Cristiano Ronaldo Flirting With Malena Costa – Puyol Ex

Puyol ex girlfriend, Malena Costa was seen partying with Cristiano Ronaldo at MOMA nightclub 2 weeks ago, just when the ace was celebrating the victory over CSKA with his other colleagues.

Ronaldo was sitting in the VIP area with Ramos, Higuain, and Arbeloa when Costa came to the club around 3:00 am. She was later busy drinking while Ronaldo started to dance in the famous Michel Telo song.  According to the eye witness, Costa then approached him, and soon they were chatted and laughing together, as she joined him on the dance floor. But it was only a for fun, and nothing more, and at 6:30, Ronaldo finally went home.

Before came to MOMA nightclub, Costa attended the Glamour Awards. She joined Javier Hidalgo, who also her ex for a drink at the after party. But when the party was over, she still wanted to have some fun. So she headed to MOMA, to continue the night, and that’s when she met Ronaldo.

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    • Carla saI tseu I
      8th May 2012

      well I have something to say about our so called Portuguese Soccer star….
      it seems Cristiano cant stop having a fling with every gals he comes across without even  considering what his other closer friends or his ex gfs feelings might have been…but then I am soo sure all his ex gfs must hate him right now except me..
      His long time friend from Portugal..( I mean half Portuguese and half Timorese Chinese)..all the way residing in Australia., simply a person like me can understand this guy’s  behaviour because i believe he is just a spoilt bratt that he has everything except unconditional love from ‘the right gal for him’
      i can tell Cristiano likes brunnette over blonde and black or red…
      well sorry mate I am brunnette too but I look better in blonde!?:-)
      i have brown hair, brown eyes shimmering like a contrast of yellow green and brown, and i have olive skin….and it depends on the weather i can be fair too..
      but then you can see me in my facebook…Carla III
      oh well ..Sigh…what can  I say or what can I do about you, Cristiano…
      I am clueless…I dont even know where I stand with you so I am assuming from now you are keen on me as a good friend ok..I am going to start dating too…with a logical moral conduct and behaviour 🙂
      take care of yourself ok
      have a happy relationship….. if you dont want me then I seriously do not know why oh why you took my other glove for!?…
      Carla Sai Tseu I


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