the best match not only for Cristiano,but also for the rest of the team…

    • Derbyanabella
      20th March 2010

      True……all of them seemed confused and lost their rhythm on the first half…what a waste of time.
      But I have to admit, Higuain was a bit too selfish yesterday, coz he could pass Cristiano the ball instead of scoring on his own. Cris was free at that moment…..

    • sinnineli
      21st March 2010

      Yeah I saw that,and I thought the same thing…
      I’m starting to find Higuain really selfish,it’s not the first time when he acts like that,I mean, if Cristiano has a chance to pass the ball he’s always doing it(sometimes I’m even mad at him of doing that instead of scoring himself 😀 ) I feel that now Higuain considers Cristiano as his rival,and that makes me sad,because it’s just another factor wich confirms that RMA is not a real team :s

    • miho
      21st March 2010

      In my opinion, Higuain is young and he seems to be a little bit selfish even if he is a striker , for sure… That makes me unhappy sometimes even if Higuain gets a goal!
      And one problem is Real Madrid players have too much pride (Higuain is one of them, I think).
      That makes him to do it… but I’m not sure.
      I think someone should teach him it is necessary to pass his team mate to be a great player.
      He must understand it if he really wants to be a great player otherwise he can’t be …


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