Cristiano Ronaldo Greets FIFA Delegation in Valdebebas (31 August 2010)

crisCristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Mourinho Greeted FIFA delegation at Real Madrid facilities, Valdebebas, for examine the joint of Portuguese-Spain World Cup 2018 or 2022 bid. And after the meeting, Cristiano and Kaka were back on doing their recovery exercise.

The meeting took only half an hour, and after the visit to Madrid, they headed to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium for a tour and lunch. Later on, the FIFA delegation visited Retiro and Atocha , and they visited the capital of Spain last.cris

At 18:30, they were headed to Barcelona. And tomorrow morning they will visit Nou Camp and Conference Cente, where the draw for WC will be held.

Their Journey will be over on Thursday, with a visit to the Portuguese city of Porto and Lisbon.


Cristiano Ronaldo Plans To Visit Dr.Van Dijk in Holland

cris injuredCristiano Ronaldo will be sidelined for the next 2 or 3 weeks due to ankle injury. The injury occured in the beginning of the match against Mallorca. His ankle got sprayed to reduce the pain. Although he played the full match, but he left the stadium limping noticeably.

Yesterday, the Real Madrid striker checked his injury in Clinic Sanitas-La Moraleja. He arrived before 13:00 and it lasted 50 minutes. He came on driving his own car. And today, he reportedly planning on travelling to Holland to see Dr. Van Dijk.

Dr Carlos Diez who examined his ankle said, ”The bruising has nothing to do with the problems of last season. These are completely different. Let’s see how it evolves clinically and from Hence we make decisions.”
”The treatment is based on rest, ice, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy … Cristiano is good, because it seemed that the injury could be much worse, no big deal.”he added.

However, although it is complicated, the Portuguese want to shortened his recovery and planned double sessions of work out. He want to be able to play the match against Ajax at the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid will soon sent the result of the testing to the Portuguese Footbal Federation, so that Cris won’t have to play on the Portuguese qualification.


New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo With Real Madrid vs Real Mallorca (29 August 2010)

cristiano ronaldoReal Madrid goaless draw 0-0 against host Real Mallorca on the opening La Liga match. Check out Crisitano Ronaldo pictures from the match  here :

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Cristiano Ronaldo – Protest Too Much ??

cristiano3Cristiano Ronaldo still affected by Portugal’s failure in World Cup where he took all the consequences and the burden on his back. His disputed with Ivory Coast player and the jury, showed a nervousness as a captain in South Africa. And clearly he  still finds it a problem when he traveled back to Real Madrid.

We can see his performance with the Whites against the Peñarol for Santiago Bernabéu Trophy. Cristiano made an excessive protest to the referee and asked for more protection. He made a disturbing gesture, just to show his protest where he considered that he faced too many violation from the opponent.

Mourinho and Florentino Perez finds his protest is unnecessary and it will lead to nothing. They also concerned about Cristiano’s attitude, and worried that his behaviour could cause an expulsion from the match.

There is no doubt of his professionalism and his performance in each workout, but when he’s on the match, his attitute changed radically. It is possible that his behaviour came from his dissatisfaction for not able to reach back on top of his performance. This is something that Mou has to deal with in a short time, since the season is just about to start.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina in Basketball Match – Pictures (22 August 2010)

cris and irina

Cristiano Ronaldo attend the basketball match between USA – Spain last night with his girlfriend Irina, and her sister Katia. They looked very much in love as they laughed and joked together while watching Spain take on the USA at the Caja Magica pavillion in Madrid.

Cris wears blue and white stripe sweater, black jeans with crocodile leather belt. Ouch !!! Somebody needs a stylish, pronto….

But Cris looked concern when USA team beat Spain with 86-85. The couple and also Katia left the match few minutes earlier before it ended.


Cristiano Ronaldo Cheated On Irina With Sexy Model Rhian Sugden

sugden-ronaldoThe Real Madrid striker has done it again. Having a sexy Russian girlfriend  apparently is not enough for him.

Recently, the media opens his ‘affair’ with also a sexy model for adult content at The Sun, Rhian Sugden. The couple met on a restaurant in Manchester, last April. It was just physical attraction at first, knowing Rhian likes to expose her fantastic bust area, and we know how Cris loves those.

After the two exchanged phone number, Cris began texting and calls her ever since, behind Irina’s back.

Rhian quickly fell for him, and she even said that Cris is a genuine, funny guy. Funny to her, but not so much for Irina.

Till now, there’s no response from Cristiano and Irina, about this rumor.


Nereida Gallardo Claims That Cristiano Jnr’s Mother Is A British Teenager

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ex- girlfriend Nereida Gallardo claims that Ronaldo’ s baby mother is a British teenager after contacting the girl personally.

Ronaldo announced unexpectedly that he had a baby a month ago. Reports claims that the mother is an American waitress, and he paid her £10 million to keep quiet and give sole rights for the baby. But the Portuguese ace ex- girlfriend came to reveal the mother’s identity.

The questions are, why did the teenage girl chose Nereida and not other source to reveal the news ? Or maybe is Nereida making this up to ruin Ronaldo’s reputation after he broke up with her?

Well, there is many suspicious thoughts about this incident, Nereida told a Spanish TV show that she contacted the 19 years old girl and the girl told her that she is pregnant from Ronaldo months ago, it’s claimed that the girl now lives in the States. Gallardo said: “I cannot say 100 per cent what she told me is true but she did contact me several months before it became public knowledge that Cristiano was a dad.”

Well this make another question, why did Nereida waited this long to reveal this shocker ? It’s all confusion is Nereida saying the truth or making this up ?

Ghiwa Abi Haidar,

Cristiano Ronaldo Having Lunch With Real Madrid at Casa Juan (20 August 2010)

cris cover

All Real Madrid staff and the coaching staff had lunch at the restaurant Casa Juan yesterday 20 August.

Facing the final preseason match and getting ready for the first season match against Mallorca on 29th, the Real Madrid team wanted to celebrate their first meal of the season.

The New Madridista players such as Pedro Leon, Canales, Di Maria, Khedira, Carvalho and Özil also seen on the lunch, getting cozy with their new team member.

Argentinean Gago and Di Maria were the first to arrived, around 1 o’clock. The last one to arrived was their coach, Mourinho himself.

At 1600 in the afternoon, Carvalho left the restaurant, followed by other few minutes later. Albiol was the last to go.

Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos was reportedly who had the idea of them having lunch together, to start the season with great feeling and emotions. Casillas, now the captain of Real Madrid team,expressed his energy with motivate words that affected the atmosphere of the squad.