Cristiano Ronaldo and Katia – Family Fued ??

ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo is known as a family man, who loves his family more than anything. His mother, Dolores Aveiro, became the priority of his life.

However, after dating Russian model Irina Shayk, Ronaldo’s priority starts to change. Of course she can’t be compare to his son, Junior, but still…

For Irina, Ronaldo even willing to keep his distance with the person he consider one of the closest, his sister Katia.

It was no secret that Katia always takes care of his little brother. So far, Ronaldo just let his life being run by her. But after Katia’s former maid came out publicly about the reality behind the family, Ronaldo got the worse out of him.

On the maid’s statement, she said that all the family members hates Irina, although they spoke differently infront of Ronaldo. She also mentioned  how often Katia spoke badly about Irina.

This statement has said to caused an anger at Ronaldo’s part. He won’t except that his sister, who he consider the closest one to his girlfriend, would do such thing. His mother, Dolores, tried to make the situation better by getting more closer to his son, making sure he gets what he wants. And that includes her getting along with Irina. (We can see how Dolly acts differently at Getafe’s match, where she and Irina were having a playfull time with Cristiano Junior for the first time)

A source close to the family has said that Katia tried to remedy her mistake, and make it up to her brother and his girlfriend. But Irina was hurt too much by her, so it’s not an easy thing.

Before the statement, Katia has planned to move to Madrid with his husband. A Ronaldo actually a bit bothered with her decision, for privacy reason, but he let her do what she wants. However, the fued made Katia post-poned her moving to Madrid, although she already prepared for everything.

Of course there are no comments from them regarding the rumor. But one thing for sure, Katia hasn’t been in a single Real Madrid’s match this season. Even at an important match such as El Clasico Supercopa, Katia was no where to be seen.

Could this be a sign for brother and sister first fight  in public ?? Did Ronaldo really chose Irina over his sister ?


Pictures and News : Cristiano Ronaldo (Levante 1-0 Real Madrid, 18 September 2011)La liga

cristiano ronaldo v levanteJust like the story of David and Goliath, Real Madrid had to lose over a second-tier club , Levante in the third match day. The defeated was the first this season for Jose Mourinho’s squad.

This result is quite shocking, since Real Madrid join other top European clubs that also face a defeat, such as Chelsea, AC Milan, and Liverpool.

Playing in away match without their playmakers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Oezil, Real Madrid appeared less aggressive. Karim Benzema, as a single striker was shortage of ball supplies. While Kaka and Angel di Maria, were unable to perform optimally.

Real Madrid even had to play with 10 men after Sami Khedira was sent off for receiving his second yellow card at the end of first half. The score was still 0-0 until the break.

In the second half, Mourinho made several changes. Benzema was replaced by Cristiano Ronaldo, while Kaka got substitute for Higuain. However, the changes showed no difference.

Levante was finally able to take advantage on Real Madrid’s 10 men, when in minute 68, Arouna Koune broke the first goal. The goal has forced Mourinho to pull off Marcelo, and played  Mesut Oezil.

Unfortunately, nothing that Mourinho did can save the team from losing.  Oezil presence failed to help the team’s performance. Until the end of the match, still no goal for Real Madrid side. It was 1-0 for Levante’s victory.

With this results, Real Madrid slipped to the fifth place in La Liga standings, with 6 points, while Barcelona rise to the third place after their 8-0 outstanding victory over Osasuna.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Made the Cut For Levante’s Match

ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo arrives at Valencia with the rest of Real Madrid team yesterday evening. And today, they will having the third La liga match against Levante at Ciudad de Valencia Stadium.

After being injured on his last match against Dynamo Zagreb, Ronaldo was reported working out separately for his quick recovery. He made  the cut on the teamlist, along with other 20 men, including Kaka who just recover in time for his minor injury.

Here are the team list :

Goalkeepers : Casillas, Adan, Tomas Mejias
Defenders : Arbeloa, Carvalho, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo, Coentrao, Varane
Midfielders : Alonso, Lass, Ozil, Kaka, Di Maria, Khedira, Callejon
Forwards : Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain


Pictures and Video : Cristiano Ronaldo in New BES Commercial 2011

cristiano ronaldo bes the makingCristiano Ronaldo stars in the new television BES Commercial. Looking good as usual, he had a great time while filming the commercial.

To see the commercial video, just click the link below :

Cristiano Ronaldo BES Commercial 2011

Here are the pictures from behind the scene :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With TVI Portugal – Pictures and Video

cristiano ronaldo bes interviewWhile shooting for BES TV Commercial, Cristiano Ronaldo made an interview with Portugal station, TVI  about his career, and future. The interview was aired yesterday and it was taken on the commecial set.

The interview was around his career in Real Madrid, and also his future. The interviewer also asked about his possible career path with Barcelona.

After thinking for a moment, Ronaldo answered, ””No. .. (smile) I will answer honestly. I keep to my word, my promise and dreams. I’ll never close any door to any club.”

