Cristiano Ronaldo – Get Ready For A:3K Challenge

Six football superstars, will demonstrate their skills that have made them the best in an arena that will be transformed by the most amazing space age laser light technology. Five of the football that already agreed to join the A:3K Challenge are Cesc Fabregas, David Villa, Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, and Steven Gerrard. One last player to fill the empty seat will be announce, hopefully this week.

The players will compete against one another as individuals in 5 challenges. There will be only one winner that will take the crown as the A:3K Hero. All challenges includes their physical skills, as well as their psychological strength, since they will be facing tough competitors with the highest level of a footballers. Pressures will definitely be in every aspec on this challenge. This gladiator-style competition requires :


This challenge is designed to test the contenders’ ability to strike the ball the hardest, measured in the speed of the travelling ball. Each player will kick four shots into the audience and laser guns will measure who kicks the fastest.


This challenge is designed to test the contenders’ accuracy when it comes to placing shots on goal. Each player will take three free kicks from different positions in one minute around a wall to hit target numbers in a laser-generated goal.


This challenge is designed to test the contenders’ precision when delivering crosses from distance. Players shoot the ball from raised platforms amongst the audience to hit an illuminated target in the centre of the arena – the closest to the target is the winner.


This challenge is designed to test the contenders’ ability to control and release the ball with intent. Two cannons will fire footballs at each player who will control the ball and shoot at an illuminated target – the closer to the middle of the target they get the more points they’ll score.


This challenge is designed to test the contenders’ ability to balance both attacking and defensive instincts. All six players play against each other on a circular ‘pitch’, scoring into each other’s goals whilst trying to protect their own.

The ticket already go on sale since 7 May 2010.


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    • Derbyanabella
      14th May 2010

      No Messi ?? I really want to see him competing with Ronaldo. Who do you think will win among those 5 players ??


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