Cristiano Ronaldo Wants Wayne Rooney To Come To Real Madrid – Can It Be?

Ron-gives-five-to-RooneyCristiano Ronaldo fulfilled his childhood dream by making a € 94 million mega move from England to Spain’s capital, Madrid.

The Portuguese play maker is now dreaming of having one of his former Manchester United teammates, Wayne Rooney, at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Over the weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo told English tabloid The Sun:

“Wayne would be a sensation out here. I think we could do with Rooney to help us out. He would be brilliant if he came.

“This [Real Madrid] is the ideal place for the world’s best players and there’s little doubt he is one of them.

“Wayne has all the skill and determination you need to make a fine career here.

In fact, it is rare to have English players leaving the English Premier League for a new challenge in a different league.

The language, the culture, the type of football, and the atmosphere of the club as a family are major things that top English players would surely miss if they were to leave England and rather play in another top European league.

Cristiano Ronaldo is aware that a switch from Manchester United to Real Madrid may not be part of Wayne Rooney’s dreams since the star striker is very much attached to England.

Ronaldo conceded:

“I realized it will take a lot for him to move from England. He loves the country, he loves Manchester United, and he is a Liverpool boy. And United is a good club for him.

But he concluded:

“But you never know what could happen in the future.”

What do you think about Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire and optimism to have Wayne Rooney at the Santiago Berabeu?

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    • Orhan
      2nd November 2009

      Cristiano Ronaldo wird der welt nochmal beweisen das er 94 mio. Wert ist.
      Es wäre schön wenn Wayne Rooney zu Real wechseln würde das wäre ein Traum dann wäre Real Madrid unschlagbar.

      Cristiano Ronalod 4-Ever !!!!!

    • Derbyanabella
      3rd November 2009

      Both of them worked well as a team, it should do good for Ron. But I don’t think it’s the right place for Rooney….He’s settled and indipendent and doing a good job at MU, so he better keep it up !!

    • aya 7
      3rd November 2009

      i just wanna tell you that ronaldo wherever he put his foot he shine the place.
      so…. dont matter wher he is in what team as long as he is gonna still a super star and show us more from his abilities and skills
      please dont be sad he will be always our rolemodel

      7th November 2009

      rooney and ronaldo good playing at Man u….but rooney cannot go to Real…he love man u..just dream it

    • manu
      7th November 2009

      keep dreaming …..i didnt want ronaldo 2 go but he did nd now he wants rooney aswell …….dream on


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