Cristiano Ronaldo given diamond-encrusted Nike CR7 boots after Ballon d’Or win

Nike have outdone themselves in honour of Cristiano Ronaldo once again. This time it is for his third Ballon d’Or Award.

They’ve designed new Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold boots which Cristiano Ronaldo will wear on Thursday for the Copa del Rey’s crucial game against Atletico de Madrid.

Nike have included micro-diamonds for the first ever time in their history, adding diamonds by hand to the CR7 logo.

The designers have cited Ronaldo’s room for improvement as inspiration for the incredible new boots.

He was training in his brand new boots today.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Boots: Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7

The one-time Manchester United winger is going with an all-black look with his latest footwear as he bids to be first La Liga scorer against Barca this year.

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed the footwear which he will take to the hallowed turf of the Bernabeu this weekend.

Real Madrid will host Barcelona in the season’s first El Clasico match and the world’s most prolific striker right now will be hoping to take the headlines away from Luis Suarez‘s return to football.

What better way to do it than whilst wearing a brand spanking new pair of kickers.

The Nike CR7 Mercurial Superfly boots will be given their inaugural outing against the Catalan giants, with Madrid hoping to be the first team to score against Barcelona this term.

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Cristiano Ronaldo 2014 Special Edition Boot – White/Gold Mercurial Vapor

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Limited Edition white/ black/gold Mercurial Vapor 2014 Football Boot have been revealed, which will be released tomorrow on April 8, 2014. The new Cristiano Ronaldo 2014 Special Edition Boot features an extraordinary design, with a stunning gold outsole made for the FIFA Ballon’d’Or winner.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been struggling with a knee injury currently, although it is expected he will be fit for the next game against Dortmund. Ronaldo will debut his newly most stunning football boot in the Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund on April 8 or in one of the following matches.


The new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Cristiano Ronaldo 2014 Boot is mainly classical with a black Nike Swoosh, the outsole features a stunning shiny gold color, made for Cristiano Ronaldo. The boot will be released only as SG (Soft Ground) version and will be limited to just 100 pairs – worldwide! Therefore the boot will be one of the collectors favorites, even though it’s no secret that it will be really unlikely to get the boot, which retails at a price of 310 USD.

Each boot is laser etched with a specific number from 001 to 100 on the area near the heel, while the complete soft ground outsole is covered with the shiny gold color. The Cristiano Ronaldo signature is written on the black inner sole of the boot with a gold lettering. Please note the pictures are just showing a illustration how the boot will look like and not an official image.

As Cristiano Ronaldo prefers the Teijin version of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boot, the new gold Cristiano Ronaldo Special Edition 2014 Boot comes with the same upper material as the white reflective boot version, unveiled in January 2014. The signature lettering CR7 is placed on the inner side of the boot.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Fast Forward ’10 Edition Boots

Nike today unveiled the last of the four iconic Mercurial remakes, the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX 2010 Mercurial remake. The fourth Mercurial 2014 football boot remake features a similar design as the original boot worn in South Africa four years ago with the striking colors silver and orange.

Cristiano Ronaldo will wear the 2010 Mercurial remake in El Clásico on Sunday. While other players will use the yellow / green 06 Mercurial Boot, Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player in the match against FC Barcelona to wear the silver/orange Mercurial Vapor IX football shoe.

Nike released the yellow/green Nike 06 Mercurial Fast Forward Edition last week, which was worn by many players this weekend. Check out also the leaked Nike Mercurial Vapor X 2014 Boot.


This is the last Nike Mercurial Vapor IX remake.

Nike didn’t keep us waiting a long period of time for the release of the last remake of the Nike Mercurial Vapor silo, which also marks the end of the ninth Mercurial generation, which will be replaced by the Nike Mercurial Vapor X in May 2014. Although the normal version of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 boot will not change football forever, the Nike Superfly 2014 Boot will mark a new period of football boots with included sockliners to offer an unrivaled football boot experience.

The new Nike Mercurial IX 2014 10Mercurial remake comes with the main color Metallic Machine Purple with an orange gradient on the heel. The boot features a black Nike Swoosh as well as the big black Nike lettering on the inner side of the shoe.

The insole unveil some major facts of the original Nike Mercurial Vapor 2010 World Cup Boot, including the boot moment, the main innovation, the design and a secret.

Moment: CR7 named man of the match in all three group stage matches
Innovation: Flywire technology
Design: Visual Acuity
Secret: Talon studs inspired by a cheetahs retractable claws
Price: 225 USD
Versions: Mercurial Vapor IX FG, Mercurial Vapor IX AG, Mercurial Veloce FG (110 USD), Mercurial Veloce AG, Mercurial Victory IV FG (70 USD)
Launch Date: March 24, 2014

It’s not expected that many of the pro players will wear the edition of the Mercurial Boot, who will likely switch to the green / yellow 06 Mercurial. Check out all leaks and releases in the 2014 Boot Calendar.

Cristiano Ronaldo moves into Nike’s ‘Flash Pack’ Mercurial Vapor IX

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to wear the Flash Pack White/Electric Green Nike Mercurial Vapor IX after claiming the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the second time in his career on Monday night at FIFA’s annual award ceremony.

The Portuguese forward’s stunning form for club and country made him the hot favourite to break Leo Messi’s four year winning streak.

Ronaldo seen Training with the New Boots Yesterday at the  Training Session just hours after Ballon D’OR Triumph.

To honour that, Nike will kit out their main Mercurial man with the ‘Flash Pack’ Mercurial Vapor IX that launched in December 2013. Nike’s Flash Pack boots are undoubted fan favourites, however, Nike have – until now – sanctioned it on-pitch support from players.

Featuring reflective technology, the Flash Pack Mercurial IX boots a sublimated graphic printed onto the heel.

