Barcelona Fans To Cristiano Ronaldo: We Will Rock You, FAKE RONALDO!!!

Barcelona Fans Erupting in Joy and CelebrationThe hit is already boiling up ahead of this weekend’s big clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in the Spanish Primera Liga.

Cristiano Ronaldo has insisted that he wants to play against the Blaugrana and that he would even do so through pain.

The 80 million pounds signing has just recovered from the ankle injury that saw him miss almost two months of football action.

Subsequently, Ronaldo is expected to feature for a short period of time against FC Zurich tonight in order to warm up ahead of the El Clasico.

That super clash is arguably the biggest game of the year, so expect both parties to sacrifice everything they possess as they seek for honor and success.

In the Catalan zone, the fans are already preparing themselves for a hostile reception of Los Blancos’ number 9, Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to Kyle Grey, Barcelona ultras will be chanting against Cristiano Ronaldo in honor of the “true” Ronaldo who enjoyed a wonderful spell in Barca in the late 90s.

In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo – now Real Madrid’s number 9 – inherited Brazil’s Ronaldo jersey. The 24-year-old has “Ronaldo” and “9” inscribed at the back of his jersey, just like it was for the Brazilian Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid.

For Barcelona supporters, the fact that the same jersey has been passed on to Cristiano Ronaldo is offensive and provocative.

Therefore, it has been reported that they will be showing a big banner in the shape of a jersey with the number 9 inscribed on it.

The Barcelona fans will also be singing three confrontational lines against Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo:

“Ai solo un Ronaldo, Ai solo un Ronaldo, Ai solo un Ronaldo y no es Português”, meaning “there is only one Ronaldo, there is only one Ronaldo, there is only one Ronaldo and he is not Portuguese”.

What effect will Barcelona’s hostile reception have on Cristiano Ronaldo?

Will their distracting chants frustrate Cristiano Ronaldo or will they rather push him to respond with some amazing fire?

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    • Derbyanabella
      26th November 2009

      So stupid of them. Nobody owns number 9 forever. Maybe in the 90’s, “Ronaldo” had that number and got famous, but now, Cristiano Ronaldo owns it. They should’ve been proud that Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player of 2008, has the same number as Ronaldo. I hope the fans respect that, and try not to distract CR with those stupid plans.

      Besides, CR is a pro, he wont get distract at all. He’ll be focus at the game. And I’l be cheering here, at my house. GO GO RONALDO!!!!

    • Angela Asante
      26th November 2009

      Yaaaayyyyyy!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Go, go, go, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ro-Nal-Do, Ole, Ole, Ole. Hahahah, lol!!!

    • princessw1
      26th November 2009

      ronaldo is the best barca is fake……..:)

    • Cristiano’s girl
      27th November 2009

      Goodnes me so barca fans are realy scared of CR9,its pathetic wat they are doin pretendin 2 be brazilian ronaldo fans.. Agg,and i think both of them are true RONALDOS just in their own diferent ways nd as for CR9 his been thru a lot of things so i know he wont let this childishnes get him down we are behind him 110%

    • miho
      28th November 2009

      hahaha, this chants made me so laugh.
      Because barca fans approved they are scared of Cristiano by themselves! hahaha.
      If they don’t pay attention to Cristiano, they don’t need such a chants…

      Also barca fans had better to make different chants instead of this chants since it is
      almost same as ‘There’s only one Ronaldo’ which was made by United fans. hahaha

      The reason why barce fans couldn’t make different chants is they have admitted
      Cristiano so they had no words to make different one… hahaha
      Also Barcelona wanted Cristiano eagerly in the past and they couldn’t get him and
      now Cristiano is a player for Real Madrid… This fact isn’t fun for them…

      Anyway, Cristiano has strong mind so barca fans can’t bother him at all.
      Finally, I would like to say ‘ There’s only one Cristiano Ronaldo’.


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