Astonishing! No Cristiano Ronaldo in Ryan Giggs’ Manchester United XI.

We’ve seen Manchester United’s veteran midfielder Ryan Giggs joking time and time again with Ronaldo on the field, and praising the Portuguese winger for his remarkable achievements. However, the 34-year-old Welsh man dared to omit Cristiano Ronaldo from his all-time Manchester United XI.

“Peter was one of the best players I played with,” Giggs said he Daily Mail.

“He was a match-winner who would save the game for United because he was such a good goalkeeper.

“Now I play with Edwin. They are both great goalkeepers. It wouldn’t matter who played in goal.”

Then talking about his long-time teammate Paul Scholes, Giggs stated:

“He does things I couldn’t do. The time he has on the ball, his range of passing and ability to score goals make him probably the best I’ve ever seen.”

Manchester United’s former number 7 David Beckham makes it on the right wing, while Cantona and
Rooney – for whom Giggs had some good comments – are upfront.

“They are players who have come through the system; players from different countries and background that sums up Manchester United.”

It seems like Ryan Giggs didn’t only base his choice on skill but also on the “loyalty” factor.
So is it a truth that Cristiano Ronaldo’s behavior during the transfer saga has affected the love, respect, and honor that some big personalities at the club – like Ryan Giggs – had for the World Player of the Year?

Ryan Giggs’ Manchester United XI:

Goalkeeper: Schmeichel or Van der Sar,

Defenders: Garry Neville – Stam – Ferdinand – Irwin

Midfielders: Beckham – Scholes – Keane – Giggs

Strikers: Cantona – Rooney

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • GeToaR & Ronaldo
      20th May 2009

      Man.utd it’s Great club and have a lot Talennts like C.Ronaldo Ronney Ect.

    • Diana
      20th May 2009

      Meh, no sweat. Cristiano is an AMAZING player and doesn’t need to be on any fantasy team lists, his in the real thing which is what counts.

      On thing though, Beckham over Cristiano? Are you effing serious Giggs?? Cristiano beats Beckham like no one’s business!

    • Admin
      21st May 2009

      You guys are amazing with your comments!


    • Adrian
      22nd May 2009

      Hahaha,Beckham?:))I don`t think Giggs likes Ronaldo…He doesn`t seem so a good friend to Ronaldo.If there wasn`t Ronaldo the wouldn`t won the title 3 time in a row,wouldn`t win the Champions League.Ronaldo is special…Better than Cantona!
      Viva Ronaldo!


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