News and Video : Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid Squad Arrived at Alicante Airport (29 Oct 2010)

cristiano2Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid squad arrived at Alicante airport 19:30 29 Oct 2010. Over than 300 fans greeted at the airport just to see a glimpse of their favorite players, before they headed to the NH Alicante, to get some rest for the night. And tomorrow, they will face the host, Hercules at 20:00 local time for La liga match.

Check out the video of the arrival HERE>>>


Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With LaSexta/Deporte – Live (29 October 2010)

crisThe Portuguese player has granted laSexta/Deportivo with an exclusive interview about his present and the future in Real Madrid. The interview is today, where they will discuss all the latest news from Real Madrid, including his best moments since he arrived.

And not only that, he will bare all the spicy secrets about his relationship with colleagues, and how he sees the new coach Mourinho. The spectacular interview will be broadcast in 2 parts, first edition at 14:55pm, and the second will begin at 20:55 pm local time,  live at


Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures – From Zero to Hero With NIKE Boots

nikeCristiano Ronaldo became one of the greatest football player along with his favorite boots brand, NIKE…

He has been with Nike for as long as we can remember, even when he wasn’t famous yet. In here, you can see CR grew from a teenage footballer into a mature hot football player, along side with Nike product. From unfamous Racing Santanders players, to Real Madrid’s top scorer 2010/11…

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New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Real Murcia (26 October 2010)

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to use his magic through out the match against Real Murcia at Copa del Rey opener game. Without the complete team, no Alonso, Oezil, Carvalho, Marcelo,  di Maria and Higuain (last two was a substitute for Ronaldo, and Benzema), no creative moves being showed.

Anyway, checkout CR pictures during the match here:

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Cristiano Ronaldo CR9 New Nike Safari

nikeThe new special edition collection from Nike will be released soon. It’s called CR9 Safari Collection. And on Thursday, Cristiano Ronaldo will be presenting the product, in Nike campaign advertising.

The new boots was specially made for Cristiano Ronaldo, and according to the news, we can find his signature on the spikes. The story for the collection is ”Be fast, Be seen.”

The collection includes a unique and special colorway, like all the Nike Mercurial family. And it will be released early at early November.
But the product will be a limited release, so the Nike fans should grab it quickly .nike2Derbyanabella,

Cristiano Ronaldo Escaped From Parking Ticket Fine

cristianoCristiano Ronaldo has left Manchester United for over a year now. But he has forgotten about his old fine back then in Manchester .

The Real Madrid forward is now claimed to escaped from his obligation to pay a parking tickets since 2008. Ronaldo gets fined £70 after parked at double-yellow line in Manchester when he still joined the Red Devils. However, since it has been more than 2 years, the amount is increasingly high untill hundreds of pounds, which made the judicial officer had to confiscating the property on  his resicence in England.

Two debt collectors officers from Equita Company had visited the residence of Ronaldo in Alderley, Cheshire. ”Big men arrived at Ronaldo’s house. They stand about 10 minutes by holding a timber folder, hoping someone answered the door, ”said the neighbors, Monday (25/10).

A spokesman for the local city officials commented, ”No matter how rich you are, you can not park in any place in Manchester,” he said.

Well, I guess no one likes to deal with a parking tickets…


New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Racing Santander (23 October 2010)

criscoverCristiano Ronaldo scored 4 goals for the first time in his football career, when Real Madrid played against Racing Santander in their 8th jornada for La liga.

Check out Ronaldo pictures here :

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New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo – Iceland vs Portugal (1-3) Euro 2012 Qualifier, 12 October 2010

criscoverCristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for Portugal in away match against Iceland for Euro 2012 Qualifier match. Portugal won with 3-1. Check out for Cristiano pictures on the match here :

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