CRF Contest: And the winners are…!

CRF is proud to unveil runner-up Diana Aguilar and ultimate champion Adrian Serban as the top two winners of CRF’s Best Fan of the Year contest!

After a 31 thrilling days, the competition is finally over with this final day releasing all the stress away. Everyone thought that the winners will be known earlier than that today. Well, J’Lah decided to give a little bit more time for the rest to back up in their votes.

Now, it’s finally over!

705 votes were casted and among those, two persons collected the most votes to emerge as CRF’s Top Two winners of the competition.

Adrian wins CRF’s Best Fan of the Year award

Adrian Serban is officially Cristiano Ronaldo’s best fan around the world on our website. Adrian picked up 203 in the process and his overwhelming lead could only increase with CRF’s Editor in Chief J’Lah choosing him as her preferred first place winner.

This explains that Adrian won the contest with 253 votes out of the total 707 (knowing that J’Lah’s vote counts like two votes), ahead of Diana, Enxhi, Getoar, and Ulrik respectively.

Ady enjoyed the luck of attracting people to vote for him. The Romanian didn’t even need to blow the trumpet for his campaign to be successful:

“Honestly I didn`t say nothing to no one,” Adrian stated a few days ago. He admitted though that he had told his classmates about the competition:

“I was so happy that I told them that I’m on a Cristiano Ronaldo contest, and that I think I’ll win it. And they wanted to vote for me.”

And probably, they did… Because the statistics show that over 200 people voted for Adrian to win the contest. One of this group of voters was CRF’s CEO Daniel Bergstrom. The boss was full of praise for the reigning best fan of the year winner.

“Adrian is a very active member who really seems to know everything about Ronaldo. I always see his comments on the article and he seems to be a real passionate Ronaldo fan.”

The manager also had some warm words to the rest of the contenders who couldn’t win the contest:

“To the rest of the contenders, you are very important for the site and will be rewarded in our upcoming platform which will be like a social network for football lovers.”

Diana Aguilar clinches the second spot

The 18-year-old American sensation held on to the second spot despite Enxhi being chosen as Angela’s second best fan of the year.

Diana finished second with 78 votes, only 4 more points than her adversary Enxhi. The 14-year-old Albanian girl collected 44 votes accumulated with Angela’s automatic 30 points. Unfortunately for Enxhi aka Cristiana Ronalda, this wasn’t enough to let her steal the second spot from Diana Aguilar.

Watch out for the interviews of our Top Two winners – Adrian Serban and Diana Aguilar – on CRF… soon!

So congratulations once again to our dear winner Adrian Serban and second-place runner-up Diana Aguilar!

Thanks a lot also to the rest of the contenders (Enxhi, Getoar, Ulrik Fredrik and all those out there who felt like they could win the contest) for making this contest competitive enough.

In the end, we are all the best!

Final points:

Someone Else: 321 45.4%

Adrian: 203 (+50 automatic points = 253) 35.78%

Diana: 78 11%

Enxhi: 44 (+ 30 automatic points = 74) 10.46%

Getoar: 40 5.657%

Ulrik Fredrik: 19 2.68%

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Diana
      3rd April 2009

      Congrats dude!


    • Adrian
      3rd April 2009

      Ohh,i`m so funny in that picture:))…but i`m very happy `cuz i won…This is a big thing for me…I`M VERY HAPPY!!1And thanks to everyone for voting me.
      I congratulate all the top 5 contenders.Thank you very much again!:)


    • Admin
      4th April 2009

      Thanks a lot once again all of you, for making it happen! I’m so proud of you because you spiced up the contest with a lot of enthusiasm and fraternity instead of jealousy.

      I’m so happy to have been able to create and terminate this competition. It was a great success!

      Watch out for more entertaining features in a month or so, when all our sites will know a superb revolution!!!

      It’s just the beginning!!!

      Thanks once more to you guys – contestants and voters alike!!! Thanks a million!!!!




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