New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo – Auxerre vs Real Madrid (0-1) 28 September 2010 – Champions League

auxerre vs real madridCristiano Ronaldo failed to impress the fans once again, as he didn’t show any significant contribution on the match. However, Real Madrid  won 1-0 against Auxerre in Champions League match, thanks to di Maria’s goal 10 minutes before the match ended.

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Preview and Prediction : Auxerre vs Real Madrid – Champions League Match (28 September 2010)

real madridTonight, Real Madrid will be facing Auxerre in Champions League match (28 Sept). This time, Mourinho changed his team players position. He will be playing Cristiano Ronaldo as a forward, along with Benzema and Higuain. On his press conference, Mou has stated that he will give Benzema a chance to play  him as a starter team.

Starting this season with a new coach, Real Madrid has failed to impressed the fans with a low number of goals they have achieved. According to the statistic, in 105 shots attempt, they only able to score 6 goals.

For Auxerre, they already studied Los Blancos previous performance. And based on Real’s goaless draw match against Levante,  Auxerre shows more confident to win the match, or at least make it to a draw, since they have more motivation to win the match in their own home and supporters.

But Auxerre couldn’t be that confident, since Mou will play the star players, especially on the foward. Moreover, Auxerre haven’t accomplished a good result in this season. In Champions League, they lost 0-2 from AC Milan, and in French League, they never won in any match. That’s why Madridistas put a high hopes for Los Blancos to win a perfect score with  a lot of goals.

Team Squad

Real Madrid

Goalkeepers : Casillas, Adan, Dudek
Defenders : Ramos, Marcelo, Arbeloa, Pepe, Carvalho, Mateos
Midfielders : Granero, Lass, Diarra, Xabi Alonso, Juan Carlos, Di Maria, Ozil, Khedira
Forwards : Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema

AJ Auxerre

Goal keeper : Riou, Sorin
Defenders : Hengbart, Berthod, Dudka, Grichting, Coulibaly
Midfielders : Chafni, Pedretti, Ndinga, Traore, Langil,
Forwards : Birsa, Quercia, Jelen, Oliech, Le Tallec, Contout

Prediction : Real Madrid will win 3-1 against Auxerre


New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo – Levante vs Real Madrid (0-0) 25 September 2010

levante vs real madridReal Madrid failed to keep their position in the first place Spanish table standings when they played a goaless draw in away match against Levante (25 September 2010). They are 2 points behind Valencia (13 pts) in the first place, and one points from Barcelona (12pts) who comes second place. It looks like Mourinho has another homework to be done for the next match.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Arrived at Valencia – News and Video (24 September 2010)

crisCristiano Ronaldo arrived At 19:10 hours at Valencia airport, along with the rest of 20 Real Madrid team. Nearly 300 fans waiting to welcome them, near the bus that will take them to Hotel Vincci Lys.

Real Madrid will face Levante tonight at Cituat the Valencia. They played with one goal, to brings home another victory, and keep their first place on League standings.

Watch the Videos of the Arrival HERE>>


Cristiano Ronaldo Needs to Play Arrogant and Selfish – Mou Played Him on The Wrong Position

cristiano Mourinho finally able to set his new team member to work together and bond as a solid team, but there’s still one problem left for him. His biggest problem now will be Cristiano Ronaldo. The Special One has difficulties on figured out the best position for the Portuguese player, and he must do it quickly.

He actually already find a new dream team for his starter team squad, including to placed Gonzalo Higuain up front for striker, and Mesut Ozil in the middle. But things could be hard for Cristiano, since his position is replaced by Ozil. He loves to play freely in the middle, and wait for the right moment to go through the penalty box and started scoring. Back then at ManUtd, he used to play on the right, and moved steadily to the centre to score.

Last season, Cristiano played upfront with Higuain, or behind him, but he get to moved where he pleased. And now, with Ozil on the team, Cris couldn’t have his perfect place to score, since Mou placed him as a right winger, and plays out wide to allow Higuain, Ozil and di Maria to get to scoring position.  Cristiano new position makes him harder to score, and that’s when he started to frustrate. His not the centre of Real Madrid anymore, but on the other side, he expected to score.

