Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Zaragoza (28 January 2012)La liga

cristiano ronaldo

Real Madrid grabbed another victory in La liga with a 3-1 home victory over Zaragoza last night. On the same day, rival Barcelona failed to gain the same 3 points after a shocking 0-0 draw over Villarreal.

With the result, Real Madrid is currently 7 points ahead Barcelona, who now facing trouble due to injured players after the el Clasico.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 24th goal in La liga on the match, while 2 other goals came through Kaka and Ozil. Kaka and Ozil has showed a better performance this year, just about the right time when Angel di Maria and Khedira had to rest due to injury.

Here are pictures from CR :

Pictures and Video : Cristiano Ronaldo vs FC Barcelona Copa Clasico Second Leg (25 January 2012)

cristianoronaldo el clasicoImpressive performance from Cristiano Ronaldo last night has awarded him with his first goal at Camp Nou.

On the second leg of Copa Clasico, Real Madrid was left behind with 2 goals from Barcelona at the first half. However at the second half, the White team started a fast manouver to strikes Barcelona.

Real Madrid was finally able to score through Ramos header, but the ref disallowed the goal unfairly. At minute 68th, Ronaldo brought hope for the team with his goal, followed by Karim Benzema goal 4 minutes later. Madrid kept pushing Barcelona to the edge, as the host looked miserable. Barca then rely on the referee to get the advantage on stopping Madrid’s move, with Sergio Ramos second yellow card 5 minutes before the match ended. Ramos received the card for making a save and clean challenge over Busquets. It was clearly a wrong judgement from the ref.

With the tie result of 2-2, Barcelona finally made it to the Copa del Rey semi-final.

To watch CR goal , just click the link below :

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal vs Barcelona Copa Clasico Second Leg Match (25 January 2012)

Cristiano Ronaldo Number One in European Golden Boots Standings

cristiano ronaldoReal Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo currently become the top scorer in Spanish league with 23 goals in 19 games. He is 1 goal away from Messi who collects 22 goals.

But who would’ve thought that with all his productive achievement, there is one player who scored more goals than him.

It was Aleksander Cekulajevs from Latvia, who played for Estonian leagues. So far, he recorded  46 goals in 35 matches.

However, Estonian league has the coefficient of 1, while Spanish league is 2. Therefore, he and Ronaldo share the same points of 46 in Europe Golden Boots standings.

But for Ronaldo, he gets the bigger chance to win it since the opportunity is still wide open. While the Estonian League is already over, the Spanish league is still ongoing.

Here are the name list of European Golden Boot standings :

1. Aleksanders Cekulajevs (Latvia / Trans Narva) 46  goal/46 points

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal / Real Madrid) 23 goal/46 points

3. Lionel Messi (Argentina / Barcelona) 22 goal/44 points

4. Robin van Persie (Netherlands / Arsenal) 19 goal/38 points

Pictures and Videos : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Atletico Bilbao (22 January 2012)La liga

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo 2 penalties has brought the team to win a league match against Atletico Bilbao last night. Real Madrid collects a 4-1 home victory, maintain their top place in standings with 49 points, still 5 points away from Barca with 44 point.

Here are the goal videos :

Cristiano Ronaldo First Goal vs Atletico Bilbao (22 January 2012)

Cristiano Ronaldo Second Goal vs Atletico (22 January 2012)

Here are pictures :

Pictures and News : Cristiano Ronaldo at Copa Clasico (1-2) 18 January 2012

cristiano ronaldo el clasico

The 1-2 home defeat against Barcelona at the first leg of Copa clasico  has made it difficult for Real Madrid to survive the second leg match. It is a matter of life and death, and their goal is to  maintain the Copa Trophy. But  firstly, they have to win the next clasico with at least 2 goals gap.

Last night, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the only goal for Real Madrid. However, it might be harder for him to do the same at Camp Nou, knowing his goal statistic at Barca homeground is consider low. Until now, Ronaldo only recorded 1 goal at Camp Nou, which on last season’s Copa final.

So, the real question is, can Ronaldo help Real Madrid to snatch 2 goals at Camp Nou and leave nothing for the host ??


Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Mallorca 1-2 Real Madrid (14 January 2012)La liga

cristiano ronaldo

Real Madrid  maintain their distance away with rival Barcelona by another victory over Mallorca last night. The close winning of score 1-2 helped them to gain 3 points, and keep them save by 8 points from Barcelona, who will face Real Betis tonight.

Real Madrid 2 goals came late  from Gonzalo Higuain (72nd) and Callejon (84th), after left behind by the host Mallorca who score the first goal in the first half.

Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t on his best performance that night, and played the first half below average. But d so did the other players.  Callejon goal was consider lucky, after the ball bounced ahead him when there was a bit of chaos in the penalty area. He took the chance to take the shot, and it was a good call.

Anyway, here are the pictures from Cristiano Ronaldo on the match :

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Singer Michel Telo at Valdebebas

cristiano ronaldoIt was a dream comes true for Michel Telo to finally meet Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of Real Madrid players in person.

The singer who wrote ”Ai se eu te pego” was very pleased to attend  Real Madrid training session at Valdebebas this morning.

”I’m very happy to be here with the people I’ve always admired,” said Telo.

”I’m very excited to step on the pitch they step on. I never imagined I could be here. I’m nervous and must confess my favourite passtime is to play football videogames. I always choose Real Madrid when I play and I’m here with them now. That’s amazing.”

Telo also admit that Ronaldo is his favorite.

”Cristiano Ronaldo is incredible and he’s my favourite player. I really admire him. I’ve always admired him because he is a world class player who needs no comments to describe him.”

cristiano ronaldo
Not only that, Telo thanked him for helping him to become famous. After Cristiano Ronaldo did the celebration dance with Marcelo using his song last year, Michel Telo became famous and his song reached 110 million viewers on Youtube.

”Cristiano Ronaldo has changed my life and I want to thank him, personally. After he had done the dance in the game, everyone wanted to know the music, which now has 110 million views on YouTube,” said Telo.

For his visit to Valdebebas Telo received a number 12 jersey with his name on it, signed by all the players, that was given by Marcelo.

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Malaga – Copa del Rey 2nd Leg (10 January 2012)

cristiano ronaldo

Real Madrid made it to Copa del Rey quarter final after a close victory of 1-0 over Malaga in the second leg match yesterday. The single goal was created by Karim Benzema, who played for 3 minutes before sacking it.

With the victory, Real Madrid will be facing which ever who win tonight, between Barcelona and Osasuna. Although the result hasn’t final yet, but Barcelona have 99,9% chance to win, since in the first leg, Barca recorded a big win of 4-0.

Here are pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo