New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Arrived at Los Angeles With Real Madrid (28 July 2010)

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid squad landed in California after nearly 14 hours of flying. They have arrived in Los Angeles to begin their preseason training in the USA. The stage concludes on 7 August, when the team returns to Madrid.

The 18 players who made the trip are Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Diarra, Lass, Pedro Leon, Granero, Dudek, Adan, Benzema, Gago, Marcelo, Garay and Drenthe, plus five youth teamers including Morata, Tebar, Juanfran, Alex and Nacho- will be put through a rigorous week of work, including two-a-day workouts and two matches. The first takes place against America in San Francisco and the second in LA against the Galaxy.

Higuain, Di Maria and Kaka are expected to join up with the team any day now, while Casillas, Ramos, Arbeloa, Albiol, Xabi Alonso, Canales and Van der Vaart will do so at a later date.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend Irina Denies About the Marriage Rumor on Her Twitter

irinaIrina Shayk, the current girlfriend of Real Madrid striker Cristiano has made it clear about the marriage rumor with the Portuguese winger on December. She wrote on her Twitter account, ”The news about a possible marriage are false. Everything comes from stupid people.”

Even though she already confirmed that her Facebook page had been hacked, people still believes that she was the person who wrote the statement in her account.

The controversy which was caused by a false message that said: ”I am committed to Cristiano and the wedding will take place before Christmas. There will be a major release soon. I love my boyfriend, I love my life and I love Portugal. And I will help him raise his son, although at first I was surprised to hear the news.”

So far, their long distance relationship seems to be getting along great. But one thing for sure, there won’t be a wedding bell this year in Cristiano place….


News & Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid Training and Prepare for US Visits


Cristiano Ronaldo was back in training session with Real Madrid yesterday, 26 July 2010. The Portuguese player cut his holidays short to train with the squad the day prior to leaving for the US.

The first stage in Real Madrid’s preseason came to an end after Tuesday’s evening workout at Valdebebas, the last before leaving for the US on Wednesday. Cristiano Ronaldo cut his holidays short to rejoin the team before the trip.

In training, ball work took centre stage again. The players divided into two teams to play two practice games. Six mini-goals were laid out for the first, while the second had two regular goals guarded by Adan and Dudek.

With Cristiano Ronaldo, exercised the twelve first team players that are available to the technical and homegrown Nacho, Alex Fernandez, Tebar, adan, Morata, Fran Rico and Juanfran.

Real Madrid City hosted the last training of all coached by Jose Mourinho before the white players to make the bags to head for the United States. The white players are quoted on Wednesday in the Ciudad Real Madrid, from 10:20 pm to go by bus to Barajas airport and fly to Los Angeles, where they will be concentrating for two friendly match, 4 August in San Francisco to all Mexican Club America and three days later in Los Angeles at LA Galaxy.

Here are the pictures from the training session :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Disco Night-Out With Friends (23 July 2010)

cris5-700x400Cristiano Ronaldo was having fun in Black Jack Disco, with six of his bodyguards, as he broke the fast of late nights. Since his holiday at Algarve, he has been very homely, spends his time with mom and son.

But On Friday afternoon (23/7) he strolled to a disco at Black Jack, to have fun for a few hours in the company of Jose Pereira and brother in-law including his brother , Hugo. It was 2 in the morning when the young player left the condominium Pinhal Velho in the company of two families and six security guards form an entourage that traveled in three cars.

First came a car with two bodyguards , followed shortly afterwards by two cars, each with two bodyguards . Ronaldo, Jose and Hugo made the short distance between the condo and club together in the same car.

Ronaldo and his group chose not to enter the club through the back door . They did it , yes, the main entrance , while the crowd were very busy. Without the company of his girlfriend , the Russian model Irina Shayk ,Ronaldo had fun at Black Jack for four hours, always escorted by his bodyguards.

When Cris left to his place, he has not been accompanied by his brother in law and brother, who were seen and photographed leaving the scene without him.

The Portuguese player eventually return to Villa Condo do Pinhal Velho around six in the morning in a car different from the one that left.

Too bad no pictures were found from the event.


New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Holiday With Male Friends (22 July 2010)

cris coverCristiano Ronaldo spends his holiday with boyz only on his home turf in the Algarve, Portugal. The group took a luxury yacht to Ilha Deserta in Oura. Ronaldo has seen in green shorts and white vest – enjoying himself on deck!No girls allowed this time….

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Cristiano Ronaldo on Vacation With Irina ??

crisCristiano Ronaldo was on a vacation in Greece, and took some of his pictures there for his fans on Facebook.

But Portuguese media has reported that Cris wasn’t traveled alone, like on the pictures, but with girlfriend Irina, the Russian model. The media even wrote that she left her job on New York just to be with  her boyfriend.

It seems that the bond between the two lovey – dovey are getting stronger after his holiday on New York. Cris even planning to take Irina to live with him in Spain, when he joins Real Madrid squad again, soon.cris1

As you know, Cris is reportedly to be back with Real Madrid on July 26th. But now, he is nowhere to be found. No news, pictures of where he might be right now. It’s like he’s hiding to enjoy the last week of his vacation.

Could it be that they are preparing for the wedding, that rumored to be held on December ?? Then again, no evidence, just rumor….


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son Mysterious Identity

cris babyCristiano son is barely seen even after he is a month old now. The information about the most wanted baby on the planet are also blur, until now.

The media have tried to find records from the entry into any national airports or airfields. Yet there were nothing to find, which can be assumed that Cris baby had not traveled by plane.

It could be that the child was born in Portugal, or came from another European country.

With the secrecy surrounding the identity of the mother, it is difficult to find the child birth location, aswell as his nationalities. If the new family member was born in Portugal, their record would easily tracked.

Under the Code of Civil Registration, a birth occurred on Portuguese territory must be declared verbally, within 20 days thereafter. ” Cristiano Junior is now a month old and no signs of any formal record. Also Regulation of Nationality determines it to be given to children of Portuguese father or mother that were born abroad to fill birth in the civil registration of their country.

Source of population registers said that ‘the delay could be explained by the fact that the player has completed the registration in a Portuguese embassy or consulate abroad, which will send the data to Portugal’. If the Real Madrid striker give his nationality to the child, the child will be recorded in Portugal and mother’s name must appear. ‘Under the Act, there are no children of a parent incognito. ” If the registrar does not contain the name of the mother, the registrar must give the prosecutor, which opens a verification process of motherhood.


Cristiano has rarely left home during his holiday at Vilamoura. He spent many of his time at the pool, listening to the music. He also likes to spent the afternoons playing with nephews and his son. The house were full with crying babies, probably Cris Jr, who became a month old on 17 July 2010.

Even though his mother Dolores helps him to take care of the baby, with the help of a nurse, Cris tried to bond with his son. According to a source close to the family, when the baby cries Cristiano try to get him to sleep.