Cristiano Ronaldo Beats David Beckham, Becomes Football’s Top Icon In The World

Shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating is compared to topless David Beckham who is posing for a commercial pictureCristiano Ronaldo is probably the ideal incarnation of talent, fame, and fortune ahead of former Manchester United and Real Madrid star David Beckham.

Having won a multitude of individual and collective awards, Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded among the world’s top footballers.

Now his influence and potential can also be seen on the market, in terms of business.

C. Ronaldo is often being portrayed as they guy walking in David Beckham’s footsteps; succeeding the English man with the number 7 jersey at Manchester United, switching from Old Trafford to the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, dating one of David Beckham’s former girlfriends Nuria Bermudez…

Well, the list is longer than that but those facts are just examples underlining or rather explaining why most people see a bit of David Beckham in Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recently too, or back in October to be more precised, C. Ronaldo officially became a product of Armani – one of the world’s most popular fashion designer.

This saw Cristiano Ronaldo succeeding David Beckham again in the fashion industry; the Portuguese superstar would be advertising Armani jeans and underwear early this year.

Pepe Jeans, Nike, Coca-cola, Extra Joss, and FIFA Street 2 adverts have let Cristiano Ronaldo become football’s topCristiano Ronaldo posing for Pepe Jeans advertisement advertising icon.

The € 94 million signing is reported to generate around € 80 million each year in advertising revenues. C. Ronaldo is now Real Madrid’s most profitable player ever, something which will encourage Los Blancos’ president Florentino Perez a lot.

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo rejected a € 3 million offer which was meant to endorse a property development.

The reason behind Ronaldo’s refusal to reach an agreement was because the photo shooting interfered with Real Madrid training.

Still, C. Ronaldo’s personal endorsements are believed to generate up to £ 70 millions every year.

Now that’s not all!

The 2008 Ballon d’Or winner is set to surpass David Beckham’s influence in the United States and thus crack the country’s market.

Speaking to the media late in December, Chubby Chandler who is the Sport Management group’s director, declared:

“Cristiano has unique qualities. He has the look of a ‘Latino Beckham’ and he will succeed in the U.S, where he can make big profits.

“He has no limit. In the coming years, he could earn more than 200 million USD in advertising… and that is being conservative in my estimation.”

These are unbelievable numbers but if reports are true, then they really explain one thing:

Cristiano Ronaldo, the grown kid of Madeira, is a flying rocket on the pitch like on the market.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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    • derbyanabella
      6th January 2010

      He is 10 times more handsome than David Beckham. But David beats Ronnie in 1 thing, marriage…. David has succeeded in marrying his famous, rich, and a high class lady girlfriend at such a young age and became a great dad to his kids. Overall, his life got settled before he turn 25……If Ronnie is about to follow David footsteps, well I do hope he will follow this one also…

    • Angela Asante
      6th January 2010

      Hehehe, it may surprise you but I sincerely think that neither David Beckham nor Cristiano Ronaldo is handsome! 😛 😛

      Both are icons on the market though and I think that it’s understandable. 🙂

    • derbyanabella
      6th January 2010

      WHAT?!?! David Beckham I understand….but Ronnie aswell??
      Although I have to say that I wish Ronnie would be more masculine than “pretty boy”

    • Angela Asante
      6th January 2010

      Hehehe.. You have no idea. 😛

      Both Beckham and Ronaldo are not handsome at all!!! I’ll chose Ronaldo over Beckham for marketing purposes though if I were a business man.

      Ronaldo’s got charisma but beauty??? You must be joking! hehehehe :))

    • derbyanabella
      7th January 2010

      I said pretty boy coz he’s being obsessive to make his face looks perfect in evry angle ( it bothers me)……Like…he even shave his eyebrows to make it even and clean also getting his teeth straighten( He used to have a tooth gap ),etc. While I prefer him look natural……..w/ beard and all (like Iker Casillas/Higuain), but I guess thats impossible…… It’s a good thing that he has an extraordinary talent……..that’s the first reason why I became his fans…..

      Btw,…which footballer do u find him attractive ??

    • Pao!!CR’9
      8th January 2010

      Cristiano ronaldo is more handsome than David. He is more cute an da better person,
      And that’s true. Cristaino is the ideal incarnation of David but better

    • Nancy
      12th January 2010

      With all do respect guys but there is noway Cristiano is more handsome than Beckham..of course Cristiano is cute but Beckham is cuter that’s for sure..but anyway you know what they say nobody goes undeafted a couple of years ago Beckham was the most popular player on earth now it’s Cristiano a couple of years from now God knows who’s gonna be that goes back and forth..what really matters after all is that they both are great players and i don’t think that one is better than the other..both are simply amazing talented players..that’s it


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