Cristiano Ronaldo in Uzbekistan – Watch Videos in CRF’s Video Gallery Now!

Cristiano Ronaldo arrives on Real Madrid's green carpet at the Santiago BernabeuWhere did Ronaldo go quickly after Monday’s FIFA World Player of the Year Awards ceremony? Not in Portugal with his family or in Spain, but in Uzbekistan rather…

The 2008 Ballon d’Or winner left for Zurich to meet 20,000 fans who greeted him at his arrival in Uzbekistan.
Cristiano Ronaldo went to the Football Museum and also met with the country’s Football Federation.

The Portuguese superstar spent some of his time teaching interested kids a few of his tricks. He gave them tactical tips and also performed before the kids – much to everyone’s pleasure.

In Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s Video Gallery, you can watch a couple of videos of Cristiano Ronaldo in Uzbekistan.

One of the two videos sees Cristiano Ronaldo falling on the pitch and quickly getting back up after kicking a ball. As Cristiano Ronaldo fans, you might find it very funny so hurry and watch it on CRF’s Video Page.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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    • derbyanabella
      24th December 2009

      OMG……it was funny, it’s rare to see him falling like that…too bad there’s no close-ups on his face, I’d like to see that..

    • Maria
      24th December 2009

      hi, i`m from Uzbekistan. i also saw him in our stadium and how he`s falling on the pitch…. so funny…. he`s so sweet

    • Akrom
      27th December 2009

      Gap Yo’q Ronaldo


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