Andres Iniesta, You Mean Ronaldo Is A hypocrite? What About You Then, Cheater?!

Iniesta runsIt’s laughable to hear Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta describing Cristiano Ronaldo as a kind of hypocrite and pretender.
On Sunday evening, there was a little raw between these two players during El Clasico.

The reason behind the furious talking that took place on the field was all about the ”diving” issue.

Andres Iniesta had initially fallen to the ground despite not being hit by any heavy contact or tackle. Cristiano Ronaldo then attempted to pick him up with the thought that ”diving” was not supported in El Clasico.

Apparently, the Spanish midfielder got angry and this is what he explained to Onda Cero after Barcelona’s victory over Real Madrid:

”It got me annoyed when Cristiano Ronaldo asked me not to dive because he’s certainly not the best person to rebuke anyone about that.

”He shouldn’t be telling anyone if they dived or not.”

Even if Andres Iniesta was right in his statements, he should also remember that one should remove the speck in his eye before trying to do so for someone else.

Do you guys remember how Barcelona cheated past Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the semi-finals last season? Does anyone remember how Gerrard Pique and Samuel Eto’o handled the ball in the penalty box at separate occasions in that particular game? Has anybody forgotten the fact that Chelsea’s first free-kick just outside the box in the opening minutes should have rather been a penalty?

Well, when you are proud of being part of a team that cheated their way through Champions League success, you cannot really talk about another person being unclean.

Check your pants first before teasing someone else! Lol

Current Ballon d’Or Title Holder Cristiano Ronaldo Makes It Into The Top 10

It's Cristiano Ronaldo for the Ballon d'Or or Lionel Messi?The world’s 10 best footballers according to France Football magazine have been announced finally and the current title holder, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been included into the 10-man list.

Drogba, Eto’o, Gerrard, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Kaka, Wayne Rooney, and Xavi are eight names that all made it into the top 10.

But the one and only player that is expected to scoop the accolade on December 1st is Argentina’s Lionel Messi.
As the prospects of having Lionel Messi as Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or successor are extremely high, the anxiety could turn on something else:

Will Cristiano Ronaldo at least make it into the top three knowing that Barcelona’s midfield duo composed of Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez seems to have captured the public’s hearts?

Pictures & Video Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s First El Clasico – Barca 1:0 Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gerrard Pique during El ClasicoEl Clasico certainly didn’t bring you much joy last night after a spirited Real Madrid side starring Cristiano Ronaldo failed to overcome Barcelona during 90 minutes of football.

However, it is not the end of the world and even the hunt for La Liga title is not over for Los Blancos. There is still a long road to go and plenty points to pick up.

Either way, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan offers you the chance to watch or re-watch the highlights of this game involving Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou for El Clasico. Go on our video page to do so.

In the video, you’ll be able to see again Cristiano Ronaldo two best chances for Real Madrid which fell in each of the periods. In between, there is also Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal which settled the score line to 1:0 for the hosts, Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s Photo Gallery also gives you the opportunity to watch a few pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo v Barcelona.

Share your opinions over Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance and over your own feelings. Feel free to express your feelings before, during, and after El Clasico.

Above all, enjoy the video highlights and the pictures!!

Sub Ronaldo Sees Barcelona Keep their 1-0 Lead Against Real Madrid In El Clasico

Cristiano Ronaldo reacting v Barcelona after failing to scoreIt started on a good tone for Real Madrid but ended in disappointment. On Sunday evening, Los Blancos travelled to Catalonia to face La Liga’s defending champions Barcelona for El Clasico.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was reportedly unfit, started the match alongside striker Gonzalo Higuain and midfielders Kaka and Xabi Alonso.

The former Manchester United playmaker was out to please the thousands of Real Madrid fans who wanted to watch the first ever Clasico with the presence of the Portuguese superstar.

Cristiano Ronaldo played brilliantly throughout the game despite being closely mark by Barcelona’s experienced defense.