It’s a huge pressure for Cristiano, who loves to score the most. That’s why he tried to shot a few times even when he wasn’t on the right position, and failed. That made him looks awful and the media accused him of being selfish. The problem is, he is made to score since the very beginning, and putting him on the wrong place, and doesn’t give him to explore real value is just a sin. Cris need to score to gain back his confident, that way he can play better and better.

But with Mou new plans and tactics, we can’t expect the best from Cris for the rest of the season, unless Mou realize what he did wrong and put him back on the right track, and let him do his job. We do want the arrogant and selfish Cristiano Ronaldo back again on pitch.


Sara Carbonero Respond About Her Critics on Cristiano Ronaldo

saraSara Carbonero made a quick clarification about the fuse on her critics to Cristiano Ronaldo. At that time, the media wrote that she was calling him ”selfish and individual” player. And when she attended the presentation of a branded shampoo product, she responded when asked about the critics.

”I spoke the good thing about Cristiano. I said that he wasn’t depressed, but he is just an ambitious player on the field, which is not bad, its a good thing,” she said.

”Then I said about how he got paid with a lot of money, it means there’s no excuse for anything(his failure). I don’t know why there’s so much hype on this, but I can guess why…..What happen is that everything were taking out of the context,”she added.

”I’m going to keep talking about sport as I have been doing for 7 years and I’ll continue doing the same, ”


Cristiano Ronaldo 007 Licence to Fail – Video of CR7 Failed Goals Season 2010/2011

cristiano ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo had plenty of opportunity to score more goals, unfortunately he failed most of them. Cuatro even called him Cristiano 007 Licence to Fail.

Check out Cristiano Ronaldo failed goals VIDEO this season HERE


Cristiano Ronaldo Doing Photoshoot With Real Madrid (22 September 2010) – Pictures and Videos –

crisCristiano Ronaldo doing a photoshoot with Real Madrid for new season 2010/2011, after the league victory on Tuesday night against Espanyol. The photoshoot attended by director general Jorge Valdano, Don Alfredo, and Florentino Perez.

Watch the video HERE

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Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Controversy Against Espanyol

cristiano ronaldoAfter his goal was given to Pepe,  Cristiano Ronaldo finally scored his first goal of the season from a penalty kick in minute 28th against Espanyol, yesterday. Unfortunately, his penalty kick was become another controversy since Espanyol coach, Mauricia Pochettino claimed that he didn’t deserve the penalty kick. He said that the jury often made a decision that gives more profit to Real Madrid.

The penalty kick was given to Real Madrid since the jury decided that Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick touched the hand of Espanyol player, Luis Garcia. Mauricio Pochettino claimed that the ball didn’t touch his hand, and that the world could see it clearly on the TV screen.

However, thanks to the goal, Real Madrid showed a better performance right after Cristiano’s goal. Early on the match, they faced difficulties on getting through the opponents defense. So it wasn’t a surprise to see Ronaldo showed his excitement after the goal. He made unusual celebration by sucking on his thumb. The media believed that his new action meant that he  dedicated his first goal to his son, Cristiano Jr.cris

Watching the match, we can still remember when last week, the media reported that Cris showed selfishness where he played as individual player, just to get more score. Even Sara Carbonero, Casillas girlfriend stated that Cris is a selfish player and she hates his performance on the pitch. Well on this match, not only he managed to score, he also showed that he’s not a one-man player by doing a great assist to Higuain which made him able to score second goal for Real Madrid.

But asside from that, the rest of the team were overjoyed with the victory, especially Mourinho, since it  brought Real Madrid on the top  Spanish League standings with 10 points.


Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi – Who Gets The Most Foul ? – VIDEO-

cristiano ronaldo vs messiCristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the world best football players. But it comes with a risk, which are getting a lot of fouls during the match. Some of them even caused a serious injury. But between those two, who gets the most Foul ??

Check out the video of Cris and Messi’s Foul HERE>>>