Cristiano Ronaldo: I’ve Cried A Lot After Losing Some Matches

Cristiano Ronaldo cryingOne of the reasons why anti-Ronaldo supporters hate Ronaldo is because of what they call his “cry-baby attitude” each time things don’t go his way. Well, as bold as Cristiano Ronaldo is known to be, he revealed a bit of himself Spanish newspaper Don Balon.

“After losing a match, I arrive at home and sometimes I don’t speak with anyone; not my mother, not my family,” Cristiano Ronaldo avowed without shame.

“They know me and understand this reaction. I have even cried after losing some matches.”

Are you the special kind of person who would be able to make Cristiano Ronaldo talk and comfort him after defeats?

Angela Asante,

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    • Derbyanabella
      29th April 2010

      I would SO be the person, if only he came to me right after the match !! Hehee…
      I’m not against a man for crying if it shows his passionate for something, after he gave his best shot. Actually it needs a BIG Guts and courage to cry in front of people. His the man…

    • sinnineli
      29th April 2010

      I would be that person ;D really …
      And I don’t see anything wrong that he’s crying after some matches,everyone is crying sometimes it’s normal we’re humans not robots,and it’s normal that we express our emotions,so nothing wrong in that! 🙂


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