The 24-year-old broke the barrier of pain to showcase his talent and was involved in some decisive moments in the first half.

In the early minutes of the match, the fleet-footed winger eased past Carlos Puyol before crossing low to Marcelo. Miserably, the young Brazilian defender could only drive the ball into the stands.

Five minutes later, Cristiano Ronaldo had the opportunity to fancy his free-kick potential but his ball hit Sergio Busquet who was in the Barcelona wall.

At a point, he was clean through on goal after Kaka’s flick had played him right. Unfortunately for Ronaldo, Victor Valdes’ tremendous talent saw his low shot tipped away.

Later on, it was Cristiano Ronaldo who played Kaka with a nice back heel but the Brazilian star was again denied by one of the heroes of the night, Victor Valdes.

At the other of the field on the 51st minute, substitute Zlatan Ibrahimovic responded well by breaking the deadlock with a tap-in goal thanks to Daniel Alves’ cross.

From there, Real Madrid could not recover. They kept pressing on in search of an equalizer but never found it although some good opportunities went away begging.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s last chance for a contribution came on 65th minute when his header from a cross flew over the bar. A minute later, he came off to make way for Karim Benzema. The young French star subsequently had a chance on his own to get a goal for Real Madrid from five yards out but he somehow failed to do so.

Watching from the sidelines, Cristiano Ronaldo could see Real Madrid growing in anxiety and despair as they couldn’t score and take advantage of Barcelona’s ten-man factor (after Sergio Busquet saw red for a second bookable offense on 60 minutes).

As the match was coming to a close, Los Blancos’ showed more weaknesses than strengths to handle the pressure as midfielder Lassana Diarra was also flashed a second yellow card and thus a red one.

El Clasico ended with both Barcelona and Real Madrid being with ten men on the field of play. However, the happiest people were clearly the hosts as Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal proved to make the perfect difference.

So Cristiano Ronaldo’s first El Clasico was not the best that he could have experienced – not only because Real Madrid lost but also because he couldn’t play his desired game (to last for the full 90 minutes and to feel 100% fit).

Still, the Portuguese star displayed a fine performance which should have been worthy of something better than a 1-0 defeat for his side.

Real Madrid are now two points behind Barcelona who have subsequently occupied the top spot in the Spanish Primera Liga.

Cristiano Ronaldo WANTED By Barcelona’s Daniel Alves Ahead Of El Clasico

cristiano-ronaldo-wanted-001Cristiano Ronaldo has been found guilty of being among the best footballers on the planet. The 24-year-old can count over 30 individual trophies in his cabinet and his record doesn’t end just here.

The native Madeira superstar has been captured by cameras more than 150 times throughout his career slaughtering balls into the back of the net, firing from distance and from close range, shooting from every angle, blasting rockets from free-kicks… and the list of his committed ‘crimes’ goes on.

For these reasons, Cristiano Ronaldo is WANTED by Barcelona’s aggressive defender Daniel Alves.

Is anyone out there available to plead for Cristiano Ronaldo’s innocence?

Nah, the real thing here is that Cristiano Ronaldo must be proud of being found “guilty” ahead of the big battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Speaking to AS, the Brazilian international, Daniel Alves, stated:

“I want him [Ronaldo] to be there, at the Camp Nou, on Sunday… because in titanic games like this, all the best players must play.”

On Sunday, Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing through pain certainly as he wants to feature in his first ever Clasico despite not being 100% fit to do so.

Can he pull out his guns, shoot, and rob Barcelona by stealing a victory for Real Madrid?

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

Wow! Cristiano Ronaldo Scores A Hat-trick v Barcelona… In FIFA 2010!!

Fifa 2010 - Cristiano Ronaldo outplays Barcelona in El ClasicoEl Clasico was goalless, until the second half when Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick to destroy Barcelona at the Camp Nou…

But guys, don’t be quickly overjoyed! This only happened on Playstation 3, with FIFA 2010.

