VIDEO : Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With TVI (Portugal)

Cristiano Ronaldo made an interview with Portugal TV channel where they were talking about Euro 2012, Champions League dream, Spanish League and his dream and personal achievement.

On the interview, he also mentioned about his son, who he confirmed on the interview that his name is Cristiano Ronaldo (Dos Santos). For him become a parent,  he said that being a father is only someone that already become a father can understand the feeling. And as a proud father, he also said that now his son is more interested with cars.

Cristiano Ronaldo Arrives at Pamplona (30 March 2012)

Real Madrid team arrived at Pamplona yesterday. They were greeted by 350 fans, but they quickly ahead to the hotel. Outside the hotel, many Osasuna fans waited infront of the hotel to wait for the team to come of the bus. When they saw Ronaldo, they yelled ”Messi’s” name and shouted to the players not to rest for the night.

Osasuna vs Real Madrid – Card Allert For Mourinhos Squad

cristianoAgainst Osasuna next Saturday, Jose Mourinho will be facing a huge problem. With only 6 points margin to the second place Barcelona, Real Madrid need all the help to win every match left before the El Clasico. Unfortunately, it’s not supported by the condition of the players. Fortsätt läsa Osasuna vs Real Madrid – Card Allert For Mourinhos Squad

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Real Sociedad (24 March 2012)La liga

cristianoronaldo v sociedadReal Madrid is back on track.  After a disappointing draw result in their 2 previous league matches,  they finally get on their feet, and do what they best at : Getting win with as much goal as possible.

The  5-1 home victory  over Real Sociedad last night is not only helping them to maintain their 6 points margin with Barcelona, but  also provides them with more convidence.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 2 goals in the game, adding to his goal record to 35 goals  the same goal with rival Lionel Messi. Now  with 8 more matches left, their competition as the top scorer in La liga is getting stiffer.


Cristiano Ronaldo Flirting With Malena Costa – Puyol Ex

cristiano ronaldoPuyol ex girlfriend, Malena Costa was seen partying with Cristiano Ronaldo at MOMA nightclub 2 weeks ago, just when the ace was celebrating the victory over CSKA with his other colleagues.

Ronaldo was sitting in the VIP area with Ramos, Higuain, and Arbeloa when Costa came to the club around 3:00 am. She was later busy drinking while Ronaldo started to dance in the famous Michel Telo song.  According to the eye witness, Costa then approached him, and soon they were chatted and laughing together, as she joined him on the dance floor. But it was only a for fun, and nothing more, and at 6:30, Ronaldo finally went home.

Before came to MOMA nightclub, Costa attended the Glamour Awards. She joined Javier Hidalgo, who also her ex for a drink at the after party. But when the party was over, she still wanted to have some fun. So she headed to MOMA, to continue the night, and that’s when she met Ronaldo.

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Villarreal (21 March 2012) La liga

cristiano ronaldo v villarreal

A 1-1 draw over  Villarreal last night has forced Real Madrid to collect only 1 point, and left them closer to second place Barcelona with 6 points margin. Cristiano Ronaldo’s one goal in minute 62 seemed to be wasted after the host managed to equalized the score 10 minutes before the game ended.

But the nightmare didn’t stop there, as Real Madrid had to lose at least 3 players on the next league match due to red card. Sergio Ramos, Mesut Ozil and Pepe all three will miss the match against Real Sociedad. The coach Mourinho will also miss the game after receiving a red card, and he’ll be replaced by Karanka.