Cristiano Ronaldo: I didn’t dive!

The World’s Best Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo receives a lot of praises around the world for his tremendous performances on the pitch. However, he’s also been constantly criticized for his so-called diving antics.

Following the controversy that broke out in Sunday’s Carling Cup final when the referee Chris Foy booked Ronaldo for diving in the box, Tottenham’s Croatian striker Luca Modric spoke out his opinion on the issue to Sportske Novosti:

“Ronaldo is a fantastic player and I do not have anything against him, but I cannot stand his theatrics,” Modric avowed.

“In England, it is a man’s game and his continuous complaints and dives have a negative effect. I do not know why he needs to do it all the time.”

Ronaldo though doesn’t agree the least with him. Speaking to The Manchester Evening News, the number 7 Superstar retorted:

“If you see the replay you will see that their player kicked me in the foot,”

“The referee did not make the right decision then and he didn’t give me a lot, all match, I don’t know why.

“But in every game, the referee’s decision has to be respected.”

Having managed to win in the final despite Chris Foy’s controversial decisions during the encounter, Cristiano Ronaldo now has his mind set on helping Manchester United wrap up the EPL title for the third consecutive time.

There’s still a long way to go before the league comes to an end but victory at St James’ Park tonight will restore Manchester United’s 7 point lead at the top of the table before clashing at home to Liverpool four days later.

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Adrian
      4th March 2009

      Yes some of the referees decisions are ridiculous,but how ronaldo says that the refrees decisions must be respected.And don`t reproach anything to home,you may get a red!It happend to me one time!I look forward to the game tonight

    • Diana
      4th March 2009

      Complaints? Cris has every right to “complain”. Players are constantly gunning for him, kicking him and what not. So what if he speaks up about it? He has every right too! They’re just jealous that they can’t be like him! Ronaldo your the greatest!

    • Arif Ibishi 7A
      4th March 2009

      of course one of the best players in the world will be gunned and kicked by everyone so Ronaldo most expect and be prepared for provocations good luck!

    • iin
      12th March 2009

      Cristiano Ronaldo,want U be my Boy???


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