Cristiano Ronaldo: At Real Madrid, I’m Reborn… My Career Is Just Starting.

Happy Cristiano Ronaldo presented at Real MadridThe world’s most expensive signing, Cristiano Ronaldo, has reiterated his joy of being a Los Blancos. The 24-year-old’s stardom grew at Old Trafford where he won a multitude of collective and individual honors.

The Portuguese superstar, who is also the current FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or titleholder, has started a new challenge since switching from the English Premier League to the Spanish La Liga.

According to him, things are different in Madrid compared to how they were in Manchester United. However, he thinks that life is sweeter.

Cristiano Ronaldo told English tabloid, The Sun:

“You feel more pressure at Madrid. But I love that. It drives me on.

“My coach, Manuel Pellegrini, is clearly different to Sir Alex Ferguson. In fact, I am much more free here – free to roam around the pitch in certain matches.

“Not only will I use that to become the same player I was at Old Trafford, but even better.

“I feel like a new-born baby… I’m reborn.”

For Cristiano Ronaldo, the hunt for success doesn’t end just yet. After winning the English Premier League title three times, the FA Cup, the Carling Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the Community Shield, and the FIFA World Club Cup, among a host of prestigious individual awards, Cristiano Ronaldo still doesn’t feel complete.

He declared:

“Just because I won everything with United and was voted Ballon d’Or and World Player doesn’t mean I have reached the top.

“In fact, I feel like my career is just starting.”

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    • Derbyanabella
      21st October 2009

      He certainly love being a part of Real Madrid, and it looks like he enjoy being a footballer more for the challenge, than the paycheck….He really deserves to win the Ballon d’Or and be the World best Player….

    • cristiana ronaldo79
      21st October 2009

      cristiano you rock!!!!!!!!!!
      i know youll make madrid win the championsleague this time also:)

    • Go on ! xD
      21st October 2009

      he is so much cool! Really! d; i love that opinion.. you’ve to be like thaaat! .. this is how we should be.. Really never give up.. :p He rocks!! definitely! I love him pretty much! Hope that i can play very soon! 🙁 Miss seeing him in action! ;p


    • dave
      22nd October 2009

      hi’s so disappoint to hear about your injury..we have been patiently waiting for your will rarely find someone who haven’t heard about u in the world. everyone admire
      you. it was a surprise when u were the best player in 2007-2008.

      but it’s kinda unpleasurable to know that this year that award is likely to turn on messi’s side.
      you are certainly the best footballer ever and stil you are the best player.

      i think real madrid is lacking you in their every game.their defeat is bec of ur absence. so plz receover
      wanna see you back soon..

      show them who u are and wht u still deserve…

    • Christy1
      22nd October 2009

      yeah cuming to real madird is a reboen of christiano career.

    • C.ronaldoreaksa
      26th October 2009

      Just wanna you to come back…excatly i know you’ll never come back to United 🙁 …In fact, you will increase more power in the world of football…. I am a forever Manchester United fan and alo a forever Cristiano Ronaldo fan…, so that’s why i feel sad when i see you are at Real Madrid…


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