Cristiano Ronaldo Junior Babtized Ceremony in June 17th

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Portugal magazine ”Nova Gente” has reported a new information about Cristiano Ronaldo son’s Christening ceremony. And although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the media has discovered the date of the ceremony, which will be on June 17th.

The ceremony will take place at Margem Sul, Alcochete, in Portugal. They choose June 17th , because it is believe that it’s the day Junior will be having his first birthday…..or so they say.

But remembering back to what Katia Aveiro said earlier, that Junior will be baptized on summer along with his youngest son, Dinnis, then we could assumed that the  news is trustable.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Son Off to Lisbon Without Grandma Dolly

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Cristiano Ronaldo is such a doting and loving father. He wants to be close to his baby son everywhere he goes, so he took Junior with him to Lisbon. While grandma Dolly stays at Madeira with her boyfriend Jose, and Irina is off to London, alone, looks like Cristiano and Junior will be staying with sister Katia. His brother was seen picking him on the airport.

cristiano ronaldo and junior

Cris hand is busy so he couldn’t carry lil Junior here….so cute…Junior had to stand on his own feet, and I have to say, what a strong one for  just 11 months baby. He could practically run over with that feet.


Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Training With Portugal Team (25 May 2011)

cristiano ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo headed to Lisbon and join his respective team Portugal on Wednesday, after 3 days vacation in his hometown Madeira. The Portugal captain is now busy with training schedule for preparation in the next Euro 2012 clasification match, where they will face Norway in June 4th.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina – Romance In The Island

irinaCristiano Ronaldo didn’t waste him time to take Irina visiting his favorite spot at the Island of Madeira. This time he’s taking Iri for a lunch at O Cantinho da Madalena, that serves his favorite local Madeiran food.

Having their lunch while enjoying a perfect view at the terrace, they didn’t seem to hesitate kissing in public. Dolores and her boyfriend, Jose Andrade, along with lil Junior were also there to accompanied them.irinaDerbyanabella,

More Pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Junior

cristiano ronaldoThis is the first time Cristiano Ronaldo took his family on a vacation along with his girlfriend. And it’s also the first time we can see a picture of him and son together. So it’s kind of a shock to me, who have waited for 10 months for these pictures here….

Before, I didn’t quite believe Cris would actually play with Junior, or even changed his diapers, like he said on the media. But now, the pictures says all. He looks like a doting father, who takes good care on lil Junior. And Irina, although she doesn’t seem natural enough while holding Junior, still it’s a good sign for their relationship.

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Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina – Another Day at Madeira (23 May 2011)

cristiano_irinaCristiano Ronaldo spends 3 days of holiday at Madeira with family and girlfriend, before headed back to Portugal national team on Wednesday.

Before sightseeing, he took Irina to his store CR7 with mom Dolly and sis Katia. And afterwards, they both enjoying a nice view at Madeira island.

Cris looks happy with his girlfriend by his side, showing her the first trip to his home town, Madeira. He even allowed a photographer, Helder Santos, took his pictures and Irina together.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Junior First Pictures Together !!!

cristiano ronaldo juniorCristiano Ronaldo arrived at Funchal with his family and girlfriend Irina. This is the first time he took Iri to Madeira. But what makes it more special is that we get to see Cristiano first glimps together with his son, Junior.

Since the birth of Junior,  in June last year, we have waited to see the moment of Cris and his beloved son in one picture. And this moment of them together has been a paradise for the paparazzi and the media.

This pictures was taken when Cris and family left the VIP room of the Madeira International Airport. The striker wants to spend the holiday in his hometown, and it sounds perfect with his son and girlfriend besides him.


Translate : Cristiano Ronaldo and Hugo Sanchez Meet and Greet (20 May 2011)

cristiano ronaldo_sanchezCristiano Ronaldo 40 goals in La liga has created a new record, since it surpasses Hugo Sanchez and Zarra previous record of 38 goals.

In a meet and greet with Sanchez at Bernabeu, both 2 football legends met, and shared their stories. Before the session ends, Ronaldo gave Sanchez a number ‘7’ shirt with his autograph.

Here are some of the interview


”I always said that, if my record was ever to be equalled or broken, I’d rather it was by a Real Madrid player. I will celebrate if Cristiano eventually breaks it. Records are meant to be broken.”


”I am honoured to have reached two legends like Hugo Sanchez and Zarra. I am delighted to be amongst them. Individual accolades are important, but not as much as collective achievements. I’m satisfied because it isn’t easy to score 38 goals in one season, but I managed to do so with the help of my teammates. I wouldn’t be able to win a Pichichi Trophy or a Golden Boot without them. I am very grateful to them. All I can promise is that I will always do my best when wearing this shirt. Ozil, Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Di Maria, Benzema, Higuain… It’s hard to choose just one teammate. This award belongs to all and I wish to share it with them.”


”Michel possible served me the most assists, but I connected well with everyone. Butragueño, Martin Vazquez… I also believe this trophy belongs to the entire team.”


”Let’s see if we can score more goals against Almeria to make our goal count more impressive,” says Cristiano.


”My favourite in my 38 goal run was the last because it was the one that allowed me to catch up with Zarra and win the Golden Boot. It came from a cross by Michel. I overtook the defender and shot on target.”


”My favourite is the second strike I netted against Villarreal. I like many of the goals I’ve scored, but I prefer that one because it’s the most recent.”


”I believe I would have scored more goals had I had Cristiano’s speed and shooting power, as well as his movements while on the run. That’s what I would’ve most liked to have of his skills.”


”I would like to score from bicycle kicks, as he did. I would also like to have a similar scoring streak. His was impressive.”


”Cristiano is young, strong and has many years left in football, and I hope he spends them at Real Madrid. The team will score many goals, play great games and win many titles with Cristiano. The run he’s having is spectacular. Nine goals in three games! That’s an astonishing feat.”


”I will always give my all when wearing the Real Madrid shirt.”

Real Madrid scored total 107 goals on Hugo Sanchez time at that moment, and although this season Real Madrid haven’t scored that many, they still proud to have a total 102 goal for the season.


Pictures and Videos : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Almeria (21 May 2011) La liga

cristiano ronaldo7Cristiano Ronaldo recorded a new goal tally in La liga with 40 goals, surpassing the previous goal record by Zarra and Hugo Sanchez. He scored 2 goals last night against Almeria, in a 8-1 victory, adding his goals of 38.

While Lionel Messi still stands with 31 goals, since Pep rested him on the last 3 La liga match.

Watch the goals video here :



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