Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Headed to Ibiza With Junior (29 June 2011)

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Cristiano Ronaldo and model girlfriend Irina Shayk have to baby sit lil Junior on their next holiday trip to Ibiza.

According to Portuguese media, while the Aveiro family were left behind in Quinta do Lago Beach at Algarve, the couple were headed to Ibiza with a private plane to spend a few more days  of the summer vacation.

This is probably the first time Ronaldo take his son and girlfriend all three together. It could be the right moment for Irina to play ‘mommy’ for Junior, as now she’s the only candidate for Junior future step-mom.

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Lovey Dovey in Algarve Beach (28 June 2011)

ronaldo irinaWe get used to see Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina as an item  this summer, since the couple never seems to be separated. After he took Irina on a exotic summer vacation in Bodrum, Turkey, and spend a few days in a luxury hotel in Portugal, he still chose to spend the rest of his holiday with her .

He took Iri, and the rest of Aveiro’s clan to Quinta do Lago Beach in Algarve. They seem happy, despite of the ‘heat’ rumor between Irina and Ronaldo’s family.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Junior at Family Vacation in Algarve (27 June 2011)

cristiano ronaldo juniorCristiano Ronaldo continued his summer holiday in Algarve with girlfriend Irina. But this time, he took all of the family member with him, including his son, Junior.

cristiano irina

Travelling in a yacht seems like his favorite kind of holiday. However, despite in his most relaxed moment, he  still showed the hates to the paparazzi who’s taking pictures of his son, by giving them a welcome ‘finger’…..




Exclusive Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Girlfriend Irina Leaves Turkey (25 June 2011)

ronaldoAfter a week holiday in Bodrum, Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina finally left Istanbul, Turkey, in a private plane  back to Portugal.

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Exclusive Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Girlfriend Irina Leaves Bodrum (25 June 2011)

cristiano irinaCristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina left Bodrum last Saturday. Before leaving, Ronaldo took pictures with friends in Bodrum, and left for Istanbul. Ronaldo seemed to be working on his tan pretty well, and looks more like a local with his brown skin.

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Exclusive Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina – Romance on Sea (21 June 2011)

cristiano_irina6Cristiano Ronaldo spends  time with girlfriend Irina on the beautiful Aegean sea of Bodrum. The couple went for jet skiing for 45 minutes, before taking a rest on a comfy yacht.

Here are the pictures…


Pictures: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Sun Bathing in a Yacht (20 June 2011)

cristiano irinaCristiano Ronaldo and Irina continues their first class vacation in Turkey by cruising on a luxury yacht in Bodrum, Barbaros bay. The couple were guarded by many securities, including SAT.

While at the bay, there are many fans of Ronaldo who tried to get a glimpse of their idol. They even set up a camp near the bay, and climb rocks . The security tried to keep the area clear for safety.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Is Off To Bodrum (19 June 2011)Pictures and Video

cristiano ronaldoAfter a day visit to Istanbul, Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina Shayk continued their trip to enjoy the beautiful Coast in Bodrum. The couple went yesterday with Besiktas president  Demiroren’s private jet, and got the first class treatment.

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On the way to Bodrum, photographers managed to capture their pictures wearing the similar ring on their left hand. It has led to an engagement rumor between the two. But for your information, it wasn’t the first time Ronaldo gave his girlfriend a ring. His latest girlfriend Nereida Gallardo also wore the same ring as him.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Arrives at Istanbul, Turkey With Girfriend Irina (18 June 2011)Pictures & Video

cristiano ronaldo istanbulToday, Cristiano Ronaldo arrives at Turkey, Istanbul with his girlfriend Irina. The couple arrived in a private plane, and they quickly escorted to the car that awaits them.

Cris seemed to be in a bad mood since the arrival. He pushed one of the airport official that asked for his autograph, and refused to smile. Looking hurry and tired, he walked straight to the car, while Irina followed him.

The next agenda was to meet and greet with the fans at Virgin Megamall. However, due to security reasons, the event got canceled. Around 2000 fans that have waited for hours just to meet the Real Madrid strikers felt disappointed with the news. But Ronaldo can ease their disappoinment by his appearance on the balcony, and waved to the fans.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Arrives at Portugal

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