Cristiano Ronaldo Tops FIFA’s Shortlist For The World Player Of The Year Award

Cristiano Ronaldo, 2008 FIFA World Player of the YearA hat-trick of titles have put Barcelona’s Lionel Messi above the rest according to football fans around the world. The Argentina star is poised to win the Ballon d’Or in December after scooping the UEFA Best Forward and Player of the Year earlier in the summer.

But could it be that the current FIFA World Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo, edges past Messi to retain his crown come December 21st in Zurich?

Well for the moment, it looks like Real Madrid’s Portuguese play maker will hold on to his title after topping FIFA’s 23-man shortlist for the award.

The former Red Devil player won the FIFA World Club Cup in Japan where he won over the fans with wonderful performances during games. In addition, Ronaldo also won the Carling Cup and the English Premier League with Manchester United.

Ronaldo’s only disappointment came in the Champions League final where Lionel Messi’s Barcelona beat the Red Devils to lift the crown.

In general, Cristiano Ronaldo had a very good season last term despite having to adjust again after undergoing an ankle operation.

Ronaldo emerged as the leading scorer of his former team, Manchester United, for the third time in a row. His goals against Porto FC and Arsenal in the Champions League also helped him to prove his point as the current World Player of the Year.

Though many might argue about the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo tops the FIFA World Player of the Year shortlist ahead of Messi, some may also consider the fact that the English Premier League was arguably much more competitive than the Spanish La Liga and that playing at the highest level each week is obviously more demanding.

Anyway, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan gives you a share of FIFA’s 23-man shortlist for this year’s FIFA World Player of the Year award:


Iker Casillas (Real Madrid goalkeeper); Carlos Puyol (Barcelona defender); Andres Iniesta (Barcelona midfielder); Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona midfielder); Fernando Torres (Liverpool striker); David Villa (Valencia striker)


Frank Lampard (Chelsea midfielder); Steven Gerrard (Liverpool midfielder); Wayne Rooney (Manchester United striker); John Terry (Chelsea defender)


Michael Ballack (Chelsea midfielder); Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus goalkeeper); Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid winger); Diego (Juventus midfielder); Didier Drogba (Chelsea striker); Michael Essien (Chelsea defender); Samuel Eto’o (Inter Milan striker); Thierry Henry (Barcelona striker); Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona striker); Ricardo Kaka (Real Madrid midfielder); Luis Fabiano (Sevilla striker); Lionel Messi (Barcelona winger); Frank Ribery (Bayern Munich midfielder).

Paris Hilton: Womanizer Cristiano Ronaldo Is Mean And He Is A Wimp!

Ron and Paris“She is not European”, “she is rich and from a well-know family as well”, “she is a jilted lover”…

Well, all these clues were statements made by Pepe ‘The Wizard’ to describe the woman who hired him to put a curse on the world’s most expensive signing, Cristiano Ronaldo.


This name instantly came into people’s mind and out of their mouth.

After a couple of weeks filled with debates around this issue, Paris Hilton somehow confirmed herself as the person behind Ronaldo’s curse.

In the German edition of celebrity gossip magazine Life & Style, Paris Hilton was quoted as saying:

“I cannot stand it when someone is mean. I want a man anyway. Not someone who runs about like a little girl.”

“He is a wimp!”

There is a sense that Paris Hilton has a lot of hatred against Ronaldo, probably because their relationship didn’t grow until marriage to emulate Victoria and David Beckham.

Could it be that she is really the one who asked Pepe The Wizard to put a curse on Ronaldo?

Well, perhaps Paris Hilton is just profiting of this story to be in the limelight once again…

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

Strange! Ronaldo’s Ankle Swallowed Again; Real Madrid Comeback To Be Delayed

Injured Ronaldo has help from the doctorsJust as it looked like Ronaldo was going to return on the field of play to help the struggling Blancos, things have gone worse – only to add to Real Madrid’s misery.

Fresh reports indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo will certainly not make his desired comeback against AC Milan in the Champions League on November 3.

It seemed like ‘CR9’ was on the brink of full fitness. However, something strange is now tormenting the player. Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle has reportedly swallowed again and this means that he will need another check up (in a week’s time) before being given the right to play for Real Madrid.

Los Blancos are currently suffering from immense pressure. Their draw against Sporting Gijon and their three defeats against Sevilla, AC Milan, and minnows Alcorcon respectively has put the team and the manager, Manuel Pellegrini, in a difficult situation.

Cristiano Ronaldo surely needs to return for the Spanish Giants, but how long will it take before he makes his come back?

Real Shock! 3rd Tier Team Alcorcon Beat Ronaldo-less Madrid 4-0 In Copa Del Rey

Real Madrid's Van der Vaart reacts after missing an opportunityCan you believe that Real Madrid – with Raul, Benzema, Nilsterooy, Arbeloa, and stuff – lost 4-0 against Alcorcon who come from the third tier of Spain’s division?

Do Real Madrid mean that they cannot handle pressure and that their potential doesn’t even reach 50% without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Well, this astonishing defeat against Alcorcon in the sixth round of the Copa del Rey means that Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream of lifting that trophy this year has almost vanished away!

Of course, there is still a chance for Real Madrid to redeem themselves because there is the second leg to be played at the Santiago Bernabeu…

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Cristiano Ronaldo: Barcelona Don’t Scare Me, Real Madrid And I Will Fight Back!

Ronaldo v Marseille 14The world’s most expensive signing, Cristiano Ronaldo, is currently following fitness programs with his club Real Madrid as he is racing against time to be on top form.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence, Los Blancos have struggled to leave up to expectations. Five drop points – which are the result of one defeat and one draw in three games – have down Real Madrid three points behind Barcelona in La Liga standings.

Meanwhile Real Madrid’s hot rivals, the Blaugrana, have certainly reached top form and their 6-1 thrashing of Real Zaragoza at the Camp Nou simply sent out a strong message to everyone in Spain and in the whole of Europe.
Arguably, Barcelona are the current best team and the model of a strong fortress.

Doubts have already been raised concerning Real Madrid’s potential to compete against Pep Guardiola’s indestructible Catalans.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo boldly revealed on ‘El Larguero’, a radio show, that he was not frightened by the defending Spanish Primera La Liga champions.

He declared in a statement on Tuesday:

”I am not scared of them at all, and I am certain that we are going to be fighting to try and beat them.

”We [Real Madrid] have got a great squad and I would not sign anyone from Barcelona.”

Talking about his own present form, Cristiano Ronaldo explained:

”At the moment, I feel better than ever. I have to be careful about my injury so that I don’t suffer a relapse.

“But everything is going well and I hope that I will soon be able to play again.

”I look after myself and I have a normal diet. This is my profession and I have to be in good physical shape.

“I know that I am always in condition. All I do is play football and I have to be in condition to do that.

”If any footballer is not in condition, it is because they don’t do the work.”

However, Cristiano Ronaldo believes that life is not all about work although he insisted that he was a dedicated professional.

Ronaldo explained:

”I am going to be sincere. During the season nobody can accuse me of anything because I’m a model professional.

“But when I am on holiday, I do what I want to do and I dedicate the time to enjoying myself.”

No Ronaldo, No Goals – Sporting Gijon 0:0 Real Madrid

Van der Vaart reactsAre Real Madrid feeling the pressure born from the hundreds of millions dollars Florentino Perez spent on the squad? Are they rather slow to gel as a team and handle major absentees?

In other words, are Real Madrid suffering from the Cristiano Ronaldo Syndrome?

In any case, Saturday’s result away to Sporting Gijon in the Spanish Primera Liga could not give a positive response to all these questions.

Real Madrid entered last weekend’s league game with the home defeat against AC Milan in the Champions League still ringing in the back of their minds.

Virtually and analytically, it was clear that Real Madrid’s weakness came from defensive mistakes. Indeed, conceding seven goals in only three matches is definitely a poor record – especially for a side as illustrious as Real Madrid.

On Saturday, the Spanish Giants succeeded in keeping their lines free from any goal. Unfortunately for Real Madrid, things didn’t go so well for them at the other end of the field.

Esteban Granero had a very good shot saved by Sporting Gijon’s goalkeeper during the game. In the last minutes, Raul thought he had given Real Madrid the three points. However, his goal was disallowed by the referees who claimed that Kaka had handled the ball before making the assist.

It is true that Real Madrid were also missing the services of strikers Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain, but was these absentees the cause behind the team’s failure to score and win?

Well, Real Madrid could not do what Barcelona did earlier in the season – which was to beat Sporting Gijon.
In the end, Los Blancos failed to put pressure on the Blaugrana by leapfrogging them at the top of the table for at least 24 hours.

Finally on Sunday, it was the Catalans who had the final word after thrashing Real Zaragoza 6-1 at the Camp Nou to create a three-point lead at the top of the Spanish Primera Liga standings.

It is so early in the season, yet Real Madrid already seem to shake. It looks like Kaka, Xabi Alonso, or Alvaro Arbeloa have not found their correct rhythm. Besides that, there is also the case of injuries going on in the squad.

Real Madrid certainly need more time to become the strong side that so many fans around the world would love to watch playing.

The questions are: how long will it take for Los Blancos to transform their financial value into an indestructible footballing force? Who is holding their success? Cristiano Ronaldo or destiny?

Special Report: Part 1 – Real Madrid Saga Dead, Ronaldo Curse Saga Born!

Ron in the pot
Ron in the pot
The issue of the spell surrounding the world’s most expensive signing, Cristiano Ronaldo, is turning into a real saga.

Gone are the days when Ramon Calderon and Ferguson were fighting in a war of words for the signature of Ronaldo. The 24-year-old mega star has finally realized his childhood dream by joining Real Madrid earlier this summer.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to the Spanish capital put an end to all the rumors and speculations that filled magazines, newspapers, websites, TV, and radio programs with ink or words.

In fact, the Real Madrid saga was ending to make way for a new saga: the Ronaldo Curse saga.

Now at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t only have to handle pressure on the field, but also off the pitch. It seems like Ronaldo’s private life is taking over his professional career.

This is the result of Pepe The Wizard’s curse on Cristiano Ronaldo. As understood, the wizard – revealed to be Pepe, a 57-year-old professional sorcerer leaving in Malaga – has been contracted by someone personally close to Cristiano Ronaldo.

So if statements are to be taken into consideration, it means that Cristiano Ronaldo’s private life issues are the source behind the problems that he is facing in his professional career.

Ronaldo’s car crash in January 2009, Ronaldo’s failure to score in five consecutive La Liga matches, and Ronaldo’s injury against Marseille that has sidelined him for around one month are believed to be signs of Pepe The Wizard’s curse on the current Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the year.

Ronaldo surely had a good start to his Real Madrid career, but what is the future hiding?

The Real Madrid saga is dead, or at least looks dead, but the Ronaldo Curse saga is on…

In my poll today, I ask you:

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Real Madrid 2-3 AC Milan – Are Los Blancos Hopeless Without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Real-Madrid-hopeless-without-RonaldoResults seem to indicate that there is not more to Real Madrid than Cristiano Ronaldo.

So far this season, the Spanish Giants have had three tests: a match against Manuel Pellegrini’s former club Villarreal, a clash in Andalusia against Sevilla, and a gigantesque battle against AC Milan in the Champions League lately.

Out of these three games, Real Madrid have won one and lost two.

Against Villarreal at the El Madrigal, Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal in the opening minute considerably raised the game for Real Madrid. Kaka then rounded up the score line with a penalty in the second half to seal Los Blancos’ victory against the Yellow Submarines.

Unfortunately for Cristiano Ronaldo, the match against Villarreal has been his first and last important game for Real Madrid. The talented Portuguese play-maker then sustained an ankle injury against Marseille in the Champions League, which has sidelined him for up to a month.

So the Spanish Giants had to cop without the services of Cristiano Ronaldo against Sevilla in the league and AC Milan in Europe.

Coincidently, Real Madrid lost both of these games. Dangerous mistakes in defense and inefficiency inside the 18-yard box have cost Real Madrid dearly.

Although the referee was to blame in Wednesday night’s 3-2 defeat at home to AC Milan, some Madrid players could be singled out for failing to assume their responsibilities – mentally as well as physically.

There is a sense that Cristiano Ronaldo carries a big part of Real Madrid’s strength in depth and psychology.

In seven words, one could say it: Madrid flop in big games without Ronaldo

Well, such a conviction could be completely false in reality.

However, as things stand now, the pressure is on Manuel Pellegrini and his men to put value on the hundred millions of pounds that Florentino Perez used to create this new-look squad.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Messi For Ballon d’Or, Real Madrid For Success

Cristiano Ronaldo - CR9, Real Madrid.The current Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo, spoke some warm words about Barcelona’s Argentine superstar Lionel Messi.

The Real Madrid number 9 has been selected by France Football magazine in the 30-man list but the clear favorite to win the award is no one else but Lionel Messi.

For Cristiano Ronaldo, the focus is not set on trying to kick out Messi for the accolade, as he sincerely thinks that his Catalan rival deserves the prize this year.

Ronaldo stated:

”He’s the favorite. He [Messi] won the Champions League, the Primera league title.

”Why not him? If he wins it, he will have deserved it.”

Ronaldo also went on to praise Messi’s team as a whole. He declared:

”Barcelona play better football than Madrid, but why? Because they’ve been together for several seasons. Not two months.”

But Cristiano Ronaldo, who is proud to be part of Los Blancos, tipped Real Madrid for success by somehow pushing Barcelona into a challenge as he concluded:

“Barca are better than us today but the real question is: who will be in front at the end of the season?”

Peruvian Priest Fighting For Cristiano Ronaldo Against The Voodoo Wizard’s Curse

Peruvian Shaman - 3On Monday, something strange happened in Peru’s capital, Lima. A Peruvian spiritualist alongside other people performed rituals in front of the Spanish Embassy.

The ritual was performed in protection of Cristiano Ronaldo against the voodoo priest’s curse. No more injuries, no curse, only success. This is what the Peruvian shaman was seeking from the gods for the world’s most expensive player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Actually, the Real Madrid superstar was the victim of a voodoo priest’s curse earlier in October. Since then, Ronaldo is subject to an ankle injury that has sidelined him. He might only return to the field of play in November.

Today, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan brings you pictures of the ritual that took place on Monday in Lima in our Photo Gallery.

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