Why Ronaldo is Better than Messi…

Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest football player on the planet ?

From his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo acquired and perfected, the tools of the trade that have chiseled him in to the incredible human being he is today.

He has fine-tuned pretty much every attribute in the game. His explosive speed matches his electrifying dribbling pace. He can create a chance from scratch and ends up audaciously finishing that chance. His shooting is literally deadly. If a keeper was to be hit in the head by one of his rockets, then it’s certain death.

So, he has the skill, pace and can rifle a deadly strike. But that’s not all.

Do you remember the scrawny 18-year-old from Sporting CP? He’d often gallop past the first defender, but then feel the force of English football’s reality, in the shape of a centre-back’s shoulder.

Former United defender, Gary Neville, said how he was ready to give up on Ronaldo: “He had been flailing around on the ground, he was never in his position and he was unreliable.”

The young Ronaldo was, at times, an annoying possession waster. Yet, he had that something different. Defenders hated his cockiness and persistence. But to be the best, he had to build on the physical side of his game. And that’s exactly what he did.

After the 2006 World Cup, Neville noticed a drastic change to Ronaldo: “He walked into the dressing room and I thought: ‘Jeez, what has happened to him over the summer?’ When he had come to the club he was this thin, wiry boy. Now he was a light heavyweight. He’d been on the weights and it was like watching someone grow up in a matter of weeks. And what ensued for the next two years was astonishing.”

The level he’s at now is the peak of footballing capability. I say he’s the best because if you put him in any area on the field, he’d cause problems.

Yet, Messi – put him in the box during a corner – most of the time he’s ineffective. Same again when defending. His height limits his power on the field. Ronaldo has no problem in this area. At 6’2 and with a gazelle-like leap, Ronaldo will punish you. And I guess that’s why he has the edge over Messi. As much as the little Argentine can offer, Ronaldo can give you more than that.

Bale: Ronaldo more complete footballer than Messi

The Tottenham attacker believes the Portugese is a better all-round player than the Argentine magician, as the race for the Premier League’s most sought-after man hots up

Tottenham forward Gareth Bale says Cristiano Ronaldo is a more ”complete footballer” than Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.
The in-form Spurs attacker, who is rumoured to be a transfer target for both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich this summer, has scored 13 Premier League goals so far this season.

Asked the question, ”Messi or Ronaldo?” by Life’s a Pitch, Bale revealed his admiration forLos Blancos‘ star.

”For me, personally, I’d say Ronaldo,” the 23-year-old Welshman responded.

”He’s got the whole package. He’s strong, he’s powerful, he’s pacey, can head the ball, strike the ball. Obviously, you can’t say anything bad about Messi, but for the all-round complete footballer, I’d say Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The comments are likely to be taken as a welcome sign by Real Madrid that the Wales international would relish the chance to link up with Ronaldo.

According to reports, Los Merengues are expected to challenge Bayern for his signature at the end of the season in a move thought to potentially be worth around €50 million.

By then, die Roten will be managed by Messi’s former Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, who is said to also have a great interest in bringing Bale to the Bavarian outfit.


Cristiano Ronaldo First Pictures For Armani – Some Kind Of Illuminati Message?

C. Ronaldo -ArmaniCristiano Ronaldo replaced David Beckham as Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani’s number one model.

His first pictures for Armani have been released and one of them seems to reveal an Illuminati message.

Firstly, for those who don’t know a thing about the Illuminati, here is a quick explanation of the whole thing:

The Illuminati is believed to be a satanic secret society which executes itself through all means, and which rules the world with several symbols – the most popular of those being the all-seeing-eye and the Manu Cornuto (I love you Devil sign).Eye, Mano Cornuto

It is widely believed that the Illuminati uses celebrities especially as well as pop culture to spread its message around the world.

While many people decide to ignore the manifested truth of the existence of the Illuminati, others have taken another look at the world and noticed satanic signs everywhere.

Now is Cristiano Ronaldo a messenger for this group?

This week, the most iconic footballer on the planet had his first ever photo shoots for Armani; his pictures exposed sensual provocation and perhaps, something else… a sign of the Illuminati.

Cris, Lady GagaOn this picture on the left, shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo has two of his right hand’s fingers near his right eye just like singer Lady Gaga (who publicly talks herself about the rule of symbols) can be seen gesturing almost similarly…

This sign (called eye in the triangle) is regarded as one among many satanic gestures to many people, and even to those who are proud of doing it.

In our Video gallery, you can have the chance to watch Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s latest revealing video which can also be seen on Youtube.com (Click here).

Now what about this picture that you can see here:Triangles

Is it just a coincidence that the triangle (pyramid and Illuminati sign) can be seen there?

Well, judge for yourself!

Angela Asante

Manchester United Miss Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo – Right Or Wrong?

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov desperate after Leeds United take the leadDo Manchester United miss the services of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo?

Fans of the former Manchester United number 7 and current Real Madrid number 9 can help the world answer this debatable question.

Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Old Trafford in England to Real Madrid in Spain, Sir Alex Ferguson and his men have been insisting that the Red Devils are categorically not weaker.

Certainly, no player is bigger than a club. Like it has always been in the past at Old Trafford, we’ve seen the likes of great names such as David Beckham, Ruud Van Nilsterooy leave Manchester United in recent years.

However, the Red Devils didn’t go down from “titans” to “minnows” as they kept on triumphing at the highest level.

But thinking well, it is arguably clear that Cristiano Ronaldo’s name will come out from our mouths as the most important player (among a quality and united team in spirit) behind all of Manchester United’s achievements and success in the last four years.

With the potential of Cristiano Ronaldo, which was influenced by the good assistance of the rest of ManchesterCristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United kisses his last English Premier League title as the Red Devils are crowned Champions of England for the third time in a row United’s players, the Red Devils went on to win several cups: three English Premier League titles, the UEFA Champions League trophy (that was missing from their cabinets for more than 8 years), and the FIFA World Club Cup trophy among many other titles.

These sweet moments are now history for Manchester United fans who are now focused on this season’s campaign where the Red Devils are combating without the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time since the 2003/04 season.

For all those fans of Cristiano Ronaldo who have their eyes set on every single things that is happening at Real Madrid since the Portuguese’s transfer, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan would like to switch your attention to what is happening at Manchester United without the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year.

It might be hard to accept the truth for Manchester United fans but it cannot be denied; Manchester United have lost at home to Aston Villa and away to Burnley, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Fulham in the English Premier League only to wrap up as much as five defeats after just 20 match-days.

They also lie second behind the league leaders Chelsea as they fight to secure the English Premier League title for the fourth time in a row.

Anyways, the league is a marathon and the points will be counted at the end of the campaign so one cannot mock or worry too much about Manchester United’s inconsistent run in the EPL.

But, what is over for the Red Devils is their FA Cup dream.

Beckford scores for Leeds United, Wes Brown and Tomasz Kuszczak defend in vainOn Sunday, Manchester United surprisingly lost 1-0 at Old Trafford against Leeds United who are more than 40 places below them.

Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov, and 2009 summer signing Valencia were all part of the Mancunian team which was defeated by Leeds United;

No-one was there to deliver the Red Devils’ from Jermaine Beckford’s first half strike which finally earned Leeds one of their most memorable victories in over a decade.

With that defeat against Leeds United at Old Trafford, Manchester United went into the record books for a negative purpose:

For the first time under Sir Alex Ferguson’s 23 managerial years, Manchester United failed to reach the fourth round of the English FA Cup.

This is probably an astonishing fact, but a pure reality.

On the week when Manchester United-bound Ryan Giggs and left-back Patrice Evra insisted to the media that the club was well over Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, both players missed their penalty kicks only to offer Chelsea the Community Shield and to start the 2009/2010 campaign on a warning note.

