Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho Off To United States ??

mou and crisLately, despite of their awesome achievement, Real Madrid became more famous with their negative news all over the media. Started from Sara Carbonara, Iker Casillas girlfriend cruel comments on Cristiano Ronaldo, everything becomes like a domino effect.

Followed with Cristiano clash rumors with his Spanish teammates in Real Madrid. In their last few matches, we hardly saw Cris celebrate his goal with the Spanish players. Sure, Iker denied the rumor, but what we saw is not going to fool us. There IS something going on between them.

Secondly, on Real Madrid christmas lunch, none of the Spanish players sat on the same table with Cristiano. Definitely no bonds between them.

And the story is not too different with Jose Mourinho. He was rumored to have a disagreement with Jorge Valdano, and that Real Madrid board of Director were tired of Mou’s bad behaviour towards the referee. Mou felt that he didn’t get the support he needs. And now , the latest rumor, is that both Portuguese will set their feet on Uncle Sam’s country.

Could it be true ? But why US ?
For Cris, it is the closest choice, since his girlfriend Irina is currently lives in New York. And for Mourinho, here’s a hint. Mou just got back from his Christmas holiday in New York yesterday. Of course, he almost missed the flight to Madrid, due to storm in JFK, and got stuck there for sometime.(Really, snowy season and he prefers to go there for a holiday?) But he got lucky, and was able to flew back to Madrid right on time for today’s first training session.

The news were not only from Spanish media, but also on US media. They wrote that Cristiano will leave Madrid in the next summer, and Mou is mostlikely to join him.


Cristiano Ronaldo Romantic Vacation With Irina in Maldives (24 December 2010)

irinaCristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Irina were spotted together while they were about to make a romantic getaway to Maldives private Islands. The couple took a private jet to Maldives on Christmas eve, and later they were on board with a sea plane that carried them to a beautiful and exotic island if Faafu Atoll.

Cristiano gave her girlfriend a huge  bouquet of flowers, probably the couple have just met on that departure day, and she took the flowers with her to the sea plane.

This year, Cris didn’t celebrate Christmas with his family, and prefers to spend his first Christmas together with Irina, rather than first with his son. Hmm…… this shows how much he loves Irina more than lil junior…

Anyway, you can watch the short video of their arrival in Maldives HERE>>>

Cristiano will be expected to be back on training with Real Madrid team on 29 December, after a week holiday.


Pictures & Videos : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Levante (22 December 2010)Copa del Rey

cris7Two hat-trick from Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, and 2 goals, each from Ozil and Pedro Leon wrapped Real Madrid match victory last night, for Copa del Rey.

Watch the Cristiano Ronaldo Goals Video here :

Cristiano Ronaldo First Goal vs Levante

Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd Goal Video

Cristiano Ronaldo 3rd Goal Video

And you can also view the pictures here :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Tonsillitis Fever – Could Withdraw From the Match (21 Dec 2010)

cris1Poor Ronaldo….he just reported sick with a fever, due to Tonsillitis, after a tiring schedule with Real Madrid yesterday. He skipped todays training session, when the doctor told him to go home and take some rest.

The problem is, tomorrow Real Madrid will face Levante for Copa del Rey match, and if he doesn’t recover from his fever, he will be ruled out from the game.

The team list for tomorrow already called out, and Ronaldo is on the list. However, he will wait for further condition.

Goalkeepers: Casillas, Adan, Pacheco.
Defenders: Pepe, Albiol, Marcelo, Carvalho, Garay, Mateos.
Midfielders: Xabi Alonso, Lass, Diarra, Granero, Ozil, Di Maria, Pedro Leon, Juanfran.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Morata.


Cristiano Ronaldo Christmas Lunch Party With Real Madrid (20 December 2010) Pictures and Video

cristiano ronaldo cristmas party Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of Real Madrid team were having a christmas lunch party with all the staff, Real Madrid basket ball players, and board of directors at the Presidential Balcony of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. It is one of the tradition that has been carried for years.

