Cristiano Ronaldo Baby Boy Is Confirmed !!

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo baby rumor is finally revealed. The Portugal’s newspaper reported that the baby was born in June 17th, while Cristiano still at South Africa.

One of his sister, Katia Aveiro confirmed the birth of her new nephew from Vilamoura, in Algarve to Diario de Noticias Newspaper. She said,'”He is very happy, of course, who wouldn’t be happy to have children?”. She also said the baby boy has dark eyes and hair like his father, with 53 cm and weighs 4.3 pounds.”He’s a calm baby, he eats and sleeps.”

Miss Aveiro told the newspaper that Ronaldo would make an official announcement after he had returned from Madrid, where he is dealing with professional matters. Too bad she didn’t give the baby’s name yet, but the important thing is she did confirmed about the birth to the newspaper.

“The news is true, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. It’s his personal life and when he wants to, he will talk,” she explained.

The newspaper wrote that Ronaldo had travelled to the Algarve immediately after his team was knocked out from the World Cup to be with his newborn son. Congratulation for both father and son !!



    • Diana
      5th July 2010

      WHAT!!!!!!!!!! It’s true!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0
      Can’t believe, wont believe…..not until it comes out of Cristiano Ronaldo’s mouth!
      One of the biggest OMG moments in football for sure! And it’s not even in a game!
      I don’t know what to say………I guess if it is true, congratulations Cristiano and hope he becomes a GREAT father! I know he can! =DD

    • Diana
      5th July 2010

      He’ll be a great dad! Look how he interacts with his nephews.

      Cris is so loving and sweet! <3 Great parents aren't just born, every parent learns how to become a better parent with time and experience. No one's perfect and I do expect Cris to make some mistakes, but he'll be amazing, watch.

      And parenthood changes people. Cris has had to be independent from a young age and not worry about much but himself for the longest time. So of course he may be somewhat self absorb, what single person isn't at a young age? But I've noticed (with my friends) that when they have children they tend to change for the better. Who knows maybe becoming a father will help Cris grow up more and focus more on things that matter, like his child and football.

      And people use surrogate mother's all the time, just look at Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin. It may be weird and creepy, but hey if the moms are willing to do that, then that's their issue. If their willing to give up their child that easily and for $$ then their probably not the greatest mother anyways and don't need to be around that.


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