Cristiano Ronaldo to take revenge against Manchester City in Sunday’s local derby

Red Devil Cristiano Ronaldo will have the opportunity to silence Manchester City’s fans when Manchester United come up against the Sky Blues at Old Trafford on Sunday.
Hot-tempered Ronaldo saw red in the first leg of this fixture for an infamous handling of the ball which raised a lot of mockeries and debates between football fans.

Everyone certainly recalls how and why Ronaldo was sent off at the City of Manchester Stadium. The Portuguese winger –already in the referee’s book for going into a 50/50 challenge of the ball against Wright-Phillips – picked up another yellow card for apparently handling the ball out of Rooney’s corner.
Ronaldo’s dismissal – judged as evidently correct – was actually not a fair verdict.

It looked obvious that Cristiano Ronaldo did not attempted to maliciously handle the ball, but to punch it away as it seemed like the referee’s blow had gone up after one of City’s defender went injured on the ground.

Well, what happened has happened but this controversy could make Cristiano Ronaldo fiercer ahead of tomorrow’s clash. The World Player of the year has been sensational in these last few weeks, in Europe as well as in the English Premier League; Ronaldo has hit his top form just as Manchester United’s season is reaching its crunching moments.

A 40-yard wonder goal against Porto, a double in United’s 5-2 Tottenham, and a brace spiced up from an outstanding display against Arsenal in the Champions League has raised Cristiano Ronaldo back to the heights he set last season.
Such a great performance against Manchester City could lead Manchester United to their third successive Premiership title.

Cristiano Ronaldo is aiming to score another five goals to take his tally to 30 this season, with his final goal being in Rome in the final of the Champions League. The reigning EPL Golden Boot winner has 17 goals in his name in the Premier League, one ahead of Chelsea’s Nicolas Anelka and is on his way to retaining his crown.

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Zareena
      10th May 2009

      Ronaldo is staying at manchester united yay whoo hooo. good one ronaldo. u r the best player in the world.

    • Daniel Abate
      11th May 2009

      You are the best soccer player … You are a star …. Unfortunately in the current computer where you have these many problems with Alex Ferguson and you change, and you’re a player that does not change unless you have an injury that you lift the team …. I want you to go to Madrid to see how you fare on that team that can go up and get a lot of moral and Real Madrid start winning games. manchester and the champions have won a lot compared to the level that has messi … lucky … is your dessicion and the real madrid…


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