Cristiano Ronaldo: a switch from Manchester United to Real Madrid is a dead dream

Speculations and rumours were linking the world’s best player Cristiano Ronaldo to a move from Manchester United to Real Madrid, but now it seems like the Portuguese number 7 Star has put them all to bed.

Cristiano Ronaldo sent out a strong message on Sunday, stamping his desire to remain a Red Devil for ever:

“I’m no longer thinking of Madrid,” the Star winger told the Sunday Mirror.

“The only thing I dream about now is Manchester United and winning the Champions League again in Rome.”

Certainly, this statement is short but the meaning is strong and clear. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to remain at Manchester. The 24-year-old earlier stated that he would love to emulate veteran Ryan Giggs who made his 801st Manchester United appearance against Middlesbrough on Saturday.
Manchester United have been consistent and very successful especially since 2006.

The Red Champions are on the brink of becoming the first team to retain their Champions League crown while a third consecutive English Premiership title is on its way coming. In addition to a possible bright end to their successful season, Manchester United already possess the Fifa World Club Cup and the Carling Cup in their room of trophies.

Cristiano Ronaldo used to avow that fulfilling his career dream could mean leaving for Spain, but with Manchester United strong trophy statistic that beats off Real Madrid’s in these last few years, it seems like the English club have succeeded in convincing Cristiano Ronaldo to remain at the Theatre of Dreams.

The irony here is that Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments come a day after Real Madrid got humiliated 6-2 against Barcelona in Saturday’s most anticipated clash – the El Clasico.

Angela Asante, Cristiano Ronaldo Expert

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    • Lisa
      5th May 2009


      Yes Thank you Ronaldo stay in manchester United because we need u, you the the best player in the world.

    • vyas chettri
      6th May 2009

      yes!!!U r d best player and will remain so.ronaldo will never leave man utd and will play more games 4 man utd than ryan giggs.

    • Cheeky
      6th May 2009

      Yes Ronaldo is da best best plya in man u n e shud stay der. u gt me

    • Cheeky
      6th May 2009

      Love u 2 bits Ronaldo.
      Ur da best n u shud show real Madrid datz itz ur choice not derz.
      Lozerz leve Ronaldo alone e dont 1na go 2 real madrid

    • antesh
      7th May 2009

      love u cristi i think u will remain with us because we need u.u r best of the bests.

    • Jacob
      8th May 2009

      Thankyou Ronaldo,
      you are the best of the best

    • Alexx and Jacob
      8th May 2009

      You are a champion Ronaldo,
      Thankyou for staying with MAN U!! We are going to win the champions league in Rome.

    • Sait george
      13th May 2009

      Its wil be a pleasure for us as fans to see u stay at the theatre of dreams bt if u happen to leave we wil move on. From THE GAMBIA

    • T .Hariteja Reddy
      14th May 2009

      hey ronaldo we are very happy with your decision to stay at oldtrafford

    • Patty
      14th May 2009

      hey ronaldo,
      can u please stay at Man U. Its the best club in the world and you are the best player in the world.

    • velnambi
      15th May 2009

      i know u will reamin MANU. Keep Rocking the world.


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