Cristiano Ronaldo, a kind of Hercules?

The argument of whether Ronaldo is a football great or not always provokes a whole lot of comments from the public and the media. The Portuguese winger was last week officially named Ballon d’Or winner, meaning that the 23 year old has finally engraved his name in the books of the significant history of the Golden Ball, continuing the path of his famous number 7 predecessor George Best.

In other words, Cristiano Ronaldo is now a football great – like Zidane, Best or Cannavaro – though the he is yet to lift a major trophy for the senior national team of Portugal. But Ronaldo, who has consistently been hailing himself in these past couple of months, doesn’t only content himself with the honourable title of “Ballon d’Or winner”.

The Manchester United star has hugely been criticised with arrogance and many are those who rejoice anytime he suffers a bad game.

Speaking to The People, Ronaldo reacted boldly as regards to these opinions:

“I accept people’s criticism, but I don’t share their opinions.

“Even the strongest men in the world – including legends such as Hercules – fall over at times.

Ronaldo’s recent controversial behaviours – like his self-substitution on Saturday against Sunderland – have done nothing less than provoking the public. Now Ronaldo has come out with another declaration of self-estimation that will arouse the disgust of many football fans.

“I am part of this group,” the Golden Boy stated talking about legendary people such as Hercules.

He then went on to give an explanation to the many fouls he has suffered since his return to active football:

“Players with superior skills are more prone to be fouled.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has so far been very lucky to escape horrible wounds that would have seen him sidelined for up to six months and more such as Arsenal’s Rosiscky and Eduardo or even Brazil’s Ronaldo Da Lima.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s tale continues…

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • israel
      10th December 2008

      i hate you,fool

    • Diana
      11th December 2008

      I ? u Cristiano, hang in there!

    • katy
      11th December 2008

      i love you!!!!!!!!!!!i would marry you right now!!!!you are the most beautiful and greatest creature that walked on the Earth!!!!!!

    • katy
      11th December 2008

      don’t blame Ronaldo for being a bit arrogant!he knows that he’s perfect and for God’s sake – he’s got a mirror at home!!!!

    • jayson
      14th December 2008

      yuo inspired a lot of people that is the most important thing…we embraced you ronaldo..

    • valeta
      16th December 2008

      i think that RONALDO is the best and he will be always the best.RONALDO THE BEST ALWAYS AND 4EVER

    • eda
      18th December 2008

      I love you numbers?n I everybody ten many love…you I’m for valuable………I LOVE YOU BABY

    • Lydia trisha Govender
      13th January 2009

      cristiano, you’re a great soccer player yeah, but please dont think to highly of yourself, i said this before and il say it again, soccer is just a gane, just footballers running after one plastic cushion ball.yes you do have few tricks up your sleeve and some good tactics but you;re not hercules and there will never be should be proud you have accomplished alot by just being as young as you are.all the best. God Bless


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