Ronaldo shop in Madrid? What’s the point!

Hot news has just been released, revealing Cristiano Ronaldo’s plan to widen his CR7 shop network in Madrid!
The 24-year-old already had branches opened in his native Madeira and Porto, which is an obvious choice for a native Portuguese man.

Now, as the Spanish tabloid Marca suggested, Ronaldo’s decision to open a branch of his shop in Madrid could explain something about the Real-United transfer saga. Especially because reports explain that the shop will be named ‘CR9’ and not ‘CR7’… (See video)

Is there something to do with the number of the jersey? Perhaps yes, because Ronaldo might certainly carry the number 9 should he be a Galactico, as the number 7 is Raul’s.

Most surprisingly, according to Ronaldo’s website, the Red Devil Star is said to undertake a huge project that should see him open new shops in Los Angeles, Prague, Berlin, Tokyo, London, Milan, Madrid and Paris but not in his own Manchester.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo anticipating a move to Madrid and a huge unpopularity in Manchester?

Written by: Angela Asante


    • Nicole
      28th March 2009

      why not 1 in manchester?x

    • Albora
      29th March 2009

      it’s a great idea that he’s opening a store on his own country. he’s proud of been portugese.But you know what you should open one in new york too cause that’s were i live and i would love to go shopping in your store.think about it it would be a great idea.i can asure you that you gone have a lot of ppl going like european people im one of them im from europe.I know people who love soccer like me and we would deffintly go.

    • Adrian
      30th March 2009

      That`s a good ideea,making himself heared on enemy teritory…He will not leave to Real `Cuz he will be Man U number one enemy.All tought he is going very well at Manchester.
      Best player in the world ROONALDOOO,RONAALDOO!Viiiivaa Roooonallldoo!!

    • enxhi
      2nd April 2009

      Very god idea..When i grow up i will open one shop in portugal with the name cr7 and enxhi…ahhaa good idea or not.??/

    • lamya
      2nd April 2009

      i love cris a lot but i don’t want him to play for the real madrid because he’is a star in the man utd and the man is the best club in the world

    • willard phuthego
      11th April 2009

      mr ronaldo,u are the very strong player in man united,u are very good when putting on the red t-shirt ,pliz dont leave man united ,man united is your team.

    • Zareena
      26th April 2009


      Cristiano Ronaldo must stay at Manchester United if he goes then Manchester United will suffer and i cannot see my team suffer without Ronaldo. Ronaldo please stay at Manchester United. you are the best player of the year,


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