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cristiano-castrolThere’s a new video uploads on the Video Gallery of Footballfantalk. About Cristiano Ronaldo in a short Castrol Skillz Clip. Click here for viewing the video :

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New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Training With Kids (30/5/2010)

cris2Cristiano Ronaldo was having a football match with boys in Covilha, Portugal. On the afternoon he was scheduled for an autograph session for kids. Check out his pictures after the match with kids :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With Portugal Media About World Cup 2010

crisCristiano Ronaldo had an Interview by email with a Portuguese media organization about facing the World Cup in South Africa. Here’s the interview of the event :

Q : After a complicated clearance, the Portuguese are not very optimistic regarding the participation of Portugal in the World. What they can promise?

C : Work, hard work, dedication, concentration and also optimism. Let’s demonstrate that we are a great team.

Q :Portugal is in the same group of Brazil, a leading candidate for the world title, and the Ivory Coast, Africa seen as the strongest selection.What you must do to run no risks of failing to qualify for the second phase?

C : I believe that we were in the toughest group, but about that there is nothing to do. In my opinion the game with the Ivory Coast, for being the first, will be crucial. We have a single goal: to enter and win the race. It will not be easy, we all know, but we have all the conditions to move forward.
And if you go beyond the group stage – as I believe that will happen – 50 percent of the target will be met. Then we’ll see what we could achieve, always thinking game to game, keeping us strong, cohesive and focused.The group is motivated and it is very important. Important is to have a strong collective.

Q : One of the most unlikely situations in qualifying was the fact that Cristiano has not scored any goal. How do you explain that? Do you think South Africa will be able to provide a more fruitful production?

C : I do not think, I am sure: I will score goals and help Portugal to win games.

Q : How do you react when you read or hear that yields more in clubs than in the selection?

C : Of course, respect.

Q : But what it really means to play for you in the selection?

C : An immense pride that I still can not describe, and a great honor. It’s my country, it is my nation, my homeland is that I am representing. I still shiver whenever I hear the anthem and I am sure that will continue to be so.

Q : Were you surprised with the list of 24 players called up by Capello?

C : No. I think we must all respect the choices of the coach and in my opinion, were the best options. But everyone knows that in every one of us is a coach who would change when either player.With all due respect for those who were left out of this group, I think there were better options.

Q : Do you prefers to play down the wings or in the middle, as might happen when Portugal use the alternative system (4x4x2 diamond) introduced by Queiroz. It is understood and Liedson?

C : I prefer to play anywhere.No matter the position, it yields, it is contributing to the victories, assists, goals. I consider myself well with Liedson, with Hugo Almeida, with Simon, with Nani. With everyone.

Q : Think that change can bring us tactical advantage and make the national team more balanced?

C : We define our identity and work function of the players we have. When you start the World Cup, will be prepared to face the competitive games, concentration and ambition, regardless of changes in tactics that might be introduced. It is this perspective that we are working in Covilhã.

Q : What would be good for you participation of Portugal in the World?

C : Maybe get a semi-final. And if we reach the semi-finals, who knows if we will not be in the final?


New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal Training 29-30 May 2010

cristiano-trainingCristiano Ronaldo  was having a training session with Portugal team in Covilha, central Portugal. Check out his newest pictures from training session on 29/5 and 30/5 here :

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New Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal Team in Covilha(29 May 2010)

cristiano-ronaldo-covilhaCristiano Ronaldo and Portugal team attended the reception at the town hall in Covilha May 29,2010. The national football team were received by local authorities at the town hall.

Check out for more pictures :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Trained With Portugal Air Force News & Pictures (28/5/2010)

cristiano-ronaldo-armyCristiano Ronaldo and all Portuguese team-mates have painted their faces with dark green when they visited the Portuguese Air Force to wish them luck in the 2010 World Cup. A representation of the Portuguese Air Force visited the Portuguese national team players at their hotel in concentration. He wished them luck and they have sent a message of unity and togetherness.

No training scheduled for the afternoon of Friday (28/5/2010), as the national team tried a different experience. The Portuguese Air Force (FAP) has organized a mock theater with a hint of tactical combat in the Stadium Santos Pinto.

The idea was to strengthen the spirit of camaraderie, cohesion, discipline and loyalty, factors that are extremely important in a competition like the World Championship. Players entering into the military spirit, brought by 18 members of FAP, wearing camouflage and face paint.

Mayor Mouta Raposo, the information officer for the FAP, recalled the glory that was involved in the action. The players will have to recognized the technical and professional competence to collaborate in the preparation of the National Team. As recalled, Portugal made it in Group G of the 2010 World Cup with Brazil, North Korea and Ivory Coast.

Looking good guys!! It seems they were having fun. Check Out more Cristiano pictures of the event :

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Wayne Rooney Beat Cristiano Ronaldo in a Football Game

rooney ronaldo

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo remain close after he moved to Real Madrid. They even still play football together during their freetime. But don’t get too excited, …they only play together on an online football game.

Rooney and Cris loves to spend hours online to play football games. Of course, they played as themselves. But the England striker showed his skills ,not on the pitch, but with football game consoles, as he finally beat Cristiano on a virtual duel.

Both players still have a good relationship, and keeps competing with each other.

“Wayne is a competitive player, and he doesn’t care whether being watched by 80,000 people or alone in his room,”explained his friend.”It’s pretty much the same with Ronaldo, they had a wild virtual battle end of this season before joining their respective team for World Cup. And Rooney proudly said to me that he finally beat Ronaldo in the match.”

The competition is still ongoing, but this time it’s for World Cup.


Cristiano Ronaldo New Pictures : Portugal Training (27/5/2010)

cristiano-ronaldo-training15Cristiano Ronaldo is having fun on training session with Portugal team. He smiled most of the time, which is contageous. Don’t you agree ? Check out his new pictures on yesterday training here :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Romantic Trip With Girlfriend Irina (Details)

cristiano-Irina10Cristiano Ronaldo and his ”new love” Irina is making the Headlines with their luxurious vacation to Corsica and Sardinia. The Real Madrid striker love to pamper himself with expensive holiday, but this time he took the Russian beauty to join him.

With a lavish yacht, the ”OLIALIA, they spent most of the time with hugging , kissing, and had a crazy laugh together. On Thursday (20/5), under the rainy day, they left their yacht in Porto Veccio, to go to a massage in a beautiful hotel in Corsica. After the massage, they walked holding hands, enjoying the beautiful views.

Later on that day, they had fun in the boat, splashing each other with a shower, under a blazing sun then tenderly kissing and petting. Then they both headed to Sardinia.

The trip also taken them to famous islands ”Cavallo”, but only to passed by. Again, they enjoyed the torquoise blue sea, before Cristiano finally left the Mediterranean sea to reach for Portugal (21/5/2010). They kept the good memories of the cruise, in Cap Corse (black sand beach), then passing by Porto-Vecchio, before reached Sardinia. From there, Cris flew back to Lisbon, Portugal with a helicopter.cristiano-Irina12

It’s a shame that his romantic trip with Irina didn’t come with a good performance on Cape Verde Friendly, when Portugal failed to score a single one. The frustrate Cristiano even tried to score with his hand….Well, he might want to use it for something more ”usefull” …


Cristiano Ronaldo Urged His Family Not to Come To South Africa for WC

cristiano-ronaldo-portugalCristiano Ronaldo family will not come to South Africa to watch him plays for Portugal. They prefer to stay at home and  watch the match from television.

Elma Aveiro, his sister revealed that Cris urged his family, starts with his mother, to canceled their plans for traveling to South Africa to follow him and the team during the World Cup. He considered that the country is a dangerous place and it’s more safer for them to stay in Portugal. He also think that the host country doesn’t offer a sufficient security for foreign visitors.

”We always wanted to be with him during his games and competitions, but this time it’s different,” explained Elma, who represented her brother at an awards ceremony of Portuguese athletes.

It seems not only Cristiano who thinks about the safety of his family, some of Portugal players also avoid on bringing their family with them. Simao, for example, he didn’t bring his wife Filipa Sabrosa. Despite hearing the information that it is a very safe place for tourism, his family advised her not to go.

”There will be many Europeans and it will increase the risk of kidnapping.  It’s not worth the risk,” Simao said. many Europeans and increases the risk of kidnappings. Not worth the risk. ”