Cristiano Ronaldo Is Off From The Zaragoza Squad List

cristiano and mourinhoJosé Mourinho has decided to rest Cristiano, Lass, and Albiol Xabi Alonso in Saturday’s game against Zaragoza, despite all four are in a perfect condition.

For Xabi and Lass absence, Mou explained that both players are tired for playing full 90 minutes on the last Clasico, with 10 men on the last half hour.

He also explained that he don’t have to play Albiol, since he prefers to play Pepe and Ramos, who won’t be able to play on the second leg of Champions League semi-finals next week.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo absence, he said,”It’s my decision. We have Benzema, Higuain, Kaka, Adebayor, and di Maria…”

And after the squad list for Zaragoza has been announced, it’s clear that Mou uses all of his best players (minus Alonso,Lass, and albiol for the right reason), accept for Ronaldo. The media assumed that it has something to do with Ronaldo’s previous comment after the Clasico match. On an interview, Ronaldo admitted that he doesn’t like Mou’s defense strategy , but still trying to get use to it.

Mou is now reportedly upset with the statement, and decided to teach Ronaldo a lesson. He knows that Ronaldo wishes to play, to earn goals for the pichichi competition.


News & Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo(Real Madrid 0-2 FC Barcelona, 27 April 2011)Champions League Semi-Finals

cristiano-ronaldo-el-clasicoCristiano Ronaldo couldn’t hide his disappointment with the result of yesterday’s Champions League semi-finals match, that ended with a victory for the visitor, Barcelona.

According to Ronaldo Stark shouldn’t give a straight red card to Pepe with that kind of foul. He mentioned that it wasn’t the first time Barcelona get a benefit from the ref.

”This is the fourth season in a row that happened like this . Mourinho is right, just look what happened with Arsenal , Chelsea and Inter ( Milan),”said Ronaldo.

Although he admitted that Messi has an extraordinary gift in football, but Ronaldo claims that Real Madrid minus one player was the reason Barcelona could win the match.

”With 11 against 11, we did not suffer and everything was under control. We did not play well but it was all under control. Then we played with 10 players and they scored two goals. coincidence?” quoted Ronaldo.

”He (Messi) is very good, but against 10 players is very easy. I hope I have the chance to play against 10 players (Barcelona),” he added.

On the second leg, May 3rd 2011, it will be twice as hard for Madrid to win the match, since Barcelona have another benefit to play in Camp Nou. Moreover, the last Clasico match at Camp Nou didn’t end well for Los Blancos, and the nightmare of being defeated with 5-0 is not easy to forget.

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Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Preparation For Champions League Semi-Finals (26 April 2011)

cristiano7Cristiano Ronaldo training preparation for Clasico Champions League semi-finals match against Barcelona.

Adebayor and di Maria returns to the pitch after an injury last week.

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Pictures and Video : Cristiano Ronaldo (Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid,20 April 2011)Copa del Rey Final

real madrid-fc barcelona1- coverCristiano Ronaldo is the hero of the match, after his only goal saves Real Madrid for losing another trophy to Barcelona this season.(Barca is pretty much already win the La liga title)

The match had to enter the extra 30 minutes, and the crowds almost sure that it will ends with a penalty duel. But at minute 102, Angel di Maria made a movement in Barca’s defense area, collaborate with a smart passing from Marcelo, di Maria made a long cross bait to Cristiano who ran towards the ball with Adriano guarded him closely. And with a strong fast header from Cristiano, Pinto couldn’t do nothing to prevent the ball for entering the net. Goal 1-0 for Real Madrid.

It’s the first victory for Real Madrid over Barcelona in last 7 matches.

Check out the GOAL VIDEO HERE
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Pictures – Cristiano Ronaldo at Copa Final Preparation (19 April 2011)

training2Final preparation for Copa final, at valdebebas. Real Madrid will face Barcelona tomorrow, in the next Clasico. Coach Mourinho hasn’t yet to announce the players name for the match.

Cristiano, who’s wearing his new nike boots,  seems to enjoy his training with colleagues. Here are the pictures :

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Irina Shayk and Mom Watched El Clasico Match

irina8The high tension of the El Clasico has made Irina came to Madrid to support his beloved boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo. And this time, Iri wasn’t alone, she was there with Cristiano’s big family,  including Katia and her husband.

But what surprises me the most is the woman that sat next to her. Apparently Irina brought her mom with her that night, but I don’t think it’s to get her mom to know  Cris family better, since both mom and daughter sat appart from the group.

And what about Dolly ? Although Dolly’s boyfriend was also there with the gang, she was out of sight. Maybe she was taking care of little Junior at home.

irina shayk el clasico


Irina Shayk Goes Nude At Marc Jacob Charity Campaign

irina shaykIt wasn’t always nice to have sexy girlfriend who loves  to get her skin  in front of the camera. After her sexy shoots with a male model on new Spanish clothing line, this time Irina goes for a bit more challenging.

For Marc Jacob’s charity campaign, called ”Protect The Skin You’re In”, she going nude, and appears in their new T-shirt product. And for Cristiano Ronaldo, the joke was on him.

When his colleague on the team finds out about the picture, Ronaldo soon got teased most of the time, especially at the locker room.

”Irina Shayk posed nude for a magazine and some of the players made ​​several copies of her picture and started to put them in many places in the locker room,” said a source at the Daily Mirror.

The even put an extra grafiti and adding a few notest just to tease Ronaldo.

”Of course, there are some graffiti and (naughty) notes added to the several ‘areas’ in the picture,”added the source.

With her nude appearance, she joined other celebrities who already posed without clothes, such as Dita Von Teese, Victoria Beckham, and Marissa Miller. Marc Jacob campaign is under the cooperation with NYU Cancer Institute, and it has been started since 2008.


VIDEO – Cristiano Ronaldo Penalty Goal in El Clasico (16 April 2011)

Cristiano RonaldoThere are lots of protest from Barcelona players when Marcelo received a penalty from the ref after Dani Alves made a foul on him on the penalty area. Alves claimed he had the ball first, and that Madrid didn’t deserves the penalty. Of course, that’s the way football is. Sometimes the ref win you, and sometimes they don’t. There are some of Barcelona’s goal that was supposed to be an offside, yet the ref didn’t say a word.

Anyway, you can see it yourself, whether it deserves a penalty or not. For watching the video, just go HERE>>>


Cristiano Ronaldo English Interview With RealCristiano – Pictures and Videos

cristiano interviewCristiano Ronaldo made 2 version of interview with Real Madrid TV. Yesterday I wrote the Spanish version translation, and now you can watch the English version.

If you want to watch CR speak English for the whole 8 minutes, you can just go HERE>>>

And here’s the pictures

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Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures in El Clasico (Real Madrid 1-1 FC Barcelona,16 April 2011)

el clasicoThe first sequel of the 4 El Clasico match  is over, with 1-1 draw result. Next one, Copa del Rey Final.

If tonight Real Madrid was consider lucky to made a draw, at Copa it won’t be easy, since they play in away match, at Mestala Stadium.

Tonight, from the beginning until the end of the game, Barcelona was the one who’s taking in charge of the match. They lead in the ball possesion, as well as the strategy. And it wasn’t just because Real Madrid played with 10 men only, early on the second half. And for me as a true fan of Real Madrid, it hurts to watch the match, but in the end felt relief with the result.

The positive point on the match, is that CR finally puts an end to his goaless curse in El Clasico match, by scoring a penalty kick.  It means, for the first time CR and Messi’s name was on the scoreboard, side by side. Both from the penalty kick.

OK, I’m done talking and just want to share CR pictures  from the match :

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