CRF Poll: Vote for your best Cristiano Ronaldo goal

Hey guys, here are my five favorite Cristiano Ronaldo goals so far this season! Watch them once again and chose only one.

Then go to the right side of CRF’s home page and vote for the one you prefer.

The poll closes on May 8, 2009. Vote in numbers and let J’Lah know that you are fervent supporters and admirers of Cristiano Ronaldo, the World’s Best Player.

See all the five goals here:

1) Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick against Stoke City:

2) Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick against Blackburn Rovers:

3) Cristiano Ronaldo’s 40-yard wonder goal against Porto:

4) Cristiano Ronaldo’s header against Inter Milan

5) Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick against Aston Villa

Many thanks to CRF’s Best Fan of the Year Adrian for helping me out with the videos.

From CRF’s Chief Editor Angela Asante

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    • Diana
      17th April 2009

      The 40 yard Porto kick without a doubt is my favorite. It had power, speed, grace–it was just fantastic! Hopefully we can see more of those shots. Go Ronaldo! =D

    • Adrian
      19th April 2009

      Yeah,the shoot against Porto was a thunderbolt,i never saw Ronaldo scoring from that far out.What can I say…?He is good!
      Viva ROnaldo,Viva Ronaldo!YOur the best in the world!!!Good luck against Everton this afternoon.

    • Getoar Gashi ROnaldo
      19th April 2009

      Today You don’t play vs everton And man.utd Losee i’m very nervous because you don’t play …! Legend…

    • emmy
      23rd April 2009

      the porto kick was flawless and perfect in every aspect… but i have to say that my fav goal of the master was the behind the back flick in the 07-08 season.. i forget against who.. it was off a corner. im sure you all know what im talking about… 🙂

    • Admin
      23rd April 2009

      Yes, his flick against Aston Villa… Now everybody wants to score like that or pass like that!

      At the same time, everyone says “What is Ronaldo doing? All his flicks and tricks and step overs are useless!”

      I say: “USELESS??? When all the defenders turn into F**ls!So why do you want to copy him???”

      People shouldn’t even dare to criticize Ronaldo when they admire him in fact.

      Who change strikers’ mentality in this 21st century? CRISTIANO RONALDO. Since his 42 goals, everyone wants to score more and this Messi is sweating with jealousy to beat off Ronaldo.

      Before that, even Henry went on to say that a player doesn’t always score.

      Ronaldo appeared 34 times in the EPL, had 31 starts and scored 31 goals.

      Shame on you Ronaldo haters… Unless you really mean what you’re saying, you are all doomed jealous people.


      J’Lah Lyah

    • lil k
      25th April 2009

      i think the best goal has to be the free-kick against aston villa, because he put the goal in with no deflection and you have to admit that showed how he is such an incredible and an awesome player and i personally believe no-one can ever match or be better than him right now.

    • phil
      9th May 2009

      i grow up watching rolando play iam 13 years and every day i go to the park and play with the people there they are older than me so some day i hope to play by the side of rolando

    • humberto
      9th May 2009

      i like wathing rolando play and i hope to become as good as him with all the tranning i have i could play for his team

    • Dr vidic
      10th May 2009

      I am 16 Years old i was fan man utd and i hope to get more cups insha’allah we will get 5 Champion leage Every Year we will take Thanks all love u Man utd viva Sir alex ferguson And Giggs All man utd viva

    • shahram
      20th May 2009

      The 40 yard Porto kick is the best coz the goal was in game and not in foul.


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