Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi Is Up For Japan Charity Match

MessivRonaldoSometime this year, a huge charity match event will be held, that will include world famous football star in a ”World All Star duel versus Japan National Team”.

FIFPro already contacted various football association, including FIFA, and has received a positive result. In other word, they have agreed to help and support the event, that may take sometime in May or December.

This charity event was mainly to show solidarity and supports for all Japanese people that has been suffered through an emotional moment after the Tsunami. All the profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

The interesting part about the event is that we could see Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine, Beckham, and Ronaldinho on the same pitch. And even more, on the same team!!

To see Messi and Ronaldo collaborate together in a team is something that almost impossible to watch. But with this event, it could be possible.

As for Zidane, who has experience in charity match before, he already expressed his willingness to participate. Messi and Ronaldo are reportedly tipped for the match. So be prepared guys….


Cristiano Ronaldo Is Fed Up With The Injuries

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo has admitted that he already fed up with the injuries he suffered. But what makes him upset the most is that he couldn’t help his national team in a friendly match. He only able to watch the match from the bench, when Portugal plays friendly with Chile at Estadio Magalhaes Pessoa today. And he will also missed another friendly against Finland, just 3 days after Chile match.

”I’m fed up with the injuries. Now all my activities are being limited,”said the Portuguese forward.

”Unfortunately, the medical team said that I’m not in a good condition. I want to be fully recover, and immediately returns to the field.”

With a hamstring injury, Ronaldo needs at least 2-3 weeks of recovery. His injury is consider to be worse then it seems, since his femoral biceps in his left thigh is swelling, and there’s a fluid around the injury. To recover, it needs a series of physiotherapy. If it takes 3 weeks for him to get better, then he will return on April 10th. It means, he could miss a match against Sporting Gijon (3/4), Tottenham Hotspur (6/4) and also Athelico Bilbao (10/4).

”Physically, my condition is not too good. I want to quickly recovered for 100%. Suffering an injury always makes me worried, and it can affect my psychology, ”Ronaldo opened his concern about the injury.

But despite being tired facing all medical problems, he tried to be professional. He won’t do anything like forcing his condition to recover more quickly, and won’t be playing unless the medical team allowed him to.


Cristiano Ronaldo Flew To Portugal For Examined His Injury

cristiano PortugalYesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo flew to Obidos, Portugal, for examined his injured leg. His team mate, Carvalho also joined him for the trip, also for the same reason, to check up whether the injury is fatal or not.

After a several test, Paul Bento decided that CR is off for his national team duty to play 2 friendly matches. While for Carvalho, the coach decided that the injury is not that bad, and that he could recover in time for the 2 friendly match.


Cristiano Ronaldo Shoots New Commercial For Hair Product (March 2011)

cristiano ronaldo13

Cristiano Ronaldo was having a new shoots for a hair product commercial. On the ad, his hair looks different, with more volume than his usual hairstyle.

The Real Madrid  forward already  had the permission to shoots the commercial, despite of being injured.

The filming was taken before CR flew to Portugal (yesterday) for a medical checkup, on whether hes able to play for the National team or not.

Check out the pictures on the set :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Son’s Christening Ceremony In Summer

katiaAccording to Katia Aveiro, who  got  interviewed in Portugal fashion week this month, she will be a godmother for Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, and the christening ceremony will be held this summer.

The family want to wait until football season is over, before concentration for the ‘big’ day for Cris Jr.

If this news is true, then no doubt this event will be the biggest ever for the Aveiro’s ( unless Cris is going to marry Irina before summer).

The most important thing of this event, is that we finally have the chance to take a peek of CR and his son in a picture together (hopefully).  It won’t be easy, though, since the ceremony will mostly to be private and closed to the media.


Cristiano Ronaldo Injury Report After Derby Match

cristiano ronaldo10

Again this month, Cristiano Ronaldo had an injury problem. And it was shortly after he made a comeback from his previous injury.

Early on March, he had  an injury when he played against Malaga, but able to returned in time for Lyon’s 2nd leg Champions League match.

But last week, after having a derby match against Atletico, Cristiano felt pain and had inflammation on the biceps femoris of his left thigh.

He quickly got examined at Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja, for a medical check up. And as for the result, he was diagnose with a muscle injury grade I in the femoral biceps of the left leg with component interfascial edematous fluid. It was similar with his last injury.

And now, according to Real Madrid official statement, Cristiano will be sidelined for 2 to 3 weeks, depends on the recovery. Which mean, he won’t be able to play on Portugal’s friendly against Chile and Finland this month, and doubtly to play against Tottenham Hotspurt for Champions League quarter final early April.


Jose Mourinho Told Cristiano Ronaldo – ”Be Quiet!!”

mourinhoDaily Marca reported another arrogant behaviour from Cristiano Ronaldo on Madrid derby last Saturday, 19 March 2011.

Just when Mesut Ozil celebrated the second goal for Real Madrid, despite joining the team for the happy moment, Cristiano Ronaldo chose to made his protest to the ref , and tried to get a penalty during the celebration moments.

But when coach Mourinho noticed Cris’s protest to the ref, with a gesture, Mou told him to Shut Up !!


Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures vs Atletico Madrid (19 March 2011) La liga

cristiano ronaldo14Real Madrid won 2-0  in a derby match againt Atletico Madrid Saturday, 19 March 2011, at Vicente Calderon Stadium.

The goal came from Benzema and Mesut Ozil on the first half, but on the second round, Real Madrid failed to add their points.

Unfortunately, when the match almost over, Aguero from Atletico finally able to score their first, and the match ended with 1-2.

Check out Cris pictures here :

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Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III – Release On Derby Match

nike-mercurial-superfly-3-sideA new Nike product will soon get release in public, a Nike Mercurial Vapor SUperfly III. The Mercurial was originally worn by the big Ronaldo  on 98 , and it has been aimed for mostly wingers and strikers who rely on the acceleration and speed on the match. And now, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the fastest winger on the planet.

So with his speed, it’s not too much if the boots will be wearing by Cristiano Ronaldo. But he is not alone, Mesut Ozil,  his team-mate will also wearing it on Madrid’s derby match, March 19th. (Unless if Ronaldo were sided off for the match)

For those who interested with this cool boots, it will be available for a pre-order on March 19th, and the official launch date is on 1st April.

So, grab it quickly guys…..


Update Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Out and About – Madrid(15-17 March 2011)

cristiano and irina covrJust when I thought they were about to keep it low for a while, Cristiano and Irina were seen again together in Madrid by paparazzi, also involves kissing scene.

Their pictures at Hercules match recently made the speculation about their marriage next year sounds possible. Judging by these pictures, the couple didn’t seems to get annoyed with their pictures taken by the papz.

During her visit to Madrid, for her job as the face of  Spanish clothing line, Cris accompanied her everywhere she goes. But although they looked happy, there are no sign of Cris family. Could it be because of their lack of conversation, (since Dolly can’t speak English or Russia, while Iri doesn’t understand a word in Portuguese) that makes them rarely to be seen together ??

Anyway here are the pictures :