Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Hat-trick Over Zaragoza (28 August 2011)

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo made a hat-trick on his first La liga match this season, where Real Madrid succeeded on wrapping a 6-0 away victory against Zaragoza.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Arrived at Zaragoza (27 August 2011)Pictures

cristiano ronaldo

Real Madrid players arrived at Zaragoza airport yesterday evening, where they were greeted by hundreds of fans. The team will face Zaragoza in the first la liga match at La Romareda stadium tonight.

Real Madrid Team

Goalkeepers: Casillas, Adam and Thomas Mejías.
Defenders: Carvalho, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrão, Arbeloa, Albiol, Marcelo and Varano.
Midfielders: Kaka, Özil, Xabi, Alley, Di Maria and Mandi.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Higuain.

Zaragoza Team :

Goalkeepers: Leo Franco and Roberto.
Defenders: Juarez, Paredes, Lanzaro, F. Meira, Da Silva, Abraham and Oriol.
Midfielders: Pinter, Ponzio, Barrera, Lafita, Zuculini, Joel and Kevin.
Forwards: Uche and Orti.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Acts Gracefully as He Loses to Lionel Messi in UEFA Best Player of 2010/11 – Pictures

cristiano ronaldoAs most of football experts predicted, as well as us amateurs, Lionel Messi did grab the UEFA best players of 2010/11 award. But apparently, the 3 top nominators already know who will bring home the award even before the show started.

It was a surprise, that Ronaldo would play his role and put the sportive ”loser” face gracefully to his rival, Messi. But the explanation behind that is just simple.

Ronaldo didn’t plan to go for a 4 hours flight to Monaco just to applaud Messi. It was Florentino Perez who convinced  him to attend the event, in order to smoothen their relationship with UEFA. As you all know, Real Madrid have been harmed by UEFA referee and the commitee last season, and Perez decided that he wanted to make all it takes to normalize the situation. And the presence of Real Madrid icon could be one of the solution.

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Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid 2-1 Galatasaray (24 August 2011)Pictures

Real Madrid vs Galatasaray Real Madrid made a victory against Turkish club Galatasaray yesterday with a close score of 2-1. Jose Mourinho’s squad finally able to keep the Bernabeu Trophy, a Trophy to  remembering one of the great Real Madrid President, Santiago Bernabeu.

Galatasaray scored the opening goal, and made the lead of 1-0. But fortunately Sergio Ramos managed to equalize the points 15 minutes later. The score still 1-1 until the break.

On the second match, Mourinho played both Ronaldo and Benzema to break the defense. And it proved to be working, as Benzema succeeded adding the goal in 51 minutes. The score was 2-1 for Real Madrid victory. Until the match ended, there ‘s no other goal for both side.

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Spanish Supercopa – A New Record For Messi, A 100th Goal For Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo v MessiThe Spanish Supercopa has showed another rivalry between the 2 of their icon players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The obvious thing that we saw was on the second leg match, where Messi scored 2 goals, and Ronaldo 1 goal.

For Messi, the 2 goals he created has led him as the Spanish Supercopa top scorer, with total 8 goal from 3 Supercopa matches. Back in 2009 against Bilbao, Messi scored 2 goals. In 2000, Messi even succeeded in scoring 3 goals over Sevilla. And the last, he scored another 3 goals against Real Madrid, 1 in Bernabeu, and 2 at Camp Nou.

Before, it was Real Madrid former captain Raul Gonzalez who held the topscorer title with 7 goals.

As for Ronaldo, despite losing the match, he still created a new achievement. His single goal on the second leg Supercopa became his 100th goal with Real Madrid in all competition since he joined the team in 2009. It was also the first goal he made in Camp Nou.

From all 100 goals he made, 67 goals were from Spanish League, 13 from Champions League,7 Copa del Rey, 1 from Supercopa, and other 12 from the friendly matches.


Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in FC Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid (17 August 2011)Supercopa 2nd Leg

Cristiano RonaldoSpanish Supercopa is finally over, with Barcelona’s victory in score aggregate of 5-4. The match nearly come to an extra time, after Real Madrid managed to equalize the points of 2-2 in 81 minutes. But when the game became more intense, Real Madrid again made another mistake by loosen up their defense. Messi, had the chance to grab the opportunity and score the last goal, 2 minutes before the match ended. 4 minutes of injury time couldn’t help Real Madrid gain their points, and had to surrender with 3-2 .

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Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Training For Supercopa Preparation (15 August 2011)

cristiano ronaldoAfter having a draw in Supercopa Clasico’s first leg in Bernabeu, Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of Real Madrid team were preparing for their second leg in Camp Nou tomorrow. Playing in Camp Nou means it will be twice harder, but the team is confidence that they will win the match tomorrow.

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Supercopa Controversy – Victor Valdez Tripped Cristiano Ronaldo in Penalty Spot

valdes tripped ronaldoThere is always controversy behind El Clasico match. And this time,  Barcelona once again manage to get away with 2 penalty shots, that happened right under the ref’s nose.

Indeed, Real Madrid made a few hard tackles during the match, and at least one or two of it should ended with a yellow. And the one that led to controversy was Pepe’s tackle on Dani Alves, which created protest among Barca players. The incident brought us back to the similar one last season, when Pepe received a straight red card after tackling Alves (although on video, people could see that Pepe actually didn’t touch Alves leg).

The  difference is, this time the ref let Pepe go without a card.

But the ref kindness didn’t came for nothing. In return, the ref made a clever move on saving Barcelona from a penalty shot, or should I say, 2 penalties. First, Abidal made a handsball in the penalty area in the first half, which earns a penalty. And second, and the most obvious thing, was when Victor Valdes deliberately tripped Ronaldo while he was trying to chase the ball.

Funny ?? It is funny, since the best goalkeeper in Spain did a childish incident, yet he got away easily, by saying ”I simply touched his foot, it wasn’t a penalty,”

Real Madrid played differently yesterday, which is better, so did Barcelona with their new team. However, there is one obvious thing doesn’t change, and that is the one-sided referee.

Anyway, here is the video of the incident, feel free to judge….Just click the link below :

Victor Valdes Cheating on Ronaldo in Supercopa


Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid 2-2 FC Barcelona (14 August 2011)Spanish Supercopa

Real Madrid V Barcelona

A fantastic duel between Real Madrid versus Barcelona in Spanish Supercopa ended with a 2-2 draw. Despite the draw result, Real Madrid showed an improvement with the new squad. When last season Mourinho used the defense strategy, this time El Real played offensive during the first minute.

Here are Ronaldo’s pictures on the match

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Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Open Training For Super Copa Clasico (13 August 2011)

Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid made an open training yesterday , followed by 20 players which will join the squad list for today’s Spanish Super Copa Clasico. Over than 57,000 fans attended the training session, watching their idols taking preparation for the big match.

Spanish Super Copa is the first event of the season, where they will be facing Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu tonight.

Here are Ronaldo’s pictures during the training.

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