New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Left South Africa and Arrived at Lisbon Airport ( 1 July 2010)


Cristiano Ronaldo left South Africa with a disappointed face, since he failed to bring Portugal to the higher stage in World Cup 2010.  Here you can see the pics of his arrival in Lisbon airport.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka Exchanged World Cup Jersey

cris shirt

Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka was seen exchanging their World Cup Jersey during their match between Portugal and Brazil. Before the WC started, they already made a promise that they will trade the jersey when both teams met. Too bad Kaka didn’t have the chance to play against Cristiano in the field, since he had to deal with red card penalty in previous match against Ivory Coast.


Frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo Was Doubted for His Capability as Captain

cris spit

Cristiano Ronaldo was frustrated after Portugal lost to Spain in World Cup match on 30 June 2010. He was seen spitting at the feet of a cameraman who was tracking him as he left the pitch.

And when asked why Portugal had lost, he replied, ”How can I explain it? Ask Queiroz.”

He was also caught on camera saying,”Carlos, we won’t win like this.”

The Spaniards reached the quarter-finals with a 1-0 win as  Ronaldo, the world’s most expensive player, failed to lift Portugal to the higher stage in World Cup 2010.

Ronaldo refused to speak to reporters after the game, joining England’s Wayne Rooney and France’s Franck Ribery in the list of superstars who will not remember the 2014 World Cup with any great fondness.

‘I feel a broken man, completely disconsolate, frustrated and an unimaginable sadness,’ said Ronaldo on the Gestifute website, which is owned by his agent.

But Ronaldo denied he had insulted Queiroz over his tactics in the tournament, and added, ”When I said put the question to the coach, it is just because Carlos Queiroz was holding a press conference.”

”I was not in a position to explain what was what. I am a human being, and like any human being I suffer and I have the right to suffer alone.”

”I know that I am the captain, and I have always assumed and will assume my responsibilities.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is to be stripped of the Portugal captaincy after doubts emerged about his suitability following their defeat by Spain. Infact, he didn’t even leave a major impression on the World Cup despite all the pre-tournament hype.

His statistics in South Africa is nothing special, with a late goal in a 7-0 victory to North Korea, few impressive free kicks, and one brilliant turn and shot that struck the post in Portugal’s opener against the Ivory Coast.

His performance for 6 hours in 4 matches didn’t make him a stand out players, despite Queiroz insisted,”He is our leader, our captain.” Unfortunately his attitude in excepting a defeat was far from it.

Portuguese legend Luis Figo criticized his behaviour, for not having the attitude as a true captain. Figo stated that Ronaldo should be able to defend the team in the most difficult time, and to accept teh consequences of a

New Pictures :Cristiano Ronaldo in Spain 1-0 Portugal (29 June 2010)

portugal coverThere are new pictures from Cristiano Ronaldo in World Cup match between Spain vs Portugal. Check out the pictures here:

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New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in WC Training (28 June 2010)

training coverThere are new pictures upload from Cristiano Ronaldo in Training session during World Cup match. Check out his pictures here :

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World Cup Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in Brazil 0-0 Portugal (25 June 2010)

portugal coverThere are new pictures upload from Cristiano Ronaldo Latest match between Portugal against Brazil. Check out the pictures here :

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New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in Training Session (24 June 2010)

training cover There are new pictures upload from Cristiano Ronaldo in World Cup training with Portugal. Check out the pictures here :
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New Video : Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Against North Korea (21/6/2010) World Cup

cristiano ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo finally goaled for Portugal. His first goal after 2 years. Check out the video of his goal on Portugal match against North Korea here :

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Against North Korea (21/6/2010) World Cup


New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in World Cup Training (20 June 2010)

cristiano trainingThere are new pictures from Cristiano Ronaldo in training session today (20/6). Take a close look on Cris here :

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FIFA Rejected the Appeal for Cristiano Ronaldo Yellow Card

cristiano Ronaldo portugalFIFA has rejected the appeal filed by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) for Cristiano Ronaldo yellow card. According to FIFA, they rejected their appeal because they did not find the error on Jorge Larrionda’s decision on booked the captain Portugal.

Ronaldo received a yellow card after a clash with the Ivory Coast player, Guy Demel, when both sides play in the group stage of World Cup 2010 South Africa, Tuesday (06/15/2010).

According to the FPF, the dispute happened because Ronaldo is provoked by the Ivory Coast player, and that became the reason they filed an appeal. But since FIFA rejected the appeal, FPF claimed to be disappointed with their decision.

”Cristiano is an important player for us. This is a situation where he could not do anything and get a card. That is the most painful type of sanction,” said a spokesman for the national team of Portugal.

”We have been notified by FIFA that they refuse this appeal. FIFA said there was no error factor from the referee, which occurs when a player is find guilty by given the card. In this case, the referee has a full authority so that FIFA refuse our appeal,” he added.