Cristiano Ronaldo Confident Espanyol Can Beat Barcelona

Match-day 33 comes on this weekend with Real Madrid currently being three points behind Barcelona.The Blaugrana will face Espanyol on Saturday night and Cristiano Ronaldo is confident that La Liga leaders will drop points.

If Real Madrid want to win the Spanish Primera Division title, they have to win the remainder of their matches and hope that Barcelona lose at least 4 points. Whereas many already predict success for the Catalans in La Liga for the second year in a row, Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo have other beliefs. Speaking ahead of Match-day 33, the 25-year-old Portuguese winger declared:

“I wish Barcelona drop points in the next few matches. We are confident in Espanyol and we are still alive in La Liga.

“It is difficult but we will keep trying until the end. I have a lot of faith in this team.”

Barcelona will go six points clear at the top of La Liga table, ahead of Real Madrid’s crunch match against Valencia on Sunday, if they beat Espanyol. Meanwhile, Espanyol thrashed Atletico Madrid 3-0 in their last home game. Real Madrid will hope that they can reproduce this score line against the Blaugrana on the same soil.

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    • sinnineli
      18th April 2010

      OMG what a shame for Barca 😀 LOL 0-0 😀 I think they relaxed too much they were confident that they had already won La Liga… but last night we saw the answer… And Espanyol fans … wow they were throwing trashes and one of them hit Messi and other Barca players :O Even though I’m for Real,it’s kinda rude to act like that…I wouldn’t be happy if someone would do same thing to Cris or other Real player…


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