All football and basketball players sit on the same table, chatted and joke around. While Iker Casillas and Felipe Reyes, the captain, were sitting with the rest of board of directors and also Mourinho.

Although Iker Casillas denied the rift rumors between Cristiano and the Spanish players, but we can’t help to notice that Cris didn’t  sit on the same table with them. Instead, he sat on the same table with Marcelo, Pepe and Benzema, and was seen joking around with D’or Fischer and Clay Tucker. It’s a bit weird not to see Kaka on the same table. And Ramos, who sat close to Arbeloa, Alonso, and Albiol, were chatting with Sergio Llull, who came to watch Sevilla match.

Ozil, Carvalho, Khedira, Kaka,Pedro and Dudek, all foreigners sat together and having a nice conversation together.

And for the afterparty, all the players will visit different hospital to deliver gifts for hospitalized children.

Anyway, you can watch the video from the event by clicking HERE>>>

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas Doing Christmas Santa For Kids(20 December 2010)

cris2After Christmas lunch party with the whole Real Madrid family, all footballer and basketball players went to different hospitals, still inside the Spanish capital Madrid. They were going to be a christmas santa for little children who get  hospitalized in the special day.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas went to the same hospital, along with Felipe Reyes. This was to show the media that there’s no such rift between the 2 Madrid players.

You can check out the video of them arrived at the hospital, by clicking HERE>>>

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Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures vs Sevilla (19 December 2010)La liga

cris coverReal Madrid won 1-0 with Sevilla last night at Santiago Bernabeu. It was a tough and rough match, with 2 red cards from both sides, plus 10 yellow. No confrontation from Cristiano Ronaldo, he was well behaved, but also no score.

Check out his pictures on the match :

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Pictures and Video : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Real Zaragoza (12 December 2010) La liga

zaragoza vs madrid7Super Cristiano Ronaldo made an awesome free-kick again last night against Zaragoza, completed his 17th goal in La liga this season, and as the top score. The goal was so powerful, and has around 105km/h speed !! No goal keeper could handle that kind of shot.

Watch his free-kick goal by clicking HERE>>>>

Plus, check out his pictures on the match here:

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Cristiano Ronaldo Got Harassed By Teenage Fans

crisIt’s not easy being famous, especially for Cristiano Ronaldo. Being chased everywhere, and everytime with fangirl, even when he has to rest for a match.

Just like yesterday. A possible drunk teenage girl in Zaragoza has been disturbing and harassing the Real Madrid playmaker at late midnight, when he supposed to be resting to face Zaragoza today. The girl was shouting and yelling, infront of the hotel where he stays, calling out his name, and hoping that he would finally go outside the window and greeted her.

Actually the girl meant no harm, but it was impossible for her to get Cris attention at that kind of hour.

And after shouting ”Cristiano…….Ronaldooooo….Come Out….!!!” for more than 10 minutes,  she finally gave up, and left with her friends, tired and feeling cold in a zero night temperature.

And early in the morning, over than a dozen fans, girls mostly, gathered outside the hotel, watching at Cris hotel window, and also the rest of Real Madrid players.


Cristiano Ronaldo To Score His 50th Goal This Year


2010 is not a successful year for the Real Madrid top scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only he was being left out from Balon d’Or finalist, this year, or we might say last season, he failed to win any title with Real Madrid, aswell as his sellecao team. But before this year comes to an end, he aims for another achievement, to score his 50th goal in 2010.

So far, he already collects 45 goals, which are 36 goals from La liga, 5 from Champions League match, 3 from his national team, and 1 goal from Copa del Rey. He only needs 5 more goals to complete his target, and he has 3 more games until the end of the month.

Tonight, against Zaragoza, hopefully he will be able to ad not just one goal but 2 or maybe more.

For your information, during his 9 years of professional football career, he recorded 208 goals, in official match, and there’s plenty more to come.