The real story is that Los Blancos’ striker Karim Benzema and the Catalans’ Xavi Hernandez played El Clasico online against each other as the recently released FIFA 10 was being launched.

Both players could see each other’s reactions during the encounter through a web camera and it was Karim Benzema who ended with more smiles.

At the press conference after the ”El Clasico”, Karim Benzema stated:

”Despite the fact that it was just a video game, I’d like the outcome to be the same on the field [on Sunday evening].”

The real Cristiano Ronaldo has never scored against Barcelona.

During Manchester United’s 2008 Champions League semi-final at the Camp Nou, the Portuguese forward had the chance to do so from the spot kick. However, he blew his chance off by placing the ball wide.

For Karim Benzema, who operated Real Madrid’s win against Barcelona in the video game, ”Cristiano is better in real life than he is in the game”.

If it so, can Cristiano Ronaldo surprise Barcelona with a hat-trick or at least one goal on Sunday evening?

You tell me your opinion:

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Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

Ronaldo To Play In El Clasico? What A Risky Business, Real Madrid!

Substitute Ronaldo receives words from his manager, Manuel Pellegrini“Play Ronaldo against Barcelona”

These are four little words that are being screamed by Real Madrid fans to the coach, Manuel Pellegrini. Meanwhile, the reality is that Cristiano Ronaldo is not totally fit according to reports and to the player.

Cristiano Ronaldo actually suffered a big blow in his debut career for Los Blancos when he sustained a heavy ankle injury against Marseille in the Champions League back in September.

The Portuguese winger could not even remain on the field until the end of the game but rather had to go off as a substitute with around 25 minutes of the game remaining.

After that, Cristiano Ronaldo spent around two months on the sidelines but he broke his fitness program in between to feature for Portugal.

While playing for his country to help them defeat Hungary in a must-win World Cup qualifier, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed strong signs of pain and weakness.

He therefore had to be substituted after less than half an hour.

There were subsequent beliefs that Cristiano Ronaldo’s health had aggravated because of he and his country’s decision to play against Hungary despite being unfit.

Well, after speculations, rumors, debates, and all the stuff that could surround Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle injury saga, the player finally returned to active football on Wednesday evening.

Cristiano Ronaldo was introduced as a 70th minute substitute in replacement of Real Madrid’s captain, Raul Gonzalez.
The 24-year-old was only inches away from celebrating a perfect come-back as his low shot was frantically parried away by FC Zurich’s goalkeeper Leoni.

In the end, Cristiano Ronaldo was still happy to have made his return to the field of play. However, he admitted that he felt tired and not fully fit during the 24 minutes that he was on the pitch.

On Sunday, the biggest match of the year takes place at the Camp Nou, a venue that haunted the spirit of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008.

The pressure on Real Madrid to perform and win is mounting as the clock runs down. Los Blancos, who occupy the first spot in La Liga standings, want to defeat the “extra-terrestrial” Catalans to open the gap to four points at the top of the table.

The battle will surely be difficult and Real Madrid – who are still learning to gel as a team – will need to be perfect in every department.

Not playing Cristiano Ronaldo will surely benefit the player in terms of health conditions. However, such a decision will definitely boost Barcelona’s confidence ahead of El Clasico and Real Madrid will certainly not want to deal with such a proud Barcelona side.

Everyone wants to watch the world’s most expensive player featuring against Barcelona for Real Madrid. Everyone wants to see him overturning the bad luck from which he suffered at the Camp Nou the last time out (when he missed his penalty kick against the Blaugrana for Manchester United in the Champions League semis).

Yet, no-one is thinking of the biggest possible consequences:

Not only might Ronaldo not perform well against Barcelona due to his injury, but he might also require surgery on his ankle if his health condition naturally deteriorates after El Clasico.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

More Pics Of Cristiano Ronaldo Updated In CRF’s Super Photo Gallery!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo sticking his tongue on the benchHey guys,

I’ve got something nice for you. For those of you out there who want to relive Cristiano Ronaldo highly-anticipated return to active football, you have the chance to do so on Cristiano Ronaldo Fan.

Just go into our Photo Gallery and click on our popular Real Madrid folder. You’ll just need to click on the ”Champions League” sub-folder and then you’ll be able to enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo in pictures against FC Zurich.

I know that much of your attention is now on the upcoming super clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona which will take place on Sunday evening.

However, enjoy lots of Cristiano Ronaldo pictures for the meantime!

I bet you’ll love them, especially the one where Cristiano Ronaldo shows a big grin on his face. He looked so happy on the bench last Wednesday!!!

Good to see Ronaldo back on the field, so you too, go back in Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s super Photo Gallery and watch plenty pics of the world’s most expensive player.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

Barcelona Fans To Cristiano Ronaldo: We Will Rock You, FAKE RONALDO!!!

Barcelona Fans Erupting in Joy and CelebrationThe hit is already boiling up ahead of this weekend’s big clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in the Spanish Primera Liga.

Cristiano Ronaldo has insisted that he wants to play against the Blaugrana and that he would even do so through pain.

The 80 million pounds signing has just recovered from the ankle injury that saw him miss almost two months of football action.

Subsequently, Ronaldo is expected to feature for a short period of time against FC Zurich tonight in order to warm up ahead of the El Clasico.

That super clash is arguably the biggest game of the year, so expect both parties to sacrifice everything they possess as they seek for honor and success.

In the Catalan zone, the fans are already preparing themselves for a hostile reception of Los Blancos’ number 9, Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to Kyle Grey, Barcelona ultras will be chanting against Cristiano Ronaldo in honor of the “true” Ronaldo who enjoyed a wonderful spell in Barca in the late 90s.

In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo – now Real Madrid’s number 9 – inherited Brazil’s Ronaldo jersey. The 24-year-old has “Ronaldo” and “9” inscribed at the back of his jersey, just like it was for the Brazilian Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid.

For Barcelona supporters, the fact that the same jersey has been passed on to Cristiano Ronaldo is offensive and provocative.

Therefore, it has been reported that they will be showing a big banner in the shape of a jersey with the number 9 inscribed on it.

The Barcelona fans will also be singing three confrontational lines against Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo:

“Ai solo un Ronaldo, Ai solo un Ronaldo, Ai solo un Ronaldo y no es Português”, meaning “there is only one Ronaldo, there is only one Ronaldo, there is only one Ronaldo and he is not Portuguese”.

What effect will Barcelona’s hostile reception have on Cristiano Ronaldo?

Will their distracting chants frustrate Cristiano Ronaldo or will they rather push him to respond with some amazing fire?

Half An Hour Of Party Time For Cristiano Ronaldo And His Fans Against FC Zurich!

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating with his Real Madrid mates against FC ZurichThere has been much waiting but everything is over now. Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to return on the field of play on Wednesday night as Real Madrid take on FC Zurich in the Champions League.

The Portuguese superstar was the man-of-the-match in the first leg that was played in Switzerland. Real Madrid fans will remember that match as the encounter where Ronaldo scored his first ever free-kicks for the Spanish club.

They’ll hope for more of the same to happen on Wednesday night when Real Madrid’s Champions League campaign resumes.

However, such a wish could mean too much expectancy on Cristiano Ronaldo as the play-maker will only feature for half an hour on the pitch.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who will only be playing his first match in almost two months, is expected to use the thirty minutes against FC Zurich as a warm-up opportunity ahead of El Clasico.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether Cristiano Ronaldo will play as a starter or as a substitute on Wednesday night but it is a huge possibility that he could be partying with the rest of his teammate and the fans at the end of the ninety minutes.

In fact, Real Madrid could celebrate their qualification into the last sixteen of the UEFA Champions League with a victory at the Santiago Bernabeu against FC Zurich.

In Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s poll today, I ask about your predictions:

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