”But if I have to choose, Barcelona would be the furthest door. There will be an easier door to open,” he continued, adding that if Real Madrid wants to sign him for life, he will.

”Madrid is the world’s richest club, which has more history and who won more Champions Leagues. We feel that the demand is very high. There’s pressure when we walk down the street, which is good.”

”A club like Real Madrid can not stay long without winning a competition as important as the Champions League or the Spanish League. I hope this year things changed. We are on track. We started well, now we have to see what the future holds. ”

About Mourinho, Ronaldo stated, ”We are stronger with him, there’s no doubt. His record speaks for itself. He has won before. I am very happy to work with him. He’s a very good coach, the best in the world, and what I want most is to win things with him. ”

Ronaldo also spoke about his national team, Portugal. Christian has said he has ”a sense that is well under way, which is not felt for a long time. We have conditions to succeed, but be patient and respect other teams that also aim to win. ”

”For the history, players and coaches, Portugal deserves to win European Championship and now we have a chance,” he said.

”I’m sure that soon the future will be much better.”

Click the link below to watch the interview video :

Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With TVI

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Cristiano Ronaldo is on Recovery, Could Miss the Match Against Levante

ronaldoAfter Champions League match against Dynamo Zagreb, Real Madrid team had a day off. And today they return to Valdebebas for training preparation against Levante, tomorrow.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo, he has not able to join the team for field training. He injured his right ankle on the last match, and had several stitches. He joined Sahin and Albiol working at the gym for recovery.

Against Levante, it still hasn’t been confirmed on whether Ronaldo will make it for tomorrow’s match or not, but it is  doubtly for Mourinho to risk Ronaldo’s condition.

On the field, newbie Altintop was seen fit on his first practice with the group.  His presence is a good sign, after his surgery on last June.


Cristiano Ronaldo Walks Free From UEFA’s Sanction

ronaldoStriker Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly free from any sanction or penalty regarding his  statement about the referee, that charged in Dynamo Zagreb vs Real Madrid first match. The news came from Daily Mundo Deportivo, who claims to have spoken to UEFA’s spokesman.

Also reported by Deportivo, the Control and Disciplinary Commitee of UEFA won’t be taking any evaluation of the statement.

The spokesman was sure that Ronaldo’s word are not among the records to evaluate in the continental disciplinary commission, therefore the case won’t be reported to UEFA’s arbitrator.

If this is positive, it means Ronaldo’s presence in Champions League competition is guaranteed.  A different situation happened to his coach Mourinho, who received penalties from UEFA for his statement on Champions League last season.


Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Dynamo Zagreb (14 September 2011)Champions League

cristiano ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo makes it to the headlines again, after his arrogant comment on a post match interview.

Ronaldo made a quite protest over the referee for not giving enough protection for such a quality player as he is. The complain was made after he had to receive 3 stitches for wounding his knee on the match.

His anger also followed with his failure to contribute a goal, and the fact that against a minor club such as Dynamo Zagreb, Real Madrid only won with a close victory of 1-0.

It was unfortunate for them, since Madrid had to finish the match with only 10 man since minute 73rd, after Marcelo received his second yellow for diving.

Here are pictures of the Real Madrid striker during the match :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Blurts Out Arrogant Protest to the Dynamo Zagreb’s Referee

Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo is furious over the ref after he got no justice with a series of hard challenge he received from Dynamo Zagreb players. The striker has said during his interview after the match on how he got disappointed with referee Oddvar Moendalam’s decision, for not providing enough protection to the player.

According to Ronaldo, he often received hard tackles from Zagreb players, that finally led him to get 3 stitches on his wounded ankle.

”The referee is a disgrace,”said Ronaldo after the match.

”I hope the referee is no longer leading the game that we play further more, because he was disgracefull,”he continued.

He was so angry with what happened on the match, he blurted to the first interviewer quickly after the match.

I get three stitches,” complained Cristiano.

”I do not understand these referees, the ones that appeal to fair play , protection of the most skilled players. I have that. I think that being rich, handsome, and being a great player, people are jealous of me. I don’t find another explanation. I do not understand. I’m sad because the referees say they protect the players who are more sensitive and more skill. But when I play they never protect me,” said Ronaldo.

After the game, assistant coach Victor Karanka, who replaced Jose Mourinho in the game due to Mourinho’s banned , explained that Ronaldo is getting quite serious injuries and require medical treatment.

”It’s worrying to see Marcelo was sent off when Cristiano Ronaldo is receiving stitches in the dressing room. All players should be equally protected,” explained Karanka.

ronaldo injury

Judging the blood on his wound ankle above, I think Ronaldo made his point on the protest. The leg part is the most precious thing as a footballer, and he has the right to protect himself. But still, with his arrogant protest and comment, he will be the last person to received sympathy from the media.


Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Arrives at Croatia for Champions League Match

cristianoReal Madrid team arrived at Croatia yesterday for their first Champions League group stage match, where they will be facing Dynamo Zagreb.

As usual, the team greeted by hundreds of fans waited for them at the airport and outside of the hotel.

And this morning, the players had a mild training session.

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