When struck by bright lights like camera flashes or stadium lights, the graphic is highly visible – revealing a print that reflects the nature of the boot – in this case, a leopard print, to represent the Mercurial’s lethal speed.

The inner sole and the outsole of this Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Colorway are green, while on the upper appears the pattern of the coat of a fast animal like a hunting-leopard. The pattern on the upper as well as some points on the laces are reflective.

On the inner sole appears the open jaw of a leopard, which is one of the fastest animals on the planet. The outsole of the reflective Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boot is light green.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor Silo is the most popular Nike cleat on the market, designed for speed and introduced in 1998 as Speed silo. The new Nike Mercurial Vapor X next-generation boot will be unveiled ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

Worn by players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribery and Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Nike will honour the Mercurial silo with a special Nike Mercurial 2014 series, including 4 World Cup inspired Mercurial cleats.

Nike and Ronaldo were left in a precarious position when it comes to celebrating the Real Madrid man’s Ballon d’Or triumph; whilst adidas and Leo Messi have created limited edition boots for the last two years to mark Messi’s individual honours, the adidas/FIFA partnership prevented Nike from doing the same.

We’ve no doubt Cristiano’s cleats will boast a commemorative embroidery, too, just to cap them off as super-special.


Nike Launches New Mercurial IX ‘CR7 Galaxy’ Boot and Collection (Oct 21, 2013)

Nike has released the highly-anticipated Galaxy version of the Cristiano Ronaldo Mercurial IX CR7 soccer boot along with a supporting clothing collection.

El Clasico date for new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Galaxy

The almighty Nike CR series is back for another spell in the spotlight. This week marks the launch of Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest Mercurial model – the Nike CR Mercurial Galaxy. After months of anticipation, we can finally give you the first official look at Ronaldo’s new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Galaxy football boots. 

According to the global sportswear giant: Nike’s latest version of the Mercurial boot celebrates the super-charged speed and on-pitch dominance of one of the world’s greatest players, Cristiano Ronaldo.  Featuring a ‘supernova’ print, the Nike Mercurial IX CR7 Boot and 2013 CR7 Collection take inspiration from the Portuguese star’s unique style of play.

It’s great to collaborate with Nike. It gives me added confidence to know that they take my thoughts to create the best boot for me,” said Cristiano Ronaldo.  “In addition to the way the boots perform, it’s also cool when we create something that represents my personality and style of play.  It’s a very special relationship.” 

The concept of a star that burns brighter than others reflects Cristiano’s style, speed and the idea that as a player he plays without limits, much like the outer reaches of the galaxy. What Cristiano is able to achieve on the field is something that we felt was limitless. So we took that direction and focused on creating a highly luxurious finish fused with modern print and color choices,” added Dekovic.

The Mercurial IX boot features an all-over digital print of the Star Vela Supernova and includes a seven star path print, paying homage to Cristiano’s shirt number. The supernova print is juxtaposed with a chrome swoosh flecked with silver fleck and a Blue Glow outline.

Since its original launch over 10 years ago, the Mercurial has always stood out. Bold and exciting, the boot’s innovative lightweight design and striking color designs ensure players are always noticed while performing at their best.

We were watching a game, and after Cristiano scored yet another amazing free-kick the commentator posed the question ‘Is Ronaldo from this planet?!’” remembers Denis Dekovic, Nike Footwear Design Director. “When we got back to the design studio we got to thinking about CR7’s style and how similar it was to the definition of a supernova – a celestial body that radiates energy – and that was it, we had our inspiration.”

That commentator was right, Cristiano is ‘out of this world’ and this boot pays homage to that,” said Dekovic.    

In today’s highly technical and fast game, straight line speed and the ability to simply pass a player is only part of an athlete’s skill set. Combining performance innovation and a heritage of lightweight speed boots, the Nike Mercurial IX takes this legacy to the next level for players who rely on tight cuts and turns combined with bursts of explosive speed to beat the opposition.

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Nike’s Mercurial CR7 ‘Galaxy’ Edition Football Boots

Nike‘s All New ‘Galaxy‘ Edition  Football Boots for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Jump on your spaceship racing to the speed of light with the new CR7 Vapor IX edition dubbed ‘Galaxy’! The boot is designed for the Nike headliner Cristiano Ronaldo and features a leather like upper combining a perfect balance between comfort and lightweight. This boot reveal comes after the unveiling of the Total Crimson CR7 edition.
The Galaxy edition Boots will be officially going to be revealed in September, this year.

The first of its kind, an alien to the football boot market it features a stunning star gazing, eye catching colourway on a leather like upper creating a unique incarnation to the Vapor speed range. The boot combines a black and blue colour which mimics suns and stardust with ‘martian mint green‘ laces and twin studs and a Nike Swoosh logo which looks similar to the shades and colours seen on our moon offering a colourway never seen before.

Thousands of boot enthusiasts will be counting down to take off as the boots will be officially released in September this year and this edition will be the third CR7 edition of the Vapor IX series and looks to as popular as ever! Boasting a super lightweight upper and soleplate with a twin stud configuration, this CR7 edition will sky rocket you into the far distant galaxy!

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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Volt-Citrus-Black (July 15 2013)

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s New Boots for Pre Season 2013-14. Cristiano Ronaldo will start Real Madrid Pre Season Training Today with Nike’s Mercurial Vapor IX (Volt-Citrus-Black) Football Boots.

Ronaldo via Facebook Yesterday: Excited to wear my new #mercurial vapor on tomorrow’s first training session.

Weight: 185 gram
Price:  $224.99*
Model: Mercurial Vapor IX
Fortsätt läsa Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Volt-Citrus-Black (July 15 2013)