Last week too, Sir Alex Ferguson argued about Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence by saying that Manchester United were scoring even more goals without the prolific Portuguese goal scorer.

On Sunday however, the Red Devils scored zero as they succumbed to Leeds United’s mesmerizing defensive aptitudes.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid, Manchester United have two hopes alive: the dream of clinching the domestic cup and the UEFA Champions League titles.

But whether these two hopes and dreams are fulfilled or not will only be revealed towards the end of the 2009/2010 campaign.

Until then, one question keeps bothering a majority of the football-loving public and the media:Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United looks around him with his hands on his hips

Are Manchester United missing the services of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo?

Maybe the Red Devils just need more time to adjust before completely imposing themselves against any other team once more…

Today, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan gives you the opportunity to express your opinion over this debate.

Just cast your vote in the poll below and let us all know what you think about Manchester United without Cristiano Ronaldo (who is now a Real Madrid player).

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Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

Shame On You, Barcelona! Lasers Can’t Be Legal Tools v Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone is talking about Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid being defeated by Barcelona last Sunday; no-one seems to admit that the Blaugrana’s victory was very dirty after a fan in the home crowd used an illegal manner to distract the visitors on that night.

It was expected that Barcelona fans would distract Cristiano Ronaldo by chanting ”there is only one Ronaldo, there is only one Ronaldo, there is only one Ronaldo, and he is not Portuguese”.

Such a method of distraction appeared to be very hostile but it was still far from being over the accepted limit in the world of soccer.

Instead of only cheering Barcelona with a million or a billion voices, a Blaugrana supporter preferred to frighten Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the Real Madrid players by shining lasers during the match.

Iker Casillas, Pepe, and Alvaro Arbeloa were all victims on Sunday, including Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite complaining to the referee during the encounter, the match went on and no action was taken against Barcelona fans.

The shining of lasers reportedly inflicted fear and embarrassment on Real Madrid and the fact that Arbeloa was even hit by a laser in the match underlines Los Blancos’ right to be scared.

This Barcelona fan definitely reacted illegally in El Clasico as his team edged 1-0 winners past Real Madrid in the end. But who knows what the score line would have been if Los Blancos did not feel the amount of pressure that was created through the illegal manner of shining lasers – as lasers are actually not accepted in soccer?

On Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s Video Page, you will get the chance to view a picture/video of Cristiano Ronaldo being targeted by lasers. Take a close look at the green lights that flashed on Cristiano Ronaldo’s face.

That Barcelona fan, who was apparently so scared of losing at the Camp Nou against the brave Blancos, thought it was necessary to do everything possible (even illegal) to prevent Real Madrid from winning.

At the point when Cristiano Ronaldo might have broken the dead lock with a 25-30 yards free-kick, that particular fan shined the lasers more in order to distract him from seeing clearly.

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo could only crash the ball against the wall. Precisely, it hit Sergio Busquet’s arm and Real Madrid should have subsequently been awarded another free-kick.

This didn’t happen though, as the ”proud & scared” Blaugrana wanted nothing but a victory at all cost.

One thing is strange and funny. If you have in a team the likes of talented players such as Lionel Messi – whom you portray as the world’s best – why would you waste your time on making someone blind with lasers in order for them not to perform?

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

Andres Iniesta, You Mean Ronaldo Is A hypocrite? What About You Then, Cheater?!

Iniesta runsIt’s laughable to hear Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta describing Cristiano Ronaldo as a kind of hypocrite and pretender.
On Sunday evening, there was a little raw between these two players during El Clasico.

The reason behind the furious talking that took place on the field was all about the ”diving” issue.

Andres Iniesta had initially fallen to the ground despite not being hit by any heavy contact or tackle. Cristiano Ronaldo then attempted to pick him up with the thought that ”diving” was not supported in El Clasico.

Apparently, the Spanish midfielder got angry and this is what he explained to Onda Cero after Barcelona’s victory over Real Madrid:

”It got me annoyed when Cristiano Ronaldo asked me not to dive because he’s certainly not the best person to rebuke anyone about that.

”He shouldn’t be telling anyone if they dived or not.”

Even if Andres Iniesta was right in his statements, he should also remember that one should remove the speck in his eye before trying to do so for someone else.

Do you guys remember how Barcelona cheated past Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the semi-finals last season? Does anyone remember how Gerrard Pique and Samuel Eto’o handled the ball in the penalty box at separate occasions in that particular game? Has anybody forgotten the fact that Chelsea’s first free-kick just outside the box in the opening minutes should have rather been a penalty?

Well, when you are proud of being part of a team that cheated their way through Champions League success, you cannot really talk about another person being unclean.

Check your pants first before teasing someone else! Lol

Ronaldo To Play In El Clasico? What A Risky Business, Real Madrid!

Substitute Ronaldo receives words from his manager, Manuel Pellegrini“Play Ronaldo against Barcelona”

These are four little words that are being screamed by Real Madrid fans to the coach, Manuel Pellegrini. Meanwhile, the reality is that Cristiano Ronaldo is not totally fit according to reports and to the player.

Cristiano Ronaldo actually suffered a big blow in his debut career for Los Blancos when he sustained a heavy ankle injury against Marseille in the Champions League back in September.

The Portuguese winger could not even remain on the field until the end of the game but rather had to go off as a substitute with around 25 minutes of the game remaining.

After that, Cristiano Ronaldo spent around two months on the sidelines but he broke his fitness program in between to feature for Portugal.

While playing for his country to help them defeat Hungary in a must-win World Cup qualifier, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed strong signs of pain and weakness.

He therefore had to be substituted after less than half an hour.

There were subsequent beliefs that Cristiano Ronaldo’s health had aggravated because of he and his country’s decision to play against Hungary despite being unfit.

Well, after speculations, rumors, debates, and all the stuff that could surround Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle injury saga, the player finally returned to active football on Wednesday evening.

Cristiano Ronaldo was introduced as a 70th minute substitute in replacement of Real Madrid’s captain, Raul Gonzalez.
The 24-year-old was only inches away from celebrating a perfect come-back as his low shot was frantically parried away by FC Zurich’s goalkeeper Leoni.

In the end, Cristiano Ronaldo was still happy to have made his return to the field of play. However, he admitted that he felt tired and not fully fit during the 24 minutes that he was on the pitch.

On Sunday, the biggest match of the year takes place at the Camp Nou, a venue that haunted the spirit of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008.

The pressure on Real Madrid to perform and win is mounting as the clock runs down. Los Blancos, who occupy the first spot in La Liga standings, want to defeat the “extra-terrestrial” Catalans to open the gap to four points at the top of the table.

The battle will surely be difficult and Real Madrid – who are still learning to gel as a team – will need to be perfect in every department.

Not playing Cristiano Ronaldo will surely benefit the player in terms of health conditions. However, such a decision will definitely boost Barcelona’s confidence ahead of El Clasico and Real Madrid will certainly not want to deal with such a proud Barcelona side.

Everyone wants to watch the world’s most expensive player featuring against Barcelona for Real Madrid. Everyone wants to see him overturning the bad luck from which he suffered at the Camp Nou the last time out (when he missed his penalty kick against the Blaugrana for Manchester United in the Champions League semis).

Yet, no-one is thinking of the biggest possible consequences:

Not only might Ronaldo not perform well against Barcelona due to his injury, but he might also require surgery on his ankle if his health condition naturally deteriorates after El Clasico.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

A coincidence? Plagued Ronaldo seems to suffer from the wizard’s curse.

During his six-year spell at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo was the victim of a long-time injury only once. But in less than two months since playing competitive soccer for Real Madrid, the 24-year-old winger has already sustained two serious injuries.

With Los Blancos against Marseille, Ronaldo picked up an ankle injury and was therefore forced to miss his side’s crucial game against Sevilla.

However, the committed Portugal captain was keen to lead his country against Hungary in what was a do-or-die affair.

”I felt good but was not one hundred per cent,” Ronaldo told AS.

“I had a little trouble but I wanted myself to help my country to go to the World Cup.”

Indeed, Ronaldo’s involvement in the game was crucial; he initiated Portugal’s opening goal and from there, the 2004 European Championship runners-up were given the confidence to break Hungary into pieces.

But yet again, Cristiano Ronaldo did not power his country to success at no cost. The current World Player of the Year suffered a lot from his ankle injury and thus had to come off before 30 minutes had ran down the clock.

Quick reports suggested that Ronaldo’s injury would see him miss Portugal’s final World Cup qualifying match against Malta. But that was not all in reality.

According to AS, the world’s most expensive signing might also miss Real Madrid’s La Liga game against Valladolid this weekend as well as Los Blancos’ crucial UEFA Champions League encounter against Italian giants AC Milan.

Ronaldo returned to Madrid for a scan on his ankle and medical statement explained that the player would be sidelined for much more time that it was expected.

”After the clinical examination and MRI scan, the player has suffered a recurrence of his injury to his right ankle. The minimum estimated [recovery] time is three to four weeks.”

Being sidelined for almost a month is a huge setback for Real Madrid especially, and for Ronaldo himself as a professional.

Definitely, it is too early in the season for Ronaldo to be subject to plagues. Still, he insists that it is nothing too serious.

”The injury is different from the one that needed an operation. It has nothing to do with it.

“I’m calm because I know that with the desire I have to bounce back and with the good work of physiotherapists at Madrid everything will go well.”

We all know Ronaldo as a fully determined person. Even after his ankle operation at Old Trafford, reports showed the play maker having several fitness sessions in order to recover as early as possible.

The concern here is surely not about Ronaldo’s strength in mentality but about Ronaldo’s protection. The € 94 million signing personally avowed his wish of never having to sustain injuries anymore.

”I will work very hard to shave some time off, but the important thing now is to recover well and never to have these problems.”

Cristiano Ronaldo fans around the world will all hope for the same thing. Now, the question here is whether Ronaldo’s fitness issues are purely a natural thing.

I am sure everyone still remembers the story of the voodoo priest who sent a letter to Real Madrid’s club president Florentino Perez.

Parts of the wizard’s letter wrote:

“I have been hired to make Cristiano Ronaldo suffer a serious injury. I can’t promise that it will be a serious injury but he’ll certainly be out of action more than playing.”

“It’s a step-by-step process and depends on various factors so the result you are looking for is achieved sooner or later.”

Is it a coincidence that Cristiano Ronaldo has already suffered two injuries since being cursed by the infamous voodoo priest?

Some people may want to brush this possible cause aside. Either way, the reality is that Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering from plagues since his game against Marseille early in October and he might only return to the field in November.

Another reality is that Cristiano Ronaldo, who is normally a prolific goal scorer despite not being a striker, would have scored zero goals throughout the World Cup qualifiers. Astonishing!!!

In my poll today, I ask a question that was asked in the article:

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the irreplaceable winking hero

Ronaldo the Winking Hero
Ronaldo the Winking Hero
Out of his six years at Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo spent three in the spotlight. After the infamous incident in the 2006 World Cup involving him and Wayne Rooney, critics and boos became part of Ronaldo’s professional and private lives.

The “Winking hero” suddenly transformed into England’s number one most hated personality. While a Fortsätt läsa Cristiano Ronaldo, the irreplaceable winking hero

Vote now: Will Cristiano Ronaldo shine in La Liga?

Ronaldo shines in the thunder
Ronaldo shines in the thunder
Cristiano Ronaldo left the grey clouds and the rainy atmosphere of England to live under the warm sun in Madrid. In truth, was he also leaving his success behind him?

Some believe that Manchester United was Ronaldo’s home and that the young man will be nothing without Fortsätt läsa Vote now: Will Cristiano Ronaldo shine in La Liga?