When will Rocket Ronaldo fire again on the field?

After all the worries caused during the saga, Manchester United’s greatest concern is presently over Ronaldo’s injury.

The winger has started minor exercises and is believed to be back on the pitch in the beginning of October. However, according to The Sun, Ronaldo could only be playing as a starter by November.

When Alex Ferguson was asked in an interview about Ronaldo’s return, he replied that there was no need to rush the player.

There is no doubt that the best solution for Ronaldo is to completely recover once and for all before getting back to action, no matter how long it will take. Fortsätt läsa When will Rocket Ronaldo fire again on the field?

Is Ronaldo gay?

Cristiano may be out of action but he still has the potential to attract people and win awards. Cutie Ronnie won the ‘Gay Icon’ award a week aog, beating Elton John and David Beckham in the list. Manchester United’s former number 7 could only finish 7th.

This award adds to several other awards of this type that Ronaldo possesses in his name. His hairstyle, his body shape, his clothing, and his skin are what favoured him to win this title.

Ronaldo has never officially confessed that he is gay, but he has been accepting the awards and taking hot pictures too.

Moreover, Merche Romero – one of his ex-girlfriends – once revealed that Ronnie enjoyed wearing women’s clothes and high heels for fun.

Above all, Cris is still not married and rumours suggest that after all the ladies the womanizer has dated, his true darling is none of them but an unidentified man.

Written by: Angela Asante

King Ronaldo aims to complete his room of awards


Did anyone play better than Cristiano Ronaldo did last season? Then let this person come forward and defend his worth!

The Manchester United number 7 redefined soccer by stamping his authority in every game. Some might suggest that he failed to shine in big games.

Either way, the fact that he still managed to be on the scoring sheets (like against Arsenal in both meetings and against Liverpool at Old Trafford) explains the meaning and value of a true good footballer. In other words, a great player knows how to prove his presence in a match even when he is less performing.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the type of player that coaches – like Bernd Schuster – will love to manage. The talismanic Portuguese scored 42 goals and his statistics don’t end just here. He made 31 first XI appearances in the league in which he scored 31 good goals. His amazing performance was especially spiced up by numerous outstanding free kicks amongst which the one against Portsmouth described his entire skill in shooting balls. Fortsätt läsa King Ronaldo aims to complete his room of awards

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Great Portuguese in England

In these last five years, the English Premier League has experienced a transformation. Besides any other reason such as money, the revolution of English Soccer is also due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence.

Many people portray the Rocket as a blessing in England. Despite the controversies that he has caused, it is impossible to right off his contribution to the English Premier League.

His physiognomy, his distinctive and fast style of playing soccer and, his achievements has helped the English Premiership rise to another level.

The former Madeira starlet has developed to become a special person in Manchester United. Praises should certainly be given to Alex Ferguson who brought the Portuguese in England back in 2003. Since the Star has performed above anyone’s expectations, it seems that Portuguese players are now considered differently.

With personalities like Jose Mourinho, Ricardo Carvalho, Deco, Nani, Carlos Queiros, and Ronaldo himself – the reigning EPL player of the year – can we speak about a Portuguese conquest in England?

Written by: Angela Asante

Ronaldo saved by Queiros

Cristiano Ronaldo can finally take a deep breath and smile! The 23-year-old superstar – now Portugal’s symbol – had been complaining about his role in the squad, saying that captaining the Portuguese team in the dressing room is not what he loves best.

Portugal’s failure to achieve glory has often been explained by the fact that the squad lacks unity off-the pitch. Ronaldo already plays a big role in his family concerning private life issues, which to adds to his duties as the captain of his country.

Portuguese fans mourned Figo’s departure but with the appointment of Carlos Queiros as head coach of the Euro 2004 runners up, everyone’s hopes have raised again.

In Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal possesses a creative and influential winger, arguably the best player in the world. Matters off the pitch – which Ronaldo dislikes dealing with – are certainly the real cause why Portugal has failed to shine since the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Fortsätt läsa Ronaldo saved by Queiros

Ronaldo could be the greatest number 7

Cristiano Ronaldo could become Manchester United’s greatest number 7 of all time as Alex Ferguson once stated. The Portuguese Star has been astounding since 2006, winning as a result two consecutive PFA Awards, and is yet to continue his reign as the best player in England when he returns from injury.

According to the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the former Manchester U player, the first criterion to become one of Manchester United’s greatest footballer is to be like Ryan Giggs. In other words, it is to commit his entire future to the club.

The difference with Ronaldo is that despite the great moments he enjoyed helping the English Champions achieve success, staying a Red Devil player all his life is not his choice.

During this summer transfer window, the Portuguese winger almost saw his dream come true. Should he have move to Real Madrid, all his previous contributions for the English champions to enjoy domestic and European glory wouldn’t have been enough to make him a Great number 7, according to Manchester United fans. Fortsätt läsa Ronaldo could be the greatest number 7

Who is bigger, Ronaldo or Manchester United?

Manchester United has been a successful team in these last couple of years, winning the EPL title and the Community Shield twice, as well as the Champions League trophy. One man behind all this achievement is the talismanic number seven shirt Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese winger has scored over 60 goals for the Reds since the 2006/07 season and his performance has helped Man United find back its road to glory. Alex Ferguson’s side had not won the EPL title for more than 3 years and the Champions League since 1999.

There is no doubt Ronaldo’s presence has brought something special to the Red Devils and though his contribution to the squad is evident, some people – like Ryan Giggs – insist that there is more to Manchester United than Ronaldo.

Ironically, the English Premier League champions could only manage a 1 – 1 draw in their opening game at home to Newcastle on Sunday… and Ronaldo was absent. Fortsätt läsa Who is bigger, Ronaldo or Manchester United?

Ronaldo’s absence, a blow to the Reds

Manchester United started the defense of their title of Sunday at home to Newcastle. With up to nine players out of the squad, young players like Campbell and the Da Silva brothers were given the chance to show themselves.

Man United had the better of the game, but when several key players are missing such as Ronaldo, finding the path to victory is a bit difficult.

In the opening minutes of the game, Man United had a clear appeal on penalty – which Ronaldo would have taken should he have been able to play. However, Newcastle benefited of the referee’s favour to escape from trouble.

The home side was awarded many free kicks Fortsätt läsa Ronaldo’s absence, a blow to the Reds

Ronaldo dating Iranian model Niki Ghazian?

Following everything that happened during the transfer saga, Manchester United fans as well as football critics are wondering about Ronaldo’s commitment to the English champions.

Although the player has stated in an interview that he will play for United with all his heart and soul, he still intends to join Real in the near future.

However, above all the speculations over a Ronaldo move to Spain, the Man United boss Alex Ferguson is highly confident that the 23-year-old Portuguese will play for his club with the same devotion he had last season.

The English Premier League titleholders are even planning to extend Ronaldo’s contract according to reports.

Now, Manchester United’s concern is not about Real Madrid as regards to Ronaldo’s commitment. The Red Devils’ main problem is that Ronaldo presently focuses more on dating hot ladies rather than on playing soccer. Fortsätt läsa Ronaldo dating Iranian model Niki Ghazian?

Watch out Ferguson, Ronaldo could leave next summer

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is certainly relishing his victory against Real Madrid in this transfer saga. Congratulations to the old Scottish man who can now write his name in history, as he is the first to win a transfer case against the Spanish giants.

Unfortunately for Fergie, this sweet relief will not last long…

Ronaldo earlier revealed in his interview with the Portuguese media Publico that he still has the dream of playing for Madrid one day. It is understood that Ronaldo’s decision is to remain in Manchester for only one more year.

Reports claim that the Star winger told his friends in Real that he will do whatever it takes to join the Spanish club in the 2009/10 season.

Real Madrid may use the same tactic they applied to have Figo from Barcelona. And if Ferguson wants to prevent Los Meringues from signing the talismanic number 7 next summer, there is no doubt that the manager will have to use money as his main instrument to captivate Ronaldo’s mind. Fortsätt läsa Watch out Ferguson, Ronaldo